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Found 12 results

  1. Checking out some freeware Airbuses. This A340 seems ok but the A350 seems destined to be a garden ornament Does andybody know of a working A350 for V5?
  2. Wozza's Harvard over Tintagel, with Google Earth below.
  3. My favourite turboprop over my favourite area of the UK ... (TEGBS): Adam.
  4. The amazing Dom Henry D.H. Vampire over my old gliding club (Aston Down) Gloucestershire): Adam.
  5. A different look at EGHI Southampton Cheers Renault "Best viewed in dim lighting"
  6. Just giving 11.35r1 a bit of a warm up. Thanks very much for viewing Cheers Renault
  7. I don't know if it is done on purpose but after upgrading the True Earth GB South to SP1 (V1.1) the nice advertisement "ORBX" on Picadilly Circus I see no more. The advertisements that now are being shown are very blurry. At first I thought it were the settings in my X-Plane 11.32 installation. So, I switched the X-Plane 11 Settings > Graphics > "Visual Effects" to Maximum (HDR+SSAO) and "Texture Quality" to Maximum (No compression), but no change in quality of the ads on the bilboard on Picadilly Circus. See the screenshots: 1) TEGBS initial version; 2) after updating to SP1 at dawn; 3) SP1 by daylight. It is not a big thing. It just was a nice surprise to me when I discovered the ORBX advertisement the first time. For the rest: I like the TEGB South scenery for X-Plane 11 a lot! Finally: this is outside of the topic but I like to share with you: what I discovered today when flying over the London city area was that there is a lot of construction going on. I see at least seven construction towers in attachment 4.
  8. The other day, after posting "Southampton Docks and a few from Devon" I realized that I had a conceptual error ( aka "brain f..t") in how I had set up the "Lut" that I was using. I am glad that many of you enjoyed them and I very much appreciate the kind comments, but in hindsight the saturation profile was a bit out there. I had jigged when I should have jagged .... When I fixed things I was happy with the result and I felt that it showed a much more natural colour rendering and overall balance. All of the screenshots below are straight from the XPlane "V" key. They cover a range of lighting conditions, but the approach I developed as a result of what happened works well throughout the entire range. I hope you enjoy them, and I did keep the profiles from before as you never know ...... Cheers R Screenshot just north of Southampton . A new paint job for the Old Cessna.... Two from Devon ... Just over Cullompton, Devon The detail that Orbx puts into this scenery just blows me away. If you look just below the right elevator, there is freight train going along beside the M5. It is just astonishing to me what the team has done ... And my old reliable, Red Cessna near Shoreham I just Love the Spitfire. The first few are from the area over Shoreham And just one for my friend Jack. Once I got the hang of it, it's addictive And just cause I like the Spit ..... Now down to the Isle of Wight The shading that the Orbx team put into the water masks is fantastic IMHO .... And now a few to check the sunset rendering. Sorry, but I couldn't resist ....
  9. Just a few snaps of two recent flights. Thanks very much for viewing Cheers Renault Southampton Docks Exeter, Devon
  10. Clearing out to free up disk space. Kinda liked these …. I have the greatest respect for the Orbx team who created TEGBS, Even if they had an automated process for building placement, just checking that it was right , must have been an gargantuan task. It makes you realize just how well done this scenery is. It makes me happy every time I fly Thanks for viewing Cheers Renault True Earth Great Britain South
  11. Thanks very much for viewing Cheers Renault "Straight from the "V" key, just a little bit of "Pixie dust" from Reshade and the Renault LUT"
  12. I had placed the following in a reply to a topic that OND had posted "Navajo - "Valley of the Rocks" , but I thought it might be of general interest to XPlane users. It is the simplest solution I have found to giving a very simple, but effective way to improve the colour rendering in XPlane 11. It has minimal frame rate impact Hope this is of some interest Cheers Renault A couple observations that may help if you wish to try Reshade with XP. XPlane uses OpenGl (at least for the present versions up to 11.26r2) for graphics rendering. When you are installing Reshade, it should automatically select OpenGl as the rendering option, but if it doesn't select it manually. I have seen folks install Reshade as DX11 on XPlane and while it works, it tends to be pretty unreliable and I think is often the reason why folks report poor performance when using Reshade with XPlane. When Reshade is installed you should see the following in your Xplane directory. Of importance is that you have the opengl32.dll file present and not one named dxgi.dll. The former means that Reshade has properly configured for a Opengl rendering environment. "Reshade kills my frame rates" . There are some texture shaders in the Reshade library which can do an absolutely brutal job on your frame rates. There are many others that have very minimal impact on frame rates. Rather than download every one of the several dozen available use them selectively. As an example the following Shader may be of help in fixing the "washed out" screen colours in XPlane 11. My preferred method of colour rendering is to use colour look up tables (LUT's) with reshade (because they have no framerate impact and have an extremely large range of colour control) , however they are somewhat complicated to create and require an external program called Davinci Resolve from www.blackmagicdesign.com . Resolve is a full fledged video editing program and has a very steep and lengthy learning curve. From a lot of experimentation, I have found that the Little_shader code works almost every bit as well as using a LUT and that is why I describe it here. It is available from ( https://reshade.me/forum/shader-presentation/2368-hue-brightness-contrast-saturation-shift ). Highlight the code segment in the discussion and paste it into something like notepad or notepad++. Save it as Any name you like.fx e.g. Little_shader.fx. Place this file into the following reshade shader directory ( I also use the Colourfulness.fx ) from time to time which is why it is present as well. The following two screenshots show using the Little_shader . Increasing the colour saturation gives a much better image IMHO. As you can see , there is virtually no frame rate impact. In fact, this shader may be the only one that you need for most XPlane flights . Little Shader OFF - Standard XPlane Colour rendering Little Shader ON - Saturation increased as shown, Hue, Contrast and Brightness left at 0 settings
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