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Found 15 results

  1. As OND @olderndirt mentioned in a post "A little testing" I have been having a few thoughts regarding XPlane ...... Here's a sequence (sorry for the length) that started out in Northern California and then made its way to Southern climes Well now -- Southern California. I have to admit that I didn't get very far , but my reaction so far is that simply it is a masterpiece . The level of detail and rendering for me raises the bar for what "team Tony & collogues" have created. I can't put it any other way than this. As much as I superbly enjoy all of the TE series, if you could only buy one, then Southern California is the one to get. It is staggering !! For all of the shots here, I am using adaptive vsync set at 1/2 my monitor refresh rate and fps remained steady at 30fps throughout. XPlane 11.41r1 along with things that I have "brewing & bubbling away" was used for everything. And that's about it folks. So I hope you enjoy the sequence Cheers San Francisco Area (TE NorCal) TE Southern California Starting out at John Wayne airport, Orange county. I always have wanted to do this. He was a childhood hero, and my world always seemed a better place when he was around. Too bad he isn't here now - we could use someone steadfast and solid like him I think in these trying times. This is a XPlane gateway airport - sorry Iain, its the only non Orbx one here.. And yes, the saying is "Its always sunny in Southern California", but a few clouds makes things interesting. They are just standard XPlane clouds though , but they will do ... So here we are ready to go My first reaction , was a bit of OMG look at all the stuff the magicians have put in for us. But then, that was also my reaction the first time I went there IRL. Now over Costa Mesa ... Now coming up to Newport Beach I am assuming (and hoping for their sakes) that "Team Tony et al" has some kind of automated process to populate the landclass generic objects. But I suspect there was a lot of custom work going on as well - as much as I am enjoying their creation immensely , they may be just a teeny bit glad that its finally done... And now , coming up on Huntington Beach And now Long Beach. If I remember correctly (could be wrong!) the "islands" are man made and are used for oil well drilling and production operations The amount of detail just astounds me ... I have to honestly say. When flying over this , I really was thinking that this isn't a sim anymore. Its that good Just past Long Beach now .... West Carson La Fresa Torrance Manhattan Beach & LAX coming up Again, just loving the detail. And it is integrated so seamlessly. Great Job by the Orbx folks ! Now I'm just plain "englamoured" with objects and stuff. Hang in there with me ! Just approaching LAX Just past LAX - I'm not sure it was legal to trundle on over it like I just did. Don't tell OND, I think he still knows folks at the FAA Near Playa del Rei Just to check out the night lights .... Near Santa Monica , LAX in background And thats it for now .... The journey will continue ...
  2. Title pretty much sums it up Just going under would have been too easy <grin> I have a feeling it might be fun to explore Miami the same way. Got a busy week in RL but maybe at the weekend.
  3. Just a couple over the bay area. Best viewed in dimmer lighting conditions. Then you can see the stars Cheers Renault
  4. Its been a bit cold where I live and I needed a little something to warm me up Beautiful scenery, ocean mist and blue ocean - TE Nor Cal to the rescue Cheers Renault
  5. Thanks very much for viewing Cheers R Just east of Half Moon bay, Nor Cal
  6. Exploring this region is always a great pleasure.
  7. Thanks very much for viewing We Start at Mariposa - Yosemite (KMPI) Its a tricky little airport because its built into the side of a hill .... and I didn't expect that Beautiful scenery along the way Now we're in the Yosemite Valley. It's a short flight from Mariposa Half Dome off to the right and Sentinel Dome ahead Sorry that's all folks. I'm not going to spoil it for you but instead, let you explore on your own. There's so much here to see, its well worth the flight ...
  8. Just a single shot over Palo Alto with the salt ponds in the upper left. A bit of detail here … Wow!
  9. Thanks very much for viewing Cheers Renault And I guess it just wouldn't be me without one sunset shot
  10. Thanks very much for viewing Cheers Renault This is such an incredibly pretty scenery when you fly south along the coast. Orbx you have done California proud Oh, oh - a major fault line Oh no , is it the "big one" Phew , am I relieved . Its just where TE Southern California will start soon
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