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Found 16 results

  1. Just took a flight to ESSD and noticed that the snow piles on the ground are flickering. This is particularly bad with EA TrueSky enabled, but also without it, it still happens. Is this a problem of the snow textures used?
  2. Bonjour, Does anybody knows how to have snow not only on the EGHI ORBX airport. Thank you very much Claude
  3. Hello. My snow texture has turned grey for some reason. Very strange. Pic shows ORBX ESSA in January surrounded by strange grey snow. I have same problem with ESSD and ESNQ, surrounded by grey snow. I have Global and have reinstalled Global but now change. Anybody who experienced same or have a solution what could effected this? What files are the global snow texture? I have no global texture except ORBX, no add on mesh or other ground texture.
  4. Hi, I'm not sure whether this is an openLC topic or not in the first place, so feel free to move this thread if needed. My problem is the snow boundary in the pictures below. I know that where hard winter is depicted and where not is "hardcoded", but here we can see that the Orbx openLC NA tile structure somehow interferes in the depiction, that is, a tile seems to be depicted either as hard winter or as winter. But why is it so "messed up" that one tile is snowy, the other not, the next is snowy, the other not, etc. etc.? The following shots with coordinates are from N
  5. In December I bought all regions (I have the Global installed originally), but when I fly through Germany I see strange behavior. Departing from Leipzig you can see not only strange blocks but they seem to go on and off also: Some other images of this flight from Leipzig to Braunschweig: Is there a solution? I hope so, because this is looking bad. Greetings, Wil
  6. Hi All! I'm not sure whether this is the right place for this, but I have to start somewhere I have two issues, and they are both related to the snow textures in FSX. I have several ORBX products installed, and I have seen this in both Norway and Canada, and other snowy places. Any pointers on how to tweak/fix this will be much appreaciated! It's not bothering me a lot, but it can drive me just a little bit crazy when I start paying attention to it. Problem 1: The snow textures look very rough, and not at all crispy white and smooth like in many of the pictures I have
  7. Hi all, Been doing some winter flying around Canada and also at Sumburgh and noticed some strange scenery. The screenshots below are from Sumburgh. Very geometric patterns/triangles. As you can see there are some saw tooth lines and then areas of triangles. Also seen what looks like rows of small pyramids and what look like inverted pyramids. Sometimes the snow texture is late to load up so flying towards green country and then white snow squares start popping up. Any ideas or pointers greatly appreciated. Without the snow all looks fine! Using Orbx Sumburg
  8. January flight at EGGW, no snow in specific areas of the airport. Also tested with heavy snow weather, no joy. This is all I could find:
  9. Stage 2 of my wee jaunt in the snow. Campbeltown (Machrihanish) to Islay with a stop off at Gigha. Enjoy.
  10. Hello peeps. Hope you all had a great Christmas and will bring in the New Year with as warm a welcome as you've given me on this forum since September. One of my first and largest posts was a jaunt around the west coast of Scotland and up to the Hebrides via Wick using the superb ORBX Scotland... Well, I'm doing it again but this time in stages and with the addition of the stunning Sumburgh scenery near the end and best of all it's in the fluffy, wintery, white stuff. Stage one is Bute to Campbeltown (Machrihanish dammit! ) in the superb Carenado
  11. Made a flight from RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk to RAF Valley in Anglesey via CAD East and the Mach Loop on a cold wintry day with snow flurries, low light and the odd whopping cloud or seven. First time I've used ORBX in winter conditions and it looks good even on my naff laptop. Boy those Mach Loop spotters are really committed!
  12. Hello, Sorry if this is considered a "Support Log" but I am new here. I seem to have "Pinkish" snow at night, is it me or is this odd looking ?
  13. I have a question about what can be done to correct a visible snow line that occurs when two FTX Terrain Regions meet. I'm assuming that there is snow because this is a winter flight but in the picture you can see snow in CRM region (right side) but no snow in the PNW region (left side). This is flying over the Columbia river between Washington and Oregon date 3/8/2015 Here is FTX Central report of installed products: FTX AA ORBX LIBRARIES VER 150215 15TH FEBRUARY 2015 FTX GLOBAL BASE PACK - Version 1.30 September 2014 FTX GLOBAL FREEWARE AIRPORTS NORTH AMERICA PACKS 1 to 20 - Version
  14. Took a flight from Oslo to Trondheim today and starting from ENGM all was fine with a wintery snowfiled landscape, but landing at ENVA almost all the snow was gone. Just some scattered patches present. You would expect at least as much snow in Trondheim as in Oslo this time of the year. Anything wrong with my installation? eolsson
  15. Evening, afternoon or morning depending on where you are. Well I eagerly downloaded and installed my first payware aiport only 2 days after installing PNW according to the recommended order PNW - airports - patch - scenery lib. However I can't get snow on the ground in PNW or the airport I bought. Here's some screenies to show how it's looking in each season. />http://imageshack.us/g/196/201110523184958.png/ Each one is from a different season at Skagit. Doesn't really change between seasons Any help?
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