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  1. Hello, I am sure that it was asked before, but please forgive me for asking again. I own AFS2 through steam and I also have every Orbx scenery bought and installed. But I don't know how to show these addons on Orbx central. In my Orbx central, my P3D and XP11 products are shown. But I couldn't figure out how to see my steam addons in the Orbx central. You kind help will be much appreciated. Orbx central is v4.1.22
  2. Hello, I migrated AeroFly FS2 to a MAC computer (Catalina IOS) and I have the Steam version. But there is a problem: I tried to install the sceneries bought directly from Orbx using Orbx-Central app. The issue is that Orbx-Central does not find Aerofly and only offer me, for fixing it, the option of "X-Plane 11" but not Aerofly. I attach a screen capture. I need your help. Regards, Angel Fernandez
  3. After starting FTX Central, i get an error report when selecting FSX. See the file attached. After saving the repport, FTX Central closes. orbx_ftxcentral_log.txt
  4. Hi I currently have Global Base & Global Open LC Europe installed on FSX SE I recently installed Orbx LOWI , however following install , the product is not visible in either my external scenery config editor, nor the in game scenery library. I previously had Aerosoft's LOWI installed. This was removed prior to the Orbx LOWI install. I have tried uninstalling and then re-installing but no joy.. Can I of missed any conflicting files from the Aerosoft product that need to be removed. Any help appreciated , thanks
  5. Hello. I usually buy ORBX products directly from your website, but occasionally, I buy your products from Steam, which is the case for Palm Spring FS2. I would like to know how can get it to appear on FTX central. Thank you
  6. Hello, I just moved to FSX steam edition as I heard its more stable on newer machines than fsx boxed edition. I already had the latest FTX central installer downloaded in my downloads folder so used that to install my orbx FTX Global and FTX Scotland to my new steam fsx. NB, I uninstalled fsx boxed yesterday and didn't do the registry repair fix as i didn't realise this was required till after install. Here is my problem. It says my orbx products are installed and up to date, but in the scenery library there are only the open land class base, europe and north america folders and only the ftxa
  7. hello, I have spent time reading other threads about the similar issue i have. all other issues involved "FSX-SE". Now surprisingly, there is nothing on my computer named "FSX-SE", only "FSX". yes, FTX was not able to locate the scenery.cfg. now offcourse I installed the global package and the 3d lights package too, and nothing went wrong there. I went along and followed instruction form a similar issue, however, it did not work. thankfully i had backups of the folders. at the moment, as I launch FTX, it says "send ORBX staff your %localappdat
  8. I have boxed products of Pacific Northwest (1.0), Pacific Fjords (1.0) and Norway. I'm running Windows 10, have installed Steam on D:\... and installed ftxcentral ( no choice where that should install. How do I install these products in Steam? How will they find the right directory?
  9. Hi all First time posting here, and very early stages of using ORBX products! Gotta admit I love the products, but I'm trying to download some further products through FTX Central v3.2.0.3 but have twice now come up with this error message (see attached photo and ftxc3.log file) ftxc3.log. Have been trying to download for a while now, and a few times in the last 2 days; at university, at home and on my wifi hotspot but still slow connection? I have cleared the download cache and also toggled between using multiple threads for downloads. I also get the option on most startups to r
  10. I posted within the last hour reference an ORBX/FTX file being the noted source of personal CTD errors. While this was a continuation of a CTD investigation initially started in the Tips forum, I narrowed it down to an ORBX/FTX cause, thus prompting it to be an issue I would like addressed as a support issue from the team. I posted it in this forum so that it would be addressed whereas I do not believe the tips forum is for that cause. I am not sure why my post was removed. Thank you. http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/133615-nvidia-inspector-ntdlldll-ctd/
  11. Heads up if you use VR, the Windows 10 creators update messed up FlyInside. Causes it to crash on start. There is a hot-fix on the FlyInside forum to fix, before you go and uninstall everything troubleshooting. Brian
  12. Hey there! I'm new to the whole simming experience and I'm trying to set up my orbx with FSX-SE. I've utilized FTX Central to install all the packs, but I can't confirm if FTX Global Base has been installed or not, since I'm not seeing it in the ORBX folder in my FSX root folder, and I don't see it in the scenery library, unless I'm missing something. Could someone please assist? Here's a screengrab of my scenery library. I know about the issues with FTX and FSX-SE, and I've corrected the regedit stuff with the tweak file that I found in another thread. I ju
  13. I have previously purchased some FTX products from my Steam account (Meigs Field for example). Reading through the topics, I see that you soon hope to address the boxed version syndrome and wondered if anything was happening with software via Steam. These do not show up as installed through FTX Central 3 and I wondered how I would get these updated or showing in FTX3. Do they automatically get updated when my Steam account is active? Many thanks
  14. HELLO I wonder if you could use, and if so, how to use jetways/airbridge at Arlanda airport?
  15. hello, I just bought the ftx global base for my fsx se but unfortunatelly I got the scenery.cfg location error...there's no option to choose which simulator I use...I only have fsx se installed...any help?
  16. Hi, I bought a lot of Orbx stuff on FlightSimStore.com back when stuff was still listed on there. Recently I got a new computer and have been installing all my FSX stuff, and I got Steam FSX as well to make it easier. When I installed Steam FSX, I installed it to D drive by accident. I uninstalled it, then reinstalled it on C drive which is where I wanted it. When I then launched the Global Base installer, and it asked which FSX I wanted to install to, it listed D drive not C drive! I tried using an FSX registry fix I found on the net (the one linked to in this forum doesn't seem to exist at h
  17. Hello everybody! I just installed the new FTX central 3! No problem with my P3D install but it doesn't find my FSX-SE install(I had no problem so far with FTX central 2)as you can see with the pic joined! Any solution to cure this problem? Thank you for helping Cheers Pat
  18. I start FTX Central, v.3, and it shows P3D and original FSX, but Steam Edition is reported as not installed. I believe I have uninstalled (according to instructions on Avsim's website) original FSX, and I do have Steam Edition installed, albeit on virtual drive "D". I have flown the steam edition, so I know it is installed. This all happened because FSX started behaving badly (would stop loading @ 16% air, land and sea), so I uninstalled it, purchased P3D, found out my machine couldn't handle it, and downloaded FSX-SE). I should probably use this machine for
  19. Have had Orbx Blue PNW for quite a while and FSX Gold (dvd version), I recently installed FSX:SE and went through quite the challenge of trying to get Blue PNW loaded into steam version. I first found the post about changing the registry install path to point to the steam version. Then I tried using the old version of the PNW installer that I had from several years a go, and updating with the patches from the support page, that didn't go so well! I then read all the way to the bottom of Nicks post and saw the bit about the the latest installers not needing registry changes and that they would
  20. Hi, I recently purchased FSX Steam Edition, I now want to install Orbx England (which I had on FSX boxe) into Steam. However, whenever I run the installer, and install the orbxlibs, firstly I get a have an issue with FTX Central (See Image), also, it doesn't appear anywhere as a program on my computer. Also I always get a "FTX Configurator has stopped working" error. Anyway, the in sim Orbx England looks horrible, with missing textures and pretty much everything. See the image. I do still have FSX Legacy installed by the way, so I selected the FSX:SE option (in parallel).
  21. Hello Orbx support, first of all thank you for a great product (in my case OrbX Global Base) which I really enjoyed when using it with FSX. Since I wanted to use FSX:SE I deinstalled FSX and installed FSX:SE which at first seemed to work real fine. However when I installed OrbX at first I could only choose FSX and not FSX:SE. Besides FSX Central 2 was not able to load and just gave me an error message (see attachment txt file) So I deinstalled everything again, used CCleaner to clean my registry and redownloaded FSX:SE and installed it. Here's what happened
  22. Do I necessary need to have Global to buy any of the orbx airports? If not whats maybe the difference thanks
  23. Hello there! so i have FSX for steam.... and i just went and bought 100$ worth of FTX addons, to make FSX look better. Order Number: FSS0341722 when installing the global base pack, it doesnt let me select the install folder. it wants to automatically install in on C:\programm files (x86)\microsoft games\ fsx but i have fsx installed on a different drive is there any way to let "ftx global base" know where to look for fsx ? thanks in advance
  24. Just bought the global base and installed on my steam product which already had some enhanced texture and airport dlc.... Not really noticing a difference... is there a particular set of regions where there will be a great difference ? ... I feel like i spent $80 for nothing. Thanks.
  25. Just bought the global base and installed on my steamvr product which already had some enhanced texture and airport dlc.... Not really noticing a difference... is there a particular set of regions where there will be a great difference ? ... I feel like i spent $80 for nothing. Thanks.
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