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Found 11 results

  1. Hello, I recently purchased ESMS Malmo and ESGG Lemverder -Gothenburg I am intending to upgrade my system installing an additional SSD and increase RAM, will the new SSD "see"" the operating system simulator IE P3DV4.5 and will I be able to add scenery from Orbx to my system utilising the new drive. My second question is when downloading new scenery I note you get a choice of where to locate the the new scenery ie with thin P3D or another external scenery library it always says if unsire put it in the P3D location scenery library what are the pros and cons of scenery l
  2. I currently have about 72gb of Orbx product on my SSD Samsung Evo C drive as well as LM P3D and my operating system (Win7pro). The C drive is getting a little crowded and I was contemplating adding a new drive just for Orbx and perhaps addon aircraft. Should I stay with a hi quality SSD and will there be an advantage in scenery loading speed? Is there anything tricky about migrating Orbx to a new drive? I'd hate to lose anything. Is there more to it than using the migration tool in Orbx Central?
  3. First installation of Netherlands HD ended in a message that there was not enough space on my SSD where P3Dv4 is installed. The size of my SSD is 100Gb and there is free space of 59Gb. ORBX is installed on a HDD via a link. Although there is plenty of space on my HDD, ORBX installation only takes into account the space on the SSD. So message came 79Gb required 59 Gb available. My solution: Manual download of Netherlands HD via ORBX direct. Move the complete Scenery folder from P3Dv4 to HDD. Install Netherlands HD via FTX (now there is enough spac
  4. My FSX/FTX install is on a dedicated 250Gb SSD. I am now starting to run out of space. If I upgraded to a 500Gb drive is it possible to transfer the entire install to the new drive without having to re-install everything? Thanks Dave G
  5. My P3D is in my C drive SSD. But ORBX scenery used up nearly all spaces. Is there any method to put the ORBX products in D Drive HDD with the FTX Central? Thanks.
  6. Hi I wonder if any of you guru types could give me some advise regarding junction links. I've no problem setting up the links, I have a few set up already but I'd just like to know if there a speed cost involved. At the moment I have Win7-64 and P3D2 on a single 232Gb SSD and it's getting rather full. I've ordered another SSD (500Gb) and I'm wondering if can drag my P3D2 folder over to the new drive, create a junction link and just run it with no speed cost. It'll be a lot easier and quicker than reinstalling everything from scratch. Windows7-64 will be staying on the old SSD.
  7. Hi guys. Just been reading about SSD's for fsx and can not make my mind up if it is worth it. So my question is will FSX benefit by installing it on an SSD. Will it load FSX faster and will it be better for the scenery. Can not afford a Raptor so can not go that way. Also I was thinking of a 250 gig one, would that be big enough considering all the lovely Orbx scenery coming out. My son's bought me an ssd for start up, it's only a 60 gig one but it certainly starts my comp pretty quick. If I had got one it would have been a larger one. I'm just about keeping it clear of software. Anyway any he
  8. I've just bought a new SSD to use exclusively for my flight sim software. I was wondering if anyone has any advice for me before I start installing everything. A key characteristic of SSD drives is that they shouldn't be defragged, so the order of installation is probably important to get the fastest sequential drive reads. I know there's no drive head like an HDD but apparently contiguous blocks of data are read a lot faster on an SSD. Obviously I'll install FSX first, but what order should I install everything else? You can see what addons I have in my sig (I'll probably add Australi
  9. Howdy all, I'm new to the forum, my name is Eric Malcolm, and I'm a custom builder working for AVA-Direct custom computers. We build a lot of gaming systems, and recently I have been working with a client who was wanting a gaming system dedicated to FSX, which is one of our favorite systems to build. My configuration was the following, in regards to internal storage: 1 x 120 GB SSD (for operating system) 1 x 120 GB SSD (for FSX) 1 x 1 TB HDD VelicoRapter (dedicated to ORBX files) My customer called me this morning, saying that he read last night on a forum (not here) that yo
  10. Hi all, The user docs in the orbx folder is now over 100mb in size and is taking up space on my SSD that I would rather it not. Can we move these somewhere else? Im guessing if i do that it will mess up the access to them in FTX Central. I can live with that, but I want to make sure it wouldn't affect anything else. Thanks, Glenn
  11. Given the sale of my prefered supplier I face the issue that I run out of space on my SSD. And the sale is going on for some time... I run FSX on my 120 GB SSD (btw: in the default location) under W7 Home Premium 64bit. The company that build the computer one year ago installed W7 on the SSD. I use this computer exclusivly for FSX and two other sims (racing - that are installed on the HDD). After installing most of my add-ons (on the SSD) I face the situation that only less than 12 GB remain. That is not much, given the fact that I only have all NA scenery installed but not yet my three
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