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  1. I crossed my fingers and installed XP rc1 over the top of my b17. All appears OK so far Here's the inevitable Spitfire test! Flying Iron Spitfire over Gloucestershire: Adam.
  2. Just a test shot of some on-going experiments with @renault, using MultiLUT files to try to iron out palette differences between various TE regions. Note: the Saab (above) is correct - it's in the shade More info here in renault's thread. Beta17 is performing beautifully on my system. Adam.
  3. Been playing with the Hawk a bit recently. Mostly in XP but finally also got the v5 upgrade through for the P3D version. Out of Heathrow and across town towards the east. All 4k and worth maxing. (edited to add - just noticed the scenery is a bit lumpy in the last shot. Might have been going too fast for it to render in time, or maybe it's down to the lack of EGLC in v5)
  4. Poor frame rates with EGNM Hello gentlemen/ladies, I am running EGNM for P3DV4 along with Orbx TEGB - but no matter what I do with the configuration files or irrespective of most graphics settings in P3d I am getting no more than 10-12 frames maximum with the default F22 aircraft. If i turn away from the airport towards Leeds then the frames return to 38-40. To put it into perspective I normally get around 30 frames into Orbx LOWI with FSLABs 320 and the same for Fly Tampa Kastrup with PMDG 777. I have tried removing TEGB but this only improves frames rates by around 1-2
  5. After my 2-week long struggle with P3Dv5, I jumped back into XP11 (and TEGB) - and was immediately rewarded by these shots: all taken within one 20-minute session. I think I'll let the pics speak for themselves! No extensive tweaking required ... and impossible to resist the instant thrill of a Spitfire! 'nuff said .... Adam.
  6. Following my recent problems with KORS I decided that my installation was getting clogged up anyway, and set about a complete reinstall of P3Dv4. So far I have installed only the sim itself, TEGB(S) + Libraries, Orbx Global Base, Orbx Buildings and Orbx Trees, all of which went into Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Orbx. Orbx Central refused to allow Objectfllow to go there and insisted on creating Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Orbx Library\p3dv4 where it lives in isolation, though seemingly working ok. My first airfield addon was EGHA, and I have an elevation problem whic
  7. The A2A Cub over the iron age hill fort and Norman ruins at Old Sarum, just to the west of the aerodrome. TEGB really makes a difference.
  8. An updated (freeware) EE Lightning over Wales: ... and now the Jaguar (also freeware) ... taking off ffrom RAF Lossiemouth: Adam.
  9. Since reinstalling P3Dv4 with TEGB(S) I've been working through my addon airfields, and all seem ok so far except Damyns Hall, which simply refuses to load, hanging up at 97%. Any ideas, please? I have tried deleting and reinstalling, and verifying files, but without any success.
  10. Tregantle Fort Fort Picklecombe Plymouth Hoe, Smeaton's Tower and Citadel Tamar Bridges, and yes, I did!
  11. A Jaguar (no ... not the classic car!) seen here over Gloucestershire: Adam.
  12. Yet another great freeware aircraft for XP11: Adam.
  13. Turns out TE GB isn't too bad at FL390 either... Over Glencoe, Scotland
  14. I've been spending my time exploring TE GB - I haven't even flown outside of GB since its release. Investigating (the) Isle of Man Flying over Filton Exiting East Midlands Examining Edinburgh Landing at London City
  15. Please confirm the attached screenshots in the ZIP form the correct scenery order as my scenery goes blurry after flying about 20 miles from origin in South England. Thanks S Screenys.zip
  16. Strap yourselves in, this is a long one. I took off from EGLC. Had to fly around a bit to get my speed up and align with the bridge, but this was a nice practice run. And a nice shot of the city as I climbed out. I then headed north, stopping at RAF Waddington to refuel, and passing by the Humber Bridge. Figured that one didn't have the clearance for the shark fin, so pushed on up to Scotland... First up, the Forth Rail Bridge. Then the Road Bridge. And
  17. It's like they're made for each other
  18. Hi All, I just wanted to let you all know that I am an idiot. Whats the reason you ask, well, I have a secret, I have been using P3D with TEGBS since release and I kid you not its been taking 30 mins to load a flight. Now for those who know me, you know I have a very powerful laptop, so I was thinking, is there a fault. What have I done to it etc. Well the answer is simple. I use Acronis True Image - AHA some can see where I am going now. With Acronis you get ADP and this is meant to stop ransomware. So when I started a flight my throughput from my 2TB SSD was 0MB, therefore loadin
  19. Afternoon folks, another comparison this time from my flight out to Faro showing Sandbanks Peninsula in Dorset, UK. From the left you can see Swanage, Poole and Bournemouth. 1. XP screenshot. 2. Real photo. ATB, Dave
  20. Hi, Just bought and installed TEGB South, Central, and North, and it looks like all the runways are flat. Is this a bug, faulty installation, conflicting plugin? Or is this how TEGB is supposed to look like? Thanks in advance!
  21. So much detail at this scenery
  22. Before leaving for NZ (nearly 20 yrs ago now!), this beautiful valley was my home: just east of Stroud, Gloucestershire ... called "The Golden Valley" due to its stunning autumn colouring. Chalford is almost alpine in nature and as steep as many villages in the south of France. Aston Down, where I used to go gliding, is now (finally!) modelled in P3D - thanks to TEGB ... It's a shame TEGB does neither Cotswold stone nor autumn - but at least it's summer all the year round, which is how I like to remember it! Adam.
  23. Missing files in TEGB North crashes XP11. I started a flight from EGPH to EGPN (Edinburgh TO Dundee.) XP11 crashes a few minutes after takeoff saying there were missing files. Log.txt
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