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Found 24 results

  1. I installed True Earth Great Britain South and I noticed buildings textures missing. Please see attached photo, with and without True Earth Great Britain South. Any ideas on what may be happening? Thanks Cesar
  2. I wish Orbx could make a rendition of this airport, it's really one of the best and scenic place I know for VFR in UK, the surroundings are amazing, the different approaches are stunning. I've made the request several times since 2 years, never had any answer...Is there anyone here who also like this place?
  3. I've been as "Happy as Larry" just "chuggin along" over Yorkshire for the last hr or so …. Although I had carefully planned out my flying activities as soon as TEGBC came out and was going to be very disciplined as to my flying, that just completely fell by the wayside as I got completely sucked in to this wonder Orbx land ... I didn't take a lot of screenshots after I left Barton , because ……. I was having so much fun flying and looking that I forgot ! Thanks very much for viewing Cheers R Here are just a few as I'm coming up to Middlesborough True Earth Great Britain Central
  4. I think I just felt the need for a bit of elevation. Southern England is really beautiful, but sometimes a "bit of terrain" does wonders for the soul. Here are a couple from North Western Wales (periously close to the end of the Orbx world, but I didn't cross over!) Cheers and thanks for viewing Renault True Earth Great Britain South North West Wales ( very close to the "edge" ) Where I am just for orientation Just gorgeous ….. And Qantas, well I guess it's simply because I can ... And back on track for another wee adventure. Til next time ....
  5. As you have probably guessed OND and I are collaborating on a couple of things. Hey, two old guys just having a blast with some new ideas -- gosh, we could be out on the street getting into trouble instead . Do they still give tickets for excessive aggression with a zimmer frame (aka walker)? . I don't think we can get up to much though. It seems that excessive "nap" time puts a bit of a hinderance on our planned activities! This is probably one of the stranger repaints you may see. For those of you who are into digital/video photography, you will recognize the stange looking wing decals as the X-Rite ColorClassic Colour Calibration Chart. This chart is a means of checking and correcting the color calibration of photographs/ video/ movies etc. I had the idea of using it within XPlane .... Here are a few screenshots . It's still quite experimental, and it's early days, but .... Beauty is in the eye of the beholder as they say. I'll let you be the judge. "All shots are straight from the XPlane "V key". A single LUT (colour look up table is used to control color rendering for all screenshots , no other post processing/other shaders are used). This results in minimal graphics overhead compared with other methods/tools I have tried." Cheers R All are True Earth Great Britain South -- the south and around London This is an "oops" - I forgot about this little item called manifold pressure, but the color rendering is good London, early morning departure
  6. Played around with some Lut adjustments. Trashed many , but thought that these might be rescuable All are just straight from XPlane, ... Thanks for viewing Cheers Renault TE Great Britain South
  7. Just the one. Thanks very much for viewing Cheers R "Straight from the XPlane "V" Key" Using a custom Lut for Colour Control Shanklin, Isle of Wight True Earth , Great Britain South
  8. Just Low and very slow over the Isle of Wight. It's my first attempt at "repainting" ( Decals) - easier said than done, once I mastered "picking and filling" a few lights came on and it became easier. For all that , the cub is a great way to check out Orbx True Earth -- just as long as you're not in a hurry! Thanks very much for viewing. Cheers Renault
  9. Hi All "A little gift for the Orbx Community" If you are interested in the "Easy Lut" approach for improving XPlane Colour rendering but didn't want to go through the process of attempting your own Lut creation, here is a sample LUT.png for you to try. It is somewhat subtile but does a nice job in showing what can be possible I think. It also works quite nicely if you want to add additional effects in Reshade. More Screenshots and complete instructions at : Cheers Renault Both Screenshots are straight from the XPlane "V Key" Standard XPlane Rendering Lut applied
  10. Just the one . Cheers R Isle of Wight, True Earth Great Britain South
  11. Well, the rain cleared off and although still a bit misty, I'm off down the coast …. Cheers R All shots just straight from the "V Key" ….. True Earth Great Britain South Shoreham in the background …. Passing Worthing -- we used to bring our kids here a lot when they were small …. Maybe I was mistaken about the mist ….. But there's Littlehampton, and it's pretty clear again And here's Bognor Regis … won't be long to get to Heathrow from here , we just about 90 km south, south west of London. And in "old orange" we can chew up the distance pretty quick Thanks very much for viewing ….. Cheers all! R
  12. Just enjoying the sights and marvelling at the sunset ....... The map , so you know where I'm at ..... We're Just off from Selsey, West Sussex , about 13 km south of Chichester. It lies on the southern tip of the Manhood Peninsula and is almost cut off by the sea from mainland Sussex. You shouldn't trust your luck around here -- the weather can change very quickly ..... And then just as quickly it improves ..... Portsmouth is off to the right and the Isle of Wight is almost straight ahead And you know , we haven't really come all that far, There's Selsey below and behind us, along with Bognor Regis, Littlehampton, Worthing and Shoreham -Went past those pretty quickly earlier today. And that's all for today. Thanks very much for riding along .... Cheers R
  13. So you spend a bundle getting the old ride detailed up real, real nice and guess what ? . It always rains on your parade ….. Cheers Renault
  14. Thanks very much for viewing. Just a few repaints I picked up recently, along with one of my "old reliables" that I enjoyed flying around Barton Cheers Renault Over Southhampton M27 and Hillyfields, Hampshire, a suburb of Southhampton Near Heathrow Out of Heathrow, I bet the folks on board are hoping the airline name will be prophetic Over the village of Bray Wick, Maidenhead, Berkshire south from High Wycombe And a "lightweight" coming out of Shoreham, just cause I like Cessna
  15. I have to say Jack, that even in a light rain, Orange is such a pretty colour Cheers R True Earth Great Britain South XPlane Gateway Default Airport - Shoreham , True Earth Great Britain South Scenery beyond
  16. A long way from home ….. Cheers R Over Winchester, Hampshire - True Earth GBS
  17. The Grob Tutor 115 E is a fantastic little aircraft for XPlane 11. It is extremely well behaved, very maneuverable and all round just an absolute joy to fly. If you want something to have a great flight while investigating TE GBS, you couldn't do much better. It is freeware available from https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/48405-tutor-115e-community-edition/ Cheers Renault All screenshots were from around and about Canterbury, Kent from TE GBS It's really made for Jack. You can't hurt yourself and it recovers very nicely with no drama ... He could really show us some great moves with it Overall just a really nice aircraft to fly
  18. Thanks very much for viewing Cheers Renault Kentish Flats Offshore Wind Farm Offshore Hearne Bay, Kent approximately 60 Km east of Central London Consists of a regular grid of 5 rows , each row has 6 turbines with an overall generating capacity of 90MW. Maintenance is provided by boat from Whitstable which is 30 minutes away.
  19. Biggin Hill was one of the main fighter bases protecting London and South East England during the Battle of Britain. It is located approximatley 22 km south-south east from Central London. Hawker Hurricanes and Spitfire Supermarines were the mainstay of many of the squadrons that were based at Biggin Hill. Renault ref: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/London_Biggin_Hill_Airport Hawker Hurricane Spitfire Supermarine
  20. Hi, I have just installed TE Great Britain South and now xplain11 will not start. I keep getting this message. Can anyone help me out here please.
  21. I am really enjoying TE GBS , but it is so incredibly detailed that I am continually wondering where I am (befuddled is more like it!) The existing moving map in XPlane is good if you want airports etc. but for an armchair pilot like myself I would like a bit more detail like community place names, roads , motorways etc. Just all the stuff that helps us mere mortals to get by. I have my UK atlas by my side, but it takes a fair bit of time to keep track of where you are and I kept thinking wouldn't a moving map like the gps in my car be a great add in. I came across a little plug in called Avitab ( https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/44825-avitab-vr-compatible-tablet-with-pdf-viewer-moving-maps-and-more/ ) which more than fits the bill. Simply put it has increased my enjoyment of TE GBS by 1000%. Installation is incredibly simple. After unzipping, just put the Avitab folder in the XPlane plug ins folder. When you start up XPlane go under the plug ins menu, select Avitab and then Maps and you are good to go. ( I bound the "t" key on my keyboard to toggle it on and off) and that was the extent of the installation. There is also a full forum on the plug in at XPlane-org ( https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/forum/425-avitab-plugin/ ) as well. Lastly, a number of aircraft now have the ability to fully integrate the plug-in into a fascimile of an ipad in the cockpit to allow the moving map display to work all the time, but I just choose the simple approach to toggle the tool on and off when needed. The following screenshots show a number of scenarios . The common theme to all of them was "Where was I ??" . And with Avitab,I now know exactly . There are several options for maps - I just took the default to use open source maps , which are downloaded on an as needed basis (they are also stored permenetly in the Avitab Maptiles subfolder. Although completely a function of the map sourcing, I particularly like the great detail in the open source maps such as the contour maps if you move in (closely spaced contours on elevation features indicate how quickly the elevation is changing) which I find very helpful when the view is partially obscured by cloud, mist etc. I hope that you find the following interesting and if you are an Avitab user, please accept my enthusiam for a really excellent product that has really enhanced the pleasure of flying in TE GBS. Cheers Renault So here we are. Each sequence shows the original screenshot , following by the Avitab window and moving map display ... I deliberately chose a dusk sequence , because this is when I find it most difficult to keep track of my actual location. 1) Typically when I'm flying I'm never quite sure exactly where I am ... ( I am somewhere "over Bristol" -- not very exact!). And toggling up Avitab, I now have all the detail in real time that I want ... 2) And turning into the sunset.. Nice view but again where am I ? This almost makes it too easy ... 3) Here you go Jack .... a bit of orange 4) Sorry I just liked the view ..... 5) Just flying over Bristol Filton , EGTG Airport info is also available in Avitab 6) Coming in to EGTG ... And the map .... 7) The final two ... And the map ...
  22. A few more from my latest exploratory journey ... Thanks for viewing Cheers R "All are direct screenshots - no post processing , just straight from the XPlane v key " A few from the Mawwdach Esturary, Barmouth , North West Wales Barmouth is famous as a very old gold mining site for Welsh Gold. It is a fantastic spot for walking and cycling . A truly beautiful part of the world …. Barmouth is directly below, Fairbourne just off in the distance to the upper right I don't think that I could ever tire of this, but probably the locals have a slightly different point of view But what's not to like about a Spitfire It's actually getting later that I thought …. Probably time to be getting back The end of a perfect day .... Thanks for viewing ...
  23. Hi After hours i'm still struggling with the installation of the Great Britain South for X-plane 11 As showed up on the pictures attached I have an error once i start a session of X-plane and the installation says Progress Istalled but the status is stil on Installing... I have been waiting for more than 2hrs and i'm still having these issues. What can i do? Could you please hel me out? Thanks Gianluca
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