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Found 41 results

  1. True Earth Northern California is great except many small airports have runways added where they are now. Example: a big fancy runway next to the real one on a crop duster airport. In some cases a mountain runway has trees growing in the middle of the runway, which you can go right through. I like to fly back country small airports and a lot of them are wrong. I'm not sure if I installed something wrong or if Xplane default runways are showing up also. A request for support with a product that does not work should be placed into the X Plane 11 Support forum.
  2. Hi I recently completed my set of True Earth GB, and really love the scenery, apart from the airports. The jetways often don't connect to a building, or look to be in the wrong place. I've tried verifying install files and running the sync, but it makes no difference. Am I doing something wrong here? Screenshots from Birmingham and Manchester airports below Thanks
  3. Hello, Since the new P3dv5 allow us a lot better performances with True Earth ( at least TEGBS for me ), I was wondering if we could expect some new True Earth product release for P3dv5? Like TE Washington, Oregon, etc... Also I wonder if we could expect to see some improvments that already exist in xp11 since a while with TEGBS like PBR reflection on the autogen, improved payware airports ( I've noticed most of the payware airports looks a bit outdated in P3D, while in xp11 they were refreshed for the new release )? I've just made a flight with the A2A j-3 cub, P3dv5, TrueSKY, maxed out autogen, high distance drawing, from Elstree to London city, and I had mostly around 30 fps all the time...Wich is kind of incredible considering the performances I've got in P3Dv4 with the same scenery, and is also better than what I've got in xp11 with 11.40 ( didn't tried the vulcan beta yet ) Plus, the PBR effects are now a lot better than in P3dv4.5... With those kind of performances I'm looking forward to enjoy the other True Earth product in p3dv5!
  4. I am not so happy with True Earth Great Britain. The terrains are not displaying as I would expect. For example I was flying from Birmingham to Liverpool and everywhere I have some problems. The following picture is from just before landing at Liverpool: These are my settings: Addons: Active Sky, Carenado B200 King Air My system: CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8-Core Processor GPU: AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT I would be glad if someone has an idea. Stay healthy and have nice weekend, Wil
  5. Loving XP, took some pics just now, hope you like it!
  6. Hello. ORBX TRUE EARTH - P3D V4.5. I notice at minor airfields , EGCK particularly, that grass clumps show grow through Aprons and taxiways. I have been adjusting EGCK to a more realistic level . During this I find that large clumps show through my new aprons as well. It seems that the scenery for this resides in the FTX_GBC_ EGCK_objects. bgl within the scenery folder, as it must do for all airfields. This means it cant be changed or "excluded" (as far as I know or am able). Can anything be done about this has it has implications for any updating of airfields in the future?!. As I say the clumps of grass already show through "vanilla" ORBX.
  7. Hello, If I run True Earth South Demo, will I be able to run the full version just as fine? I am seriously concidering but I am not sure if I will run In case this helps: GTX 1070Ti i5 8th gen 2.8Ghz 6 core 16GB RAM 1330MHz Thanks in advance
  8. A Quick look at the fantastic bit of work that Joshua Cowan has done on the Nimbus UH-1. Delta Helicopters 205 livery. Sorry about long blank intro, Out side shots later in the video showing the great job he did on the outside as well as the nice shiny new cockpit. It looks like it 's just come out of the showroom. We now have the best of both worlds a fantastic rendition of the classic old UH-1 and now and a spanking brand new version. . A big thank you to Joshua Cowan for all his hard work. Make him a donation to keep buying the coffee.
  9. X Plane,Vskylabs jet Pack. Some test flights from the last few days. Wonky's Blog! 65 I have a love of Helicopters and Jet Packs ever since I was a young boy and saw the James Bond film Thunderball in 1965. Vsky labs have had this jet pack available free for sometime and I have only just started to play with it when I saw they are working on a new version! It's great fun, Heli pilots will find it a new challenge. In flat screen you get a head up display to help you. In VR you are flying y the seat in your pants as they say. It would be hard to count how many times I ould have broken my legs. but in the video at at 2 mins 30 I am starting to get the hang of it. Good on Vskylabs for doing the more unusual mode of transport again. Video of this flight can be found in the video section.
  10. X-Plane. Orbx EGLC London City Airport. But it's killed my frame rate. First, let me apologise again for the far to frequent use of the word fantastic. I will put a large yellow post-it on my monitor to remind me not to use it! And so we have a new Product from ORBX ie EGLC London City Airport. the download has a small error that they are working on regarding a Land rover file. I was so excited to see this airport arrive as it's my second home for Heli flying being the inroad to the great city of London. Now I will start by saying it might be me but with the same graphics settings that I usually run they have dropped on flat screen from 45 -50 to 9-20. at the moment it's virtually un-flyable for me. I have a 4.7 gig with 32 gigs of ram and a 1080 card. I think it's the type of system that many users will have? Perhaps aircraft will not have the problem the Heli pilot has or I hope I find a problem on the PC but everything else is running fine ie Arma 111 and DCS so perhaps this is one stage too far in terms of detail and low flying. Fingers crossed it can be put right or as I said I hope it's me! I don't want to be paying for detail that I have to turn down just to be able to fly a Helicopter low down in London. I will still say what a fabulous job they have done I only hope it's me because London is starting to look beautiful in X plane with the ORBX updates. Wonky Joystick Productions A voice Made For silent Movies Videos For fun https://youtu.be/CPqMFIiJfsA
  11. A nice flight from Plymouth to St Just. Just looking great! Have a nice flight, Wil
  12. So I have the answer to the 10FPS to the 36 FPS. But it doesn't last? I was on the ORBX site and a chap pointed me in the direction of a thread that had a similar problem. As you will see on the video it answered my frame rate problems in one go! bit the next time back in X plane it's back to the low frame rate, but it's a good trick to know. the post is from a chap called Renault Life Member who is a life member of the Orbx forum and the king gentleman who pointed me in the right direction is John Dow Life Member also of the Orbx group, many thanks to both of them! It might not be the full answer but it points in the right direction, it was great to get one flight with the new scenery at a high frame rate. Oh well, we will have to keep searching as it looks like I am not alone with the problem. You will have to look about halfway down the thread. the link is in the you tube description.
  13. Hello Orbx, Attached is a screenshot of an error I am receiving after installation of your product. I have installed, verified, uninstalled, re installed, and re verified True Earth Washington in that order. Each time I end up with that same error. I have temporarily removed all x-plane default airports as well as third party sceneries from the area. In the past, I have successfully installed TE GB South and Central without issue. Hope we can figure this out and I'm excited to get it working! Transaction ID: 5c8568402b417
  14. Incredible Detail...Higher detail than my previous photo scenery! Btw, not for use near high volume airports like Heathrow... Suggestion, how about a menu (not FTX Central) within P3d to turn off auto-gen for major airport flying? Thanks for viewing...
  15. X Plane, How Wonky's Blog is put together, OBS and G-Force Capture software. The Power director editing. I hope it's enough to get people started on making videos for X Plane. Had a week off from X Plane and couldn't think of a subject this week. So I am showing how I put the blog together using OBS and G Force capture. I also show my own set-up at home. Sorry about the shaky video bit that the dystonia condition that I suffer with. For more information about Dystonia click the link below. I do try and promote awareness of the condition, you also might hear it called essential tremor. But if you or a friend ever start to shake when trying to drink from a cup or can't hold your hands or head still then please look at the link below. Wonky Joystick Productions A voice Made For silent Movies Videos For fun
  16. After doing some flying, I felt the need to report a few of my findings and confirmations of other things I have read on this forum regarding TE GB South for P3dv4. Again, as I have said before, it is a beautiful product, when loaded. I love the thought and the effort! So, thank you! That being said, I am still having significant issues, mainly with the "scenery complexity" slider. After the update to 1.1, I decided to do a little more testing. I shut every bit of scenery off around the world using Scenery Config except what was needed plus GB South. Long story short, I tested both in London (taking off at London City and flying west toward Heathrow) and in rural England flying towards Southampton, each with similar results. First, I used a scenery profile I had created, took off and was getting terrible frames (8-12) with bad stutters. So, I decided to push all settings almost fully left. In so doing, I could get a steady locked 30 fps and buttery smooth... but poor looking without any scenery. So, since I had issues before with it, I decided to turn only the "scenery complexity" slider up 1 notch, from "sparse" to "normal" and bam, terrible performance. Over London, with pretty much every other slider pushed full left (1 notch above "off"), just moving the "Scenery Complexity" slider from "sparse" to "normal" and it dropped my fps from a locked, smooth 30 to a choppy, terrible mess at about 8-10 fps. My gpu also went from running at about 60% to maxed out, 100%. Also, visually, it went from next to no buildings to all the buildings off into the distance. Basically, it seems like either the buildings tied to the "scenery complexity" slider are either all on ("normal" and above) or they are all off (sparse). So, I decided to flip the script so to speak. I shifted almost all the sliders full right (maxed out) but moved the "scenery complexity" slider back to "sparse." Over London, with everything else maxed out except the scenery complexity, I got a locked, smooth 30 fps. I had identical results over Southampton except not quite as extreme in the fps. So, there still seems to be something wrong with the "Scenery Complexity" slider when it comes to TE GB South. Is anyone else seeing that? On a 2nd note, I have not done a flight to test the texture loading yet but that was terrible for me before this update. Even with a locked, smooth 30fps, flying at about 120 kts, the ground textures couldn't keep up. I tried Nick's settings, JV's settings, and my own settings. None of them could cure the slow texture loading. I'll have to test this again... So, for now, TE GB South will be deactivated and I won't be buying any more TE products, especially if they don't incorporate seasons. I'm guessing part of the problem is my graphics card (only a 960 4 GB) since it is absolutely maxed out with the "scenery complexity" turned any higher than "sparse." I'll take ownership of that. But, there does seem to be an issue with the "scenery complexity" slider and there continues to be an issue with the texture loading... So, Orbx, please take this more as feedback to hopefully help nail down some of the issues. If you have thoughts or suggestions, by all means, let me know! Again, I love what you do for the flightsim community! You consistently produce great products, many of which I own and enjoy. So please keep up that good work. But a little help in these areas would be appreciated...
  17. To day I made my 1st flight in GB with True Earth: Have a nice flight, Wil
  18. I am looking at buying the new True Earth GB South for XP11 but see that you must have the Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 installed. Looking into this it appears that Visual Studio 2013 is not compatible with WIN 10. Not going top buy until I know it will run on WIN 10 system Thanks
  19. Hello. I bought TE GB South, downloaded it, FTX Central unzipped it, but there are still a lot of files that are unzipped. Is this how it's supposed to be? I loaded up my XP11 at EGLC and it seemed that everything was loaded. However, I'm not sure. Also, I've seen a video by Q8Pilot on what order the files shall be in, but he only had 3 folders in his. I have 5. Which order should they be in? As you can see below, almost half of my files in the "Orbx TrueEarth Great Britain South" folder are zip files. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Biscuit-in-Chief
  20. X Plane-Bell 412 VS Orbx. Goodward Race Cars. A Much faster Version Of Follow That Car In A Helicopter. Great fun, if you have ever played follow that car with X Plane Auto-generated cars. Give this a try. Sorry, it's not Fullscreen but I think the deeper picture shows of the Oculus Rift better than the mirror window. Thanks for watching. Wonky joystick Productions A Voice Made for Silent Movies https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLzHKadCw6OvJ5kv4U2tTGQ?view_as=subscriber https://www.wonkyjoystickproductions.com/
  21. Orbx,Glorious Goodward a quick fly around in the Bell 412. A quote from the ORBX site. And it looks great by the way. EGHR, located in Chichester, West Sussex, was the first airport Orbx released for England back in 2011 and has now been ported and further enhanced for X-Plane 11 including updated aero club buildings, a heliport at the Goodwood Racecourse, historic Shell refuelling station, completely new grasses and flora, animated racing cars, and colour matched to TrueEarth GB South for XP. Almost every single object seen at the real airport has been photographed, modelled and placed, allowing you to immerse yourself in a realistic flight simulation environment. The airport is located on Goodwood Estate which was the home to the Dukes of Richmond for over 300 years and was donated by Freddie March, the 9th Duke, to help in the Second World War effort and was used by the RAF. The airport's surrounding road was converted into a racing circuit after the war and creates the unusual cocktail of racing and aviation, which has been perfectly captured. Fun fact: The Boultbee Spitfire Academy is located in the large green hangar and houses an impressive dome Spitfire simulator which uses Orbx TrueEarth GB for its scenery! Please note that without purchasing and installing TrueEarth Great Britain South for X-Plane 11, the airport will appear differently as it shown in our promotional screenshots. You may experience one or more of the following issues: Missing or misplaced forests, non-aligned road or motorway traffic, missing or misplaced houses and buildings surrounding the airport, ortho colour matching and blending or other visual anomalies! Key Features 15/60 cm ground imagery Static aircraft and cars Animated Ferraris racing! Bonus EGKG Racecourse Heliport Includes Goodwood House Includes Goodwood racecourse Animated clocks Photographed on site Matched to TrueEarth GB https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/164010-eghr-goodwood-us-now-available-for-xp11-15/ Wonky Joystick Productions A Voice Made for silent Movies. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLzHKadCw6OvJ5kv4U2tTGQ?view_as=subscriber https://www.wonkyjoystickproductions.com/
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