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Found 38 results

  1. Looking for the airport? Looks like a bumpy landing in this remote area. Turned back towards airport Turning from base to final. Crosswind correction here we go. Landing lots of room left. Looking around decided not to stay for lunch. Enjoy "Sorry for the last post" used wrong file format. Ninemile
  2. Lots to see here, this is just a small sampling...even with the expanded viewer these screen shots are just not the same as the sim experience. Orbx -FTX: Global Holgermesh Papua New Guinea,Global TAP Tapini Airport, Global AYPY Jacksons Intenational
  3. After switching to FTXCv3 I did some basic test tours, the obvious one in Papua New Guinea was just an easy trip from Jacksons... ... climbing across the mountains near Isurava ... ... to Kokoda, dropping some spare parts for a broken lawn mower that was reported from here. But that report was a mistake, they needed the parts in Tapini! So here we go again... ... working hard to get over these ridges without burning the Twotters engines. Trust your pilot! Dropping down into Tapini (the Twotter is not easy to be slowed down when descending), ... ... and climbing out soon after the mower service was completed. Scenery & effects work.
  4. Yet another PNG tour! This time from TAP to AYGR (approx. 35 nm east of Kododa). Using P3DV3, PTA & Lionheart's Super Piper Pacer Bush, FL120, late afternoon flight. Left Tapini, followed valley north until I could climb out to cross the mountains, then due east toward the bay. Dialed in GUA NDB, 224 KHz, southeast of my position, but I flew on toward the bay for the ocean views. (I guess just for me because I didn't snap any pics) Once the NDB showed to be due south I turned toward it and continued, crossing the Kamusi River (below) Town of Popondetta below me Airport visible in the upper right corner, getting ready to turn final Landing rwy 03 Clean up! Taxi to parking, get something to drink & eat Thanks for flying along, hope you enjoyed your flight! I know I did!
  5. I was making a take off sequence for TTM when I caught this on the approach. I did enter it in the Screenshot contest but I wanted to share with everyone. Greg
  6. TTM as you requested Aircraft GTOW was 11,051 lbs, load 2,390 lbs, fuel 2,160 lbs temp 27*C wind 3knts A turbo prop takes time to spool up to full power. Stand on the brakes until it starts to creep. Positive rotation when the airspeed just hits the white arc. Gear up asap. Do not touch the flaps until you have altitude and at least VMC airspeed. Greg
  7. Next is Woltape, which I think is the easiest in the Tapini experience. Outside Greg
  8. The final Tapini strip Outside views I was worried about the departure, but the DO 228 handled the takeoff just fine. That is all for now. Next will be the very challenging strips in the AYPY Experience. Greg
  9. Yongai is the hardest approach and landing in Tapini with a difficult take off. I my opinion. Outside view Greg
  10. Ononge the next day with a PNG livery Checking it out prior to the approach Final Down Outside views Greg
  11. My exploring PNG with the DO 228 continues. I really like this aircraft. Greg
  12. The next destination was KSP Koispe Bigger I may have remembered how. Greg
  13. http://www.simreviews.com/2016/07/25/orbx-tapini/ A huge thanks to www.simreviews.com for the fantastic write up!
  14. Decided to do another low approach to TAP to get a close up view of the strip. 1. Flying down that valley again. 2. Nice and low this time and well to the right side of the valley. The goat track points the way. 3. Used an HUD for the first time but it is challenging at a low height with a green background. 4. All looks good this time around. 5. Would liked to have the wheels on the ground before now, just hope I can stop in time. 6. Reverse thrust and hard braking now deployed. 7. The steep slope is doing it's work although the angle of this shot does not show it too well. 8. Nearly stopped, now all I have to do is park. 9. The C-17 has a very handy turning circle. 10. All parked up turned off. That was very immersive but I did not think it was possible and very surprising at only the second attempt. Now co pilot, get me the flight plan for Limberlost .
  15. It may well be the last thing we are going to do. Problems with the throttle of only one engine working meant having to reload the C-17 which is why it appears to be parked tail in in these shots. It was hard enough attempting a take off with 4 engines so I don't think one would have been enough. Hold on to your hats and see if the C-17 made it. 1. Now facing the other way due to engine problems but all 4 motors are now operating. 2. Most of the village has turned out to see if we can lift off. 3. Tails up and we go charging down the slope. 4. I said most of the village but these 2 hens were not interested and would rather feed their faces. 5. Starting to pick up speed but still not going fast enough to be confident of lifting off. 6. The slope is apparent in this shot. 7. Lucky the banana saw us coming and ducked under the wing! 8. That is all the runway we have so heave back on the yoke and hope we unstick. 9. That was close but just some trees to clear. 10. Hope we did not blow too many coconuts off the palm. 11. Very steep climb away from Tapini. 12. Banking to avoid a mountain, the perils of not looking where you are going and instead admiring the scenery. A very exciting day with the Globemaster both at PAGS and in PNG. Hope you have enjoyed this series of posts.
  16. Just love this C-17, a big plane but so easy to fly for me. 1. Getting ready to depart from AYPY. 2. Some breathtaking scenery coming up with a flight planned across the mountains. 3. With a light fuel load and minimal freight on board the C-17 climbs like.....er well a C-17. 4. Heading away from Port Moresby in the Karema area. 5. In the mountains near Kone. 6. Passing over a familiar place, TAP Tapini. 7. Close to Tawuni. 8. Beating up TAP, giving the locals a show. Must be a change for them to see a big plane like this close up. 9. Show over, a chance to throw the C-17 around a bit. 10. Saying good bye to Tapini. Love flying around PNG, with some of the best scenery anywhere on the planet. Hope you enjoyed the shots.
  17. Thank you Wojciech Przybylski! http://c-aviation.net/review/tap-tapini-airport-orbx-review-5-png4/
  18. Posting these up just incase anyone has not yet seen them, a sort of rolling video-review with plenty of interesting landings, tips, info and laughs A huge thanks to Frooglesim from myself and Ken for creating these!!
  19. I'm sure a lot of these topics pop up all the time but I just wanted to shout out to the team behind the Tapani experience...after installing it I've been pretty much hooked to it with all the strips to explore and the amazing detail, even between the strips. Thanks guys!
  20. Now I am brave enough for Asimba... ... can relax in Yongai... ... and do a detailed (successless) search for the lawn mover in Tapini. (shot from Google Earth) At least the falls show themselves in brilliance...
  21. After practicing with the C185, I felt prepared for transporting a little bit more freight / hikers with the Twotter. Entering the playground... ... to Ononge, ... ... next to the colleague in Woitape, ... ... leaving Fane. Not really an area for a quick walking tour. Ready to circle down to Tapini. Ononge, again (I forgot the lawn mover there...). Oh, oh, Ononge is a bit tricky... Finally, Yongai. The curved approach really is a challenge to me... ;-( ... before resting in Kokoda "international", so I call it, as you can land totally relaxed there. Can you see Isurava below? And the entire playground along the Kokoda track? But I skip them all now, and head back to Jacksons... Survived with only neglectable virtual damage. A good day for a bushflying amateur... ;-)
  22. From Fane... ... to the namegiving airfield of the area: Tapini. The locals surely are surprised by the high number of visitors currently. Getting up along the (wrong...) valley... ... to Kosipe, the metropole with the famous bridge. A view across Woitape, Fane and Kosipe while climbing out to... ... Yongai. That landing was too stressful to take pictures, sorry ;-). And afterwards I doubted I could land a plane in Asimba...
  23. Well, Kosipe Harbour Bridge this is. Make the climb of your life!
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