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Found 24 results

  1. Hello, If I run True Earth South Demo, will I be able to run the full version just as fine? I am seriously concidering but I am not sure if I will run In case this helps: GTX 1070Ti i5 8th gen 2.8Ghz 6 core 16GB RAM 1330MHz Thanks in advance
  2. A Quick look at the fantastic bit of work that Joshua Cowan has done on the Nimbus UH-1. Delta Helicopters 205 livery. Sorry about long blank intro, Out side shots later in the video showing the great job he did on the outside as well as the nice shiny new cockpit. It looks like it 's just come out of the showroom. We now have the best of both worlds a fantastic rendition of the classic old UH-1 and now and a spanking brand new version. . A big thank you to Joshua Cowan for all his hard work. Make him a donation to keep buying the coffee.
  3. X Plane,Vskylabs jet Pack. Some test flights from the last few days. Wonky's Blog! 65 I have a love of Helicopters and Jet Packs ever since I was a young boy and saw the James Bond film Thunderball in 1965. Vsky labs have had this jet pack available free for sometime and I have only just started to play with it when I saw they are working on a new version! It's great fun, Heli pilots will find it a new challenge. In flat screen you get a head up display to help you. In VR you are flying y the seat in your pants as they say. It would be hard to count how many times I ould have broken my legs. but in the video at at 2 mins 30 I am starting to get the hang of it. Good on Vskylabs for doing the more unusual mode of transport again. Video of this flight can be found in the video section.
  4. X-Plane. Orbx EGLC London City Airport. But it's killed my frame rate. First, let me apologise again for the far to frequent use of the word fantastic. I will put a large yellow post-it on my monitor to remind me not to use it! And so we have a new Product from ORBX ie EGLC London City Airport. the download has a small error that they are working on regarding a Land rover file. I was so excited to see this airport arrive as it's my second home for Heli flying being the inroad to the great city of London. Now I will start by saying it might be me but with the same graphics settings that I usually run they have dropped on flat screen from 45 -50 to 9-20. at the moment it's virtually un-flyable for me. I have a 4.7 gig with 32 gigs of ram and a 1080 card. I think it's the type of system that many users will have? Perhaps aircraft will not have the problem the Heli pilot has or I hope I find a problem on the PC but everything else is running fine ie Arma 111 and DCS so perhaps this is one stage too far in terms of detail and low flying. Fingers crossed it can be put right or as I said I hope it's me! I don't want to be paying for detail that I have to turn down just to be able to fly a Helicopter low down in London. I will still say what a fabulous job they have done I only hope it's me because London is starting to look beautiful in X plane with the ORBX updates. Wonky Joystick Productions A voice Made For silent Movies Videos For fun https://youtu.be/CPqMFIiJfsA
  5. A nice flight from Plymouth to St Just. Just looking great! Have a nice flight, Wil
  6. So I have the answer to the 10FPS to the 36 FPS. But it doesn't last? I was on the ORBX site and a chap pointed me in the direction of a thread that had a similar problem. As you will see on the video it answered my frame rate problems in one go! bit the next time back in X plane it's back to the low frame rate, but it's a good trick to know. the post is from a chap called Renault Life Member who is a life member of the Orbx forum and the king gentleman who pointed me in the right direction is John Dow Life Member also of the Orbx group, many thanks to both of them! It might not be the full answer but it points in the right direction, it was great to get one flight with the new scenery at a high frame rate. Oh well, we will have to keep searching as it looks like I am not alone with the problem. You will have to look about halfway down the thread. the link is in the you tube description.
  7. Incredible Detail...Higher detail than my previous photo scenery! Btw, not for use near high volume airports like Heathrow... Suggestion, how about a menu (not FTX Central) within P3d to turn off auto-gen for major airport flying? Thanks for viewing...
  8. X Plane, How Wonky's Blog is put together, OBS and G-Force Capture software. The Power director editing. I hope it's enough to get people started on making videos for X Plane. Had a week off from X Plane and couldn't think of a subject this week. So I am showing how I put the blog together using OBS and G Force capture. I also show my own set-up at home. Sorry about the shaky video bit that the dystonia condition that I suffer with. For more information about Dystonia click the link below. I do try and promote awareness of the condition, you also might hear it called essential tremor. But if you or a friend ever start to shake when trying to drink from a cup or can't hold your hands or head still then please look at the link below. Wonky Joystick Productions A voice Made For silent Movies Videos For fun
  9. To day I made my 1st flight in GB with True Earth: Have a nice flight, Wil
  10. X Plane-Bell 412 VS Orbx. Goodward Race Cars. A Much faster Version Of Follow That Car In A Helicopter. Great fun, if you have ever played follow that car with X Plane Auto-generated cars. Give this a try. Sorry, it's not Fullscreen but I think the deeper picture shows of the Oculus Rift better than the mirror window. Thanks for watching. Wonky joystick Productions A Voice Made for Silent Movies https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLzHKadCw6OvJ5kv4U2tTGQ?view_as=subscriber https://www.wonkyjoystickproductions.com/
  11. Orbx,Glorious Goodward a quick fly around in the Bell 412. A quote from the ORBX site. And it looks great by the way. EGHR, located in Chichester, West Sussex, was the first airport Orbx released for England back in 2011 and has now been ported and further enhanced for X-Plane 11 including updated aero club buildings, a heliport at the Goodwood Racecourse, historic Shell refuelling station, completely new grasses and flora, animated racing cars, and colour matched to TrueEarth GB South for XP. Almost every single object seen at the real airport has been photographed, modelled and placed, allowing you to immerse yourself in a realistic flight simulation environment. The airport is located on Goodwood Estate which was the home to the Dukes of Richmond for over 300 years and was donated by Freddie March, the 9th Duke, to help in the Second World War effort and was used by the RAF. The airport's surrounding road was converted into a racing circuit after the war and creates the unusual cocktail of racing and aviation, which has been perfectly captured. Fun fact: The Boultbee Spitfire Academy is located in the large green hangar and houses an impressive dome Spitfire simulator which uses Orbx TrueEarth GB for its scenery! Please note that without purchasing and installing TrueEarth Great Britain South for X-Plane 11, the airport will appear differently as it shown in our promotional screenshots. You may experience one or more of the following issues: Missing or misplaced forests, non-aligned road or motorway traffic, missing or misplaced houses and buildings surrounding the airport, ortho colour matching and blending or other visual anomalies! Key Features 15/60 cm ground imagery Static aircraft and cars Animated Ferraris racing! Bonus EGKG Racecourse Heliport Includes Goodwood House Includes Goodwood racecourse Animated clocks Photographed on site Matched to TrueEarth GB https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/164010-eghr-goodwood-us-now-available-for-xp11-15/ Wonky Joystick Productions A Voice Made for silent Movies. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLzHKadCw6OvJ5kv4U2tTGQ?view_as=subscriber https://www.wonkyjoystickproductions.com/
  12. The XTrident-B412 Bell 412. This version by X-Trident is a fantastic bit of programming. I just wish it had the Thump, Thump of the old Huey. This is more of a fly around and have a look at the detail video and I do tend to babel on as usual. But I have managed to capture just how good this Heli looks. You can find it here https://store.x-plane.org/search.asp?keyword=XTrident-B412&search=Search In some parts its listed as a AB 412 and other just as a Bell 412. I think the forma was manufactured by Augusta under licence. The Bell 412 is a popular twin-engine utility helicopter introduced in the 1980s and still in production today. The Bell 412 can carry up to 15 people or a load of up to 5000lbs My thanks go to a chap called Stephen at "X Plane reviews" who did a fantastic review that you can find here. It's been updated since but he did a great job on this one in 2014! https://xplanereviews.com/index.php?/forums/topic/206-aircraft-review-agusta-bell-ab412-by-x-trident/ I hope he doesn't mind me quoting this part of his review, but he hits the nail on the head. Cockpit "We are so familiar with the classic Huey cockpit that it is second nature to us. But here it is so real, we can now actually not only look at it in real detail, but also interact with it. The design is so perfect. A small note in that a few switches are still not usable, not a big deal in what is missing. But they will be activated as the aircraft proceeds with more updates in the future. Nothing really important though is missing." I have listed some of the features below and I look forward to spending a few weeks getting to know this Helicopter better. Wonky Joystick Productions A Voice Made for silent Movies. You tube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLzHKadCw6OvJ5kv4U2tTGQ?view_as=subscriber Web site still working on it, https://www.wonkyjoystickproductions.com/ Features. Highly detailed 3d model and 3d cockpit. Most switches operable Detailed rotor kinematic modelling Detailed lights Close to real fuel, hydraulic and electrical systems; start-up sequence follows the real checklist almost line by line Custom failures Working custom auxiliary tank and water drop system Working dolly pad for precision landing Custom warning panel Custom governor Custom artificial stability Custom 4 channels autopilot with over 10 modes Flight model approved and tweaked by real pilots Hyper detailed rotor with all its levers moving ud and down, Custom GPU Custom Remove Before Flight with dangling flags (with FOD) ADF with bank error Working doors with changing sound volume effect Many liveries plus a paint kit; smart configuration of optional objects attached to each livery Plugin for Windows, Mac and Linux (32 and 64 bit) - detailed custom menu Tested with FS Economy, Smart Copilot and Saitek panels Includes a licensed version of Dreamfoil's Geforce plugin Working NIGHTSUN Spotlight Working FLIR Camera Custom Winch and SAR operations
  13. Shoreham (Brighton) Airport By Orbx. As its my favourite small Airport here is a quick Fly round the airport in the Bell 407. I am also using Orbx True Earth South. And it looks great. well done.
  14. Crusin' round the Netherlands and came accross this cooling tower (not sure where). Pretty cool I thought! In the distance I see it, steam rolling out! So I head to check it out a little closer! Probably close enough now One more quick look, steam looks pretty real. Better leave before I get in trouble! Thanks for looking!
  15. The sim AeroFly FS2 doesn't have(yet) the possiblility to change the weathercondition, well adaptable are the clouddensity and -height. In follow video I choose to fly at about same level of a first layer of clouds and a modest cloud-density. Also choose several viewpoints of the choosen aircraft(Airbus 320 in Lufthansa livery) to show how good the inside- and outside textures of planes are done in AFS2. And of coarse the several glimps that appear underneath the plane of the gorgeous TrueEarth Netherlands by Orbx. Enjoy the movie:
  16. I have a couple of flights in the newly added True Eart NL for AFS2 and recorded one roundflight in the Amsterdam area and landed finally at Amsterdam airport Shiphol(EHAM). The flight itself was smooth(supposing +100fps) but the movie (how and why?) stutters with FPS under 20 !? Sorry for that, I will try to improve the viewer-comfort in later postings. Also the animation(rotating windmills) doesn't show in this movie(reason ?), sorry...I hope you see hereby some goodies regarding the fine made True Earth scenery and AFS2 itself:
  17. One of the fine sceneryparts to fly over the new True Earth Nederland is the regio Rotterdam-harbor. I performed a first flight yesterday and it was a joy to discover so much:
  18. HI all SO, after some hassle installing, and me even using team viewer at friends to manage my pc and downloads at home, we are ready. I made a nice flight from EHMZ (Middelburg) to Groningen, Using VOR stations, as well as just some random GPS points to enjoy the scenery a tad better (never fly over Amsterdam the way I did!) It are quite a few pictures in the album! but I picked the "best" one.. I hope. Enjoy! Here we are, Henk en Sarah. EHMZ. NO idea what they did there. It was a really bad day weather wise, so I hope they didnt go to the beach. Middleburg is nice, so lets say they went for an expensive hamburger. Do you see, how beautiful the airport from NL2000 lies in between the fields, said Sarah to Henk?" They were well aware they are in a simulator, but it didn't matter, they have had hamburgers! After a short take off roll, off they were. With on the left side you can see Vlissinge harbour And the Middelburg appeared, with that amazing Hamburger restaurant ( I should have gone for sushi roll, thought Sarah, so I could have said > I want to make a short take off shushi roll please) And there we have it, said Sarah to henk, The Oosterscheldekering. 9 kilometers long, finished in 1986 due to ... yes yes I know, said henk. you *** know it all After a short silence, Sarah yelled LOOKKK< Rotterdam, almost the whole city center was demolished during WWII. And it is still being rebuild. They give names to everything, you know? WHorewalker for a bridge, Buy Gutter for a shopping street. Lovely people they are! SO Henk took out his drone, flew it in front of the airplane (while Sarah paused their lives for a few seconds, to make this shot. Rotterdam airport (they didn't want to load NL2000 for that one. didn't matter either!) Some where in between, they noticed a distinc lack of Alberth Heijn Supermarkets, but hey, Jumbo was very present As they flew towards Amsterdam, One of the most precise build cities in their opinions, but still with a lot of history. "Did you know" said sarah "that it was already inhabited by the Romans 2000 years ago! What was the city called again? Ohyeah. Alphen aan de Rijn And there she is. "I really hate those people, who think that Amsterdam is the Netherlands, or worse.. that people don't even know the Netherlands but know AMsterdam."said Sarah "Yes yes, I know, I agree, utrecht is also very beautiful" "We should have flown there, would make more sense" "Yupp, but hey, we don't decide about our lives here, he added it to the flightplan of default GPS.. and yeah, it sucks to reprogram.. so tja" As the flew over the bosbaan, the place for rowers (one of the most popular student sports!) they looked behind, to see how beautiful fly tampa's EHAM fitted into the rest. And there we have it kids! That drone does do miracles (even though the cloud shadows disappeared for Henk quite often.. a bug in their Life Engine he guessed. You can see how beautiful the Rijksmuseum is! And the vondelpark Speaking of kids! The green ship. Nemo! The place for young scientists, playful minds.. or both to explore! No, it doesn't float! IJmuiden yelledHenk! Yes yes dear, I know you hate it, when you fly over it.. it means you'll land on the Polderbaan. 18R.. and that means.. long taxi It is also the gate to the Noordzee via het Noorzeekanaal. But they only cared about the skies As they flew towards Den helder. next point on that stupid GPS of theirs, they lfew ove Zaanstad. The city where Mister Albert Heijn invented "Put it in a Zakje" or did he? And there we have it, Den Helder. With Texel right after it. It actually is really big yo, 170 square KM yo'all..., Texel, you have busses, !! And it was already inhabited around 8000 v CHr And there comes Ameland already, while flying over "HAHAHAH COCKSDROP" "yes Sarah,.. yes..." said Henk. "I'm more worried about those clouds that Active SKy puts there, I think we will move to leeuwarden. " "and on our right side.. we see Harlingen. The harbour for the boat to Ameland Again,.. that Drone though And there it is.. Leeuwarden! The Fries are proud people. and understandable. They have their own official accent and... well, yeah, they sued to be able to ice skate. And that was about it I guess? Leeuwarden is the city of Culture for this year.. They don't get it either BUt they have a history since the Roman time. province is beautiful! This is where Henk and Sarah life (actually.. only Sarah ;))! I won't tell you where , but it is there! (so well done ORBX thought Sarah!) Let's go to groningen. From the South East, while flying over 'NORG" you can see the beautiful NL2000 airport with Eelde next to it, and Groningen! A beautiful city. Really worth! And then.. everyone turned their lights on.. Really sudden. I guess they're linked or something -thought Sarah Last turn from downwind to Final! "FLying over Foxhol and another Polder! We need those dry lands yo! We need them munch" "yes Henk! you are too old to be cool!" One last drone shot. Established! Eelde and groningen on the right.. so yeah, we actually made a turn So close!! And there we are! Not sure where that green house comes from! But it looks legit Thanks you all for watching this many pictures.. I'm truly sorry
  19. Yesterday evennig succeeded to install this magnificent Orbx-addition. Living in Belgium, I was curious how the nearest part of my home, the northwestern part of The Netherlands is represented knowing very well this region Zeeland, as the Dutch Province is called, and is situated between the Belgian coast(where I live) till Antwerp and the regio of Rotterdam:
  20. My second flight into the most recent Orbx-scenery was departing from Shiphol airport EHAM(only after airborned from Rwy 06 while it's the FlyTampa airport-version, not to be detailled shown here) and passing over the capital Amsterdam direction north in the home-made Fokker Friendship-F27:
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