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Found 12 results

  1. Well, I confess, I succumbed and tried an updated XPlane 11.50b2 Vulkan Totally different sim now with so many things fixed from the first beta. Yes, I've done a few changes , because I'm not evaluating the beta for bugs, and because it is a beta, I expect they will be different with b3, so its irrelevant , but the one thing that stands out for me is something I never expected to see. I have scenery objects set to Maximum and my fps is locked at 30 in NVCP in adaptive vsync at 1/2 monitor refresh rate and you will notice (first time I've left the fps counter on in a screenshot) that the frame rate is constant in the British countryside and the same coming out of EGLC & flying over central London. Just silky smooth Oh and as an added little bonus, they've significantly improved both reflections and the water rendering Cheers Renault Sorry Ian - I apologize, There is no Orbx scenery visible here in the following 2 screenshots, but I just wanted to show the internal shadow quality that can be obtained now
  2. Departed a desolate EGHI - removed the AI traffic file for flybe and there was very little activity left. Best wishes to all staff and hoping for speedy recruitment into positions at other airlines.
  3. Just the one. Best viewed in subdued lighting Cheers Renault
  4. Same early morning scenario as my last post. Heading up the river to see what the view from this level is like. Tate Modern on the left . . . St Paul's on the right Not a flying pig to be seen Lots of nice bridgework here Did notice a lot of flying houses on this trip. Don't know if that's down to my setup for some reason or just one of those things. You wouldn't really notice them if you were airborne so maybe they're just there and nobody spotted them in development. Most likely to be my fault though, things usually are (I'm told)
  5. While TE Oregon installation ground on relentlessly in the background, I started cleaning up the "detritus" of leftover shots I made when I first installed my new gpu. Didn't expect to find anything worth saving, but after looking at them I thought well , some weren't quite as awful as I remembered them so here are a few that I kept. Thanks very much for viewing All the best Renault Washington, TE Worthing UK, TE GBS
  6. After a couple of days struggling, and some fascinating stuff coming out of a couple of other threads (here - and here - ), I have now gotten back to a very acceptable level of performance while flying over London. When I first installed this, it was running so badly I couldn't actually control the aircraft - the lag between any input and it being processed was so great. After some experimentation and trying out some values suggested by JV and Nick, what seemed to do it for me in the end was mostly the result of Michael (pmb)'s suggestions. I have ended up (so far) with my settings thus - I have previously been running everywhere else in P3D with pretty much fully maxed sliders without any real problems, and will probably continue to do so for all non-TE GB scenarios. I also used the setting for 3d Performance in the Nvidia control panel as described in the first thread mentioned above. As a result of these changes, I can now run again at full 4k res at a reasonable rate of progress. It's not butter-smooth, there are still slight stutters occasionally but I'm moving all the time and the scenery is mostly keeping up with me. I've no idea what frame rate I'm getting - I'm not interested in such numbers as long as it feels acceptable, and it does. I've just done another trip out from Southend (EGMC), up the Thames and over the City to Heathrow, and this time it was fine. I was surprised how little I was affected by the reduction in LOD radius and Autogen draw distance, as that's been one of the most impressive things about P3D since v4 came along. So, some shots of the trip. All 4k, and worth viewing full screen enlarged to appreciate the effect of the settings. Out of EGMC (actually the UK2000 version, which works fine but is not shown) and down to the seafront Up the Estuary towards City Airport. I'd lost control and started doing loops at this point on the original trip Turned north to detour over Hampstead Heath Looking back at the City Turning west again, pretty sure that's the North Circular and Brent Cross down below (but it's probably 40 years since that was part of my commute so I may be wrong) Wembley coming up Heading on to Heathrow now, it's just appearing in the distance Can still dimly see the City back there behind us. It doesn't feel like the reduced draw distance is noticable Heathrow ahead. This is Aerosoft's "Mega" version as well, so we are getting a bit of lag on the foreground scenery now, but if I pause the sim, it only takes a second or so to catch up OK, flew on past Heathrow and headed out west. Just passing over Slough now ("come, friendly bombs" etc) but looking back, you can see Heathrow is still showing up ok Slough to the left, Windsor to the right, Heathrow just about discernible in the background. So there we are - one man's journey to TE GB satisfaction. I think I still prefer the XP version, but I'm glad I've got this working to a satisfactory level now. I'll probably fiddle some more to see how it all goes with Rex etc, and I've not got any PTA on here yet, but I promise now to post any more biggies like this when I've done that! My point in showing all this is that it is obvious that quite a few people have been having problems getting this working on their systems. I too had already posted in one of the above threads that I'd not been able to get a satisfactory solutions and would probably just abandon the P3D version of TEGB until LM or Intel got their next generation together. But it turned out fine in the end. Not saything that the settings I've used are THE solution, but they're A solution, and one that worked for me. Don't give up on it!
  7. After much faffing about and frustration, and with a lot of info from a couple of other threads, I'm finally getting a setup where I can actually fly (as in - keep moving relatively easily) over London in TE GBS in P3D. Not settled yet, but the compromises involved seem to be acceptable to be able to fly in this area and keep my display running at 4k. And while I was going over the place, I remembered reading in someone else's post (can't remember who or where now, sorry) that this was mentioned so thought I'd go check it out. Nice one, Orbx!
  8. Sometimes you just gotta believe ...... Cheers Renault True Earth Great Britain South - Central London There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy. - Hamlet (1.5.167-8), Hamlet to Horatio Mabillard, Amanda. Shakespeare Quick Quotes. Shakespeare Online. 20 Nov. 2009. < http://www.shakespeare-online.com/quickquotes/quickquotehamletdreamt.html >
  9. not sure where this was, but I liked the look of it
  10. A great little vintage flyer. It handles really well and is a very enjoyable aircraft to fly. The added advantage is that the "Avitab" moving map display is integrated into a little ipad in the cockpit, which is very nice indeed. Available from https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/48223-vflyteair-ryan-navion-205-vintage-freeware/ All screenshots TE GBS -- around Bournemouth -- you can see exactly where from the moving map display Cheers R The "ipad" moving map display. It can be rotated to your preferred viewing angle. All controls work exactly the same as on the larger convential Avitab display The convential Avitab moving map display for comparison
  11. Still just beavering about looking for familiar sights. I lived in Caversham, just north of Reading, for almost 15 years, and wanted to see how it fared in TE. Approaching along the railway route (GWR out of Paddington) initially - Caversham Bridge below us, industrial estate looking pretty accurate, and the green spaces opposite that are where they used to (may still do for all I know) hold the Reading Festival each year. We lived just across the river from the site and it was a mixed blessing - if we liked the acts it was great (Status Quo were particularly good, I seem to remember), but when the real heavy metallers were there it could get a bit much The exhaust here is just a bit beyond where my house would be. It was a bit of an odd sort of house so the modelled one here was never going to even vaguely look like it but that's fine. The vibe is good. Swung north after this, just generally zooming about now No idea where this is, didn't have my map running, but it sure looks cool, don't it! Hours of fun ahead!
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