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  1. Hello - I just loaded one of my favorite spots - KBVS Skagit Regional and this is what I saw. Before today, KBVS has been without blemish. Log.txt
  2. Hello Guys, I've just purchased LSZS and I've noted an issue in surroundings during winter times. There are some stains (Red and Green) around the airport Please refer to the screenshots. I've tried to cancel and reinstall the scenery. During summer months, when no snow is displayed, the textures are ok. Could you please help to sort it out? Regards
  3. A weird one here.. Busselton.. yes library and object flow up to date and synced. The grass texture seems to be on the apron
  4. I'm not sure if this has been covered as I haven't flown from here in a while. I noticed that the sea surrounding the area doesn't blend in at all with the rest of the sea, it is far darker and has a distinct edge? I've looked at mt scenery packs.ini and that looks okay?? any ideas please thanks Paul
  5. Hi guys, So I decided a few days ago to switch from FSX to P3Dv4.5. I thus installed the new sim, and since Orbx products are generally speaking those having the most (usually) positive impact on the sim, I installed my Orbx products first (I have nothing else installed). But I am running into some textures mess, like many other simmers it seems. I have trying most suggested options on this forum (including the one bellow) without success... I am posting some pictures (taken near LFLP, my "reference" airport). I have installed in different orders the followi
  6. Hello, So a few weeks ago I bought some of the orbx add-ons and it worked fine (Base Pack, Vector, OpenLC Europe, Trees HD and Buildings HD). A few days ago I launched P3Dv4 as usual, but when I started the flight, I noticed a lot of textures were missing. I took these 2 screenshots 20 min ago and as you can see, even the sky seems laggy. I really have no idea what's going on, I tried reinstalling all my orbx add-ons but it didn't work Can someone help me ?
  7. I recently purchased and installed the ORBX Australia V2 and YBBN payware. After installing and attempting to explore, I discovered that the runways and Taxiway are very blurred and bad quality. Has anyone else encountered this issue? (FSX: Steam Edition)
  8. Good evening all, I am brand new, I created an account just to ask this question. I had an old version of the FTX freeware airports and it worked great, I installed the updated version with the street lights, now my ground textures are blurry anytime I fly more than 5 nm from my starting airport. My question is, will getting the pre-requisite FTX global base fix my blurry texture problem?
  9. Hello all old coots, I have a little question, and please forgive me if I’m posting in the wrong place: When looking out the cockpit window at cruise level, sometimes (often) large black shadowy tiles appear on the scenery as if it’s loading. I’m wondering if this is normal and if not how can I stop it or reduce it. Thankyou
  10. Hello, I have FTX global and Scotland FTX , and the textures on the ground are a bit blurry when flying low , around 1000 feet. they take quite a while to “crisp up “. Is this normal ? My graphics card is a GTX 1050 and 8GB ram with i5 3.7 ghz thankyou
  11. Hi guys, I purchased KFHR Friday Harbor last night and did a fight this morning. I have several static aircraft at the airport with missing textures (see photos below). Do I need to uninstall and rerun the ORBX Libraries or KFHR to correct this? Regards, Lance.
  12. I have the night textures showing up issue. I have seen it discussed in the forums. I know there is a fix, but I suck at using Orbx Search. Could someone please point me in the right direction. Area is just off Lukla Airfield. Aerosoft Lukla X installed. P3d 4.2 Thanks, -Braun
  13. Hi, I have recently done a fresh install of P3D v4.2 on my PC and I have reinstalled my Orbx products. Upon doing this, I have had a significant problem with my ESSA airport addon as the terrain on the airport in whole is blurry and really low textured. I have had this problem before when I first purchased the product but It seemed to fix itself, this time It has not. I appreciate any help, thanks.
  14. Hi All! I'm not sure whether this is the right place for this, but I have to start somewhere I have two issues, and they are both related to the snow textures in FSX. I have several ORBX products installed, and I have seen this in both Norway and Canada, and other snowy places. Any pointers on how to tweak/fix this will be much appreaciated! It's not bothering me a lot, but it can drive me just a little bit crazy when I start paying attention to it. Problem 1: The snow textures look very rough, and not at all crispy white and smooth like in many of the pictures I have
  15. Hi, I am having troubles with the ground textures. Sometimes the textures in the distance disappear and water blue is coming in stead. See pictures as example. In Switserland I have water in the mountains (Interlaken area). Horizontal water could be normal, but water at slope angle is strange. Further Cyprus is very water rich and I know that in reality it is the opposite. Wat can be wrong? This all is before downloading the latest library. Have you got a clou? No pictures included from Interlaken and Cyprus.
  16. Hi, I've just invested a lot of money into my new FSX Steam Edition. Everything works fine with some tweaks etc, but ORBX Arlanda doesn't work the way it is supposed to. I would be grateful for some advice! See attached image. Black rectangles and approx half of the airport ground texture doesn't load. The problems only appear at Arlanda Airport as of my knowledge. Computer Specs: Intel i5 7400, Turbo 3 GHZ quad core 8 GB RAM GTX 1060 6GB 250 SSD FSX Add-ons / Add Scen: Accufeel Toposim Scandinavia (bellow ORBX & FTX in addon scenery) RAAS Profe
  17. Hi, I had been away from simming for a while, but came back and using FTX Central with FSX:SE with Flyinside FSX and Oculus Rift. The libraries and several add ons needed to be updated, which I did. I also ran Force Migration. Now when I run the program everything looks good EXCEPT there are no road textures. Runways are there. I see the roads and see the cars driving on them, but the roads are all dirt when they used to "Look" like concrete. I tried, so far, in Squamish and Friday Harbor with same results. I would appreciate any help. Since I am logged in I am as
  18. Hi there all, so I bought Broome International (YBRM) and the Australia textures from the orbx store about half a year ago and they have been working fine. Recently I uninstalled and reinstalled the FSX simulator on my computer and had to reinstall these textures into my newly installed sim. When I tried to load up Broome international the textures failed to load, I was in the default fsx airport. I have Rex HD World Airports already installed and the orbx Australia and New Zealand AI traffic and they are working like a treat. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the t
  19. 58e65ddf5c016 Hi Guys at ORBX, I have bought many of your products. (FTX Global Base Pack, Open LC Europe, FTX Global Trees HD, Ftx Global VECTOR, England, Germany North and South, NZ North and South Island, Queenston and Milford Sound) through my account webmaster@sebastianhess.de and can find only one product registration number (see above). The others have probably ended up in Spam. But you can see in your credit card records and my ORBX account what I purchased. I have lots of problems with textures, I have attached some screenshots. At the moment Germany Sou
  20. Hello i don't really do a lot of night flying so not sure when this occurred but the textures with the lighting at night are awful all of a sudden I have included 2 images along with my scenery & terrain.cfg's ... what in gods name have i done. i have tried using the lights config tool also. P3D V4.1 Thanks for any help scenery.cfg terrain.cfg
  21. Hi, I think there is a bug on in the textures around the KCCR Concord Buchanan airport. Can you please have a look at the screenshot attached? If you start at the runway 32R and toggle the view you will see misaligned textures on the right, approximately where the refinery is. I have installed is NA Northern California, FTX Base, FTX Vectors and OpenLC NA. Sim - P3Dv4 My FSS order number for NA Northern California is Order #FSS0426201 KCCR_Bug Report_1.pdf
  22. Hello, I encounter a potential problem with ORBX SAK, forests textures are brights. I reinstalled p3d v3.4, deleted LM directories in roaming, local, programdata, deleted prepare3d addons and files, I reinstalled only SAK and orbxlibs (from a new download) and the problem is still present : http://i.imgur.com/ptVpg6L.jpg Reshade is active on the image, but it was the same before using PTA and Reshade again. thanks in advance
  23. As you can see from these photos they are not at all what they should look like. I had them working properly before but last time i came to use the sim they were this. Please note that my frame rates have become very shaky and not the normal smoothness. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  24. Is there anything I can do to reduce the texture bluryness when zooming in in FSX:SE ? See screenshots below, same location, zoomed out and zoomed in:
  25. Hi, I've got a problem with my ground textures in the USA. Fresh install of P3d screenshot 1 Install Orbx PNW same as screenshot 1 Install Orbx Libraries screenshot 2 I've tried lots of different things. Making sure I install the PNW before the Libraries Trying libraries first before any other ORBX scenery (still gives the same problem) I notice a similar problem with the ground textures in the hills to the north of Las Vegas. The position is around KMAI Any help would be much appreciated. Screen 1
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