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Found 10 results

  1. Hello, I just recently purchased KMBS airport, and upon landing, I noticed I had double jetways. One seems to be static, while the SODE jetway performs as intended. The 4 gates that have jetways are all doing the same. I also just purchased KIDA, and the jetways there are as intended and I am not having this problem there. I have read from GSX that this can be caused by multiple AFCADs at the airport, but this is the first time anything has been installed at KMBS.
  2. Hello, Belgrad is an fantastic airport done by you guys. The SODE Jetways are working wonderful and looking awesome. But there are some old Jetways (Gate A6 - Gate A10) without SODE. Is an updated planned for them? Will be nice, they are looking interesting, never seen jetways like these. The other thing is: The Airport is much to clean in winter ;-) - more snow on the aprons, runways and some edges will be nice. Regards and many thanks for this great airport! Urmel
  3. Hello, I love this new Airport, it's an really Masterpiece. I'm working with SODE and AI a lot of years now, and it's a pleasure for me to share some information I got over the years with you guys. With SODE and AI, a high qualtiy airport will get a lot of life, it makes more fun to fly in and out. All AI is provided by the Alpha India Group (AIG) for free. They have also an new easy to use installer, the OCI! Try it, it's for free, it's easy, it's high qualtiy. And now some info about the special jetways at ESGG. You can also read my other thread with a lot more info about these Jetways. https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/167316-the-updated-stockholm-arlanda-sode-ai/ The last pictures are showing the new SODE VDGS System (an extra purchase! - but it's great) And finally: a lot of pictures ;-) SODE VDGS with PMDG NGXu: Have fun with your new Airport! Regards Urmel
  4. Hello I'm using FSX:SE with ORBX ESSA scenery and the latest version with SODE jetways. The problem is that the jetway is not recognised when the aircraft is at the gate so I have to choose a gate (option 1 on the menu using TAB+S). However, the menu then disapears and does not give an option to select a gate or even close the menu and start again. SODE jetways will then not work at any airport until FSX is closed and restarted. The SODE platform tool is green lights and no errors. In FSX the SODE menu says the DLL is good and connection is good. Simconnect version is the latest 1.64. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks
  5. Hi, Before SODE was added to ESSA, it seemed to work fine. But after, where I get to 10 miles away (just as it loads) or flying around ESSA for a few min, it crashes FSX with an “Out of Memory error”. I do understand that 32-bit programs on a 64-but system is limited to 4GB RAM but I still don’t get why it crashes. Innsbruck, Southampton and Sumburgh work just fine. The RAM I have installed is a Corsair Vengence LPX 16GB (1x16GB) @ 3000MHz. I also get these really annoying grey lines in cirtain angles (1 line in LOWI and about 10-15 in ESSA). Thanks in advance for your help, TrainNutter
  6. Aften Update at ESSA i have static jetway and Next to it a SODE jetway, fully Workning. Any solotion ?
  7. Hi, I am wanting to update the jetways at all of the airports listed to SODE using the brilliant new feature in GSX Level 2 expansion. I was hoping someone at Orbx could let me know if the sceneries for each airport have the gates included in separate bgl's, or are the gates included in the same bgl as the building/structure they're attached to? Also, if the gates are in separate bgl's, which ones are they specifically? This will determine if I can upgrade to SODE jetways. I apologise upfront if there's a bit of mucking around to find out, however the end result I'm after will justify the means as new SODE jetways in each of those airports will improve the immersion by at least a factor of 10. Thanks & Regards, Steve
  8. This doesn't just have to do with KPSP, but it's late and that's the only piece of graphical interactive artwork I can think of at the moment. The root question is, will there be SODE jetway implementation in your current and future airport projects that have...err...jetways? Thanks, Mark
  9. Hello fine peole Just turned on my pc this afternoon and this message poped up about an FTX corrupted file... Hope all is ok and nothing is required to be done Cheers
  10. Howdy.... I have recently come across Simulator Object Design Engine (SODE) I have used it on some airports and some others that dont support it yet... Do your jet ways support SODE? and if not, can the be modified for it? It seems to be a very stable animation which supports single and dual gateways. Thanks... Flyboy53
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