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Found 6 results

  1. sorry, having trouble getting imgur to play nice this evening.
  2. I've always wondered which buildings &c. are 'real' and which are not. I've had strange things happen when getting to know this sim and how it works--like being able to taxi *through* certain buildings, flying through the London Eye, and yet once clipping what seemed to be something real in Canary Wharf and being able to land on raised autobahns. It would make bridge stunts that much more interesting if bridges are real--and also sets up the possibility of landing on them. And raises other interesting questions too--can you land on Blackpool Pier, for example? Anyway, I had a little shock yesterday. Runway 27 at EGLC, planning to see the sights so I kept low... (I've always been inordinately pleased to see the cable cars actually moving in this—great work guys!) Didn't think this would be a problem: when there was an almighty THUMP and Nikki banked to the right. As you can see: There was no airframe damage, and she kept flying sweet as you like. But made me wonder if there's a canonical list of Things Not to Fly Into (not that I'd like to make a habit of it anyway). Richard (aka Curious of Gravesend)
  3. It was grey and drizzly this afternoon, but I wanted to check out my roads problem, so I took off from City in Nikki, did something that in real life would have got me shot down "Why helloooo HMS Belfast" and ended up testing the ILS on approach to Edinburgh. Might need to recalibrate my altimeter.
  4. Inspired by a real event from 5 April 1968 when a RAF Hawker Hunter pilot flew his aircraft through the spans of Tower Bridge. Read his story here: http://www.rafjever.org/4sqnper004.htm I don't have a Hunter in my XP11 so used the next best thing: the Hawk!
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