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Found 26 results

  1. TE Washington SD 2W3 XVision preset: Adam XV 130_01 It's so nice to be back "simming". Today I decided to depart from Eatonville during the day and then return at dusk.
  2. After one month far from the simulators, I am really happy to be able to fly again! My PC was down and I needed to reinstall everything!!!! Many hours of work to get everything installed, configured and working. Thank you very much indeed @renault for your super helpful tips!!!
  3. Thanks very much for viewing Cheers Renault
  4. Some from beautiful Seattle. TE Washington SD + Enhancement Pack
  5. Darrington Muni is indeed a very special airport. I love it. Wonderful field and surroundings.
  6. While TE Oregon installation ground on relentlessly in the background, I started cleaning up the "detritus" of leftover shots I made when I first installed my new gpu. Didn't expect to find anything worth saving, but after looking at them I thought well , some weren't quite as awful as I remembered them so here are a few that I kept. Thanks very much for viewing All the best Renault Washington, TE Worthing UK, TE GBS
  7. Approaching Protection Island with Diamond Point at my 3 o’clock Thanks for viewing
  8. As always , thanks for stopping by …. Cheers Renault
  9. Thanks very much for viewing Just a few snaps Cheers R
  10. Just a couple. Decided my flying skills needed improvement. I got a way to go As always , thanks for taking the time to have a view Cheers Renault Just out of Concrete Muni And then just a few mouse clicks and we're a continent away Compton Abbas near Shaftesbury ... Just heading north to Shaftesbury . It's only about 3 km. And now we'll head back . I got this flying stuff good now TE Washington is very nice, but TE GBS is pretty cool as well And there we are again - Compton Abbas Oh did I tell you, I've decided to work on my flying skills a bit ( skills is not quite where I'm at yet) Watched a bunch of you tube videos. They make it look so easy ! But let me tell you - it's not, but I made it down in one piece. My friend Jack would be proud I hope I love the views of the countryside ... And here I am all parked. Didn't hit anything, didn't run over anybody ... A minor success Thanks so much for tagging along again. Earlier today. It almost looks like I know what I'm doing but it's an illusion Forgot what I was doing and just stared out the window and ... See what I mean I did manage to make a "Thames dipper" so no real folks were injured or harmed in the making of this sequence! Cheers all Renault
  11. Just the one at the old Darington Muni (XPlane gateway) Really looking forward to the new one Thanks very much for viewing Cheers R
  12. Sitting at the hold line KSEA...."c" key, "arrow up" key, look around, zoom in, and watch the traffic downtown for the last 15 minutes? lol
  13. I have a little folder I call random_screenshots. So that is what these are, but they share a common theme. Sometimes a bit of haze makes for an interesting flight. As always I appreciate you stopping by …. Cheers Renault
  14. Going west from KSFF, jus' flyin', went over Grand Coulee Dam, going who knows where, and thought I'd check it all out against Google Earth. Seemed to be over a place called Chelan. and it seems a more than fair representation. Gotta say this is might fine scenery, Orbx! True Earth Google Earth Only slight differences in colour tone, and I prefer Orbx's version anyway!
  15. The show and shine was originally a get together to allow car enthusiasts to show case their pride and joy. A good wash and polish and the "daily driver" never looked so good. Some have become very large with vintage models taking pride of place besides the latest lambos and Veyron's with everything in-between. I decided to organize one for Darrington, Washington (it's a great area to fly from). I hope you enjoy it and watch for me at the end... Cheers and as always thanks for taking the time to have a look. Cheers Renault Some PBR doesn't have to be highly polished chrome I really liked the detailing in the tires Some folks fly in from afar TE Washington reflections seem to me as "real as it gets". To me it's a hidden gem in the scenery Black may be the new shine. But I suspect, our Blackbird lost its shine many flights ago Even the "Spit" can look a bit spruced up with a new paint job Some of the big boys will come over from SeaTac just to do a low & slow And some are just slow ... but welcome all the same Now thats a nice black ... Everyone is here to enjoy themselves Even the basic Cessna looks good Its always nice to see our friends from Fairchild They really do make the ground shake An now for a bit of speed ... I even managed to make my own cameo ... Nice to meet all of you and thanks for stopping by to watch!
  16. Thanks very much for viewing Cheers Renault
  17. Thanks very much for viewing Cheers R Just the 4 ….
  18. The vintage F4-Phantom over the mountains Sth of Seattle as part of the splendid TE Washington, a large area to discover...
  19. Just a little something for my friend Jack . I know he likes yellow fancy things Hope you enjoy the little tale and as always , I appreciate the time you spend viewing the screenshots. Cheers Renault So here we are at Darrington Muni I hope my friend Jack enjoys the trip ... I've been practicing some "moves" that I think he'll like.. This looks like a good spot.... For "What ?" I can hear him thinking ... It just a warmup Jack .... This is better ... I like this spot Here we go .... ! I hope that's how its done ... And again ... whoopee! Ugh, Jack the grounds getting mighty close ..... This isn't looking good folks ... Uh whoops .. I think I have that worked out. But thanks for letting me know all the same … Bur I'm ok (I think). And the plane is still in one piece more or less. And its downhill So nothing ventured, nothing gained Banzinga !! Well that was fun. ... But time to head for home Engines running a little rough, but I think we'll make it Good, Darrington is not far Oh what the heck. Just once more for old times sake, eh Jacko! Almost there , almost there And that my friend is how we do it in the Great Pacific North West
  20. As some of you may know, our European Mountain Man, Stewart is having a few difficulties at the moment. I hope that this little sequence will make him feel a bit better, and we all are looking forward to his wonderful mountain vistas, when he is operational again. And thanks very much for viewing Cheers Renault So Stewart, I started out with high hopes that the cloud would disappear and we would see some great mountains .... And it started to look much more promising In fact, I thought this would be a bit of a "doddle". I know how much you love your beloved mountains. But then it started to close in again ... And then it all went a bit "pear shaped" as they say ... But I just kept "treking along". Hope springs eternal I guess ... But then in the midst of all of this it started to clear .... And I discovered the "clear weather" key. Why didn't I think of that before Hope you are feeling better soon Cheers Pete
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