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Found 16 results

  1. This was my first circuit around Agua Dulce, and I must say to the devs...YOU GUYS F'N NAILED IT! My wife grew up on a ranch in Agua Dulce, and she vouches for the accuracy. That was good enough for me, but it just looks gorgeous during a flight. I wasn't even going to purchase this airfield, but boy am I glad I did. Enjoy...
  2. I should have gotten this plane a long, LONG time ago!
  3. After applying an AffinityMask setting, and saving some much needed VAS, I was finally able to complete the trip from Friday Harbor to Firstair without an OOM. I took a few screenies along the way...
  4. Thanks to some excellent tips from Mark Abdey , I think I'm zeroing in on my final shadow settings; especially with Shade really showing them off. As an aside, I CANNOT wait for KORS to get the v3 treatment. Unedited, please enjoy...
  5. The Trip started with two Cessna Floatplanes from the South Island to meet each other at the North, to hire a boat and have some fishing fun!
  6. Finally finished upgrading my PC so I'm now able to concentrate on flying again! Had a cracking flight from Kamloops via the North Thompson River to Blue River. Active Sky Next started throwing storms at me and it turned out to be an interesting flight: You have been watching: FSX:SE (DX9 with Shade and ENBSeries) FTX NRM Active Sky Next REX 4 Texture Direct REX Soft Clouds Nemeth MD902 Explorer Enjoy! Simon
  7. Late afternoon and we have to cut this tour short! The weather is deteriorating rapidly! Half the passengers are asleep! Amazing with all this turbulence! I'm sure I mentioned the open bar? Part 1 http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/80497-golden-sunday-afternoon-tourthree-sistersopen-bar-pt-1/ Thank you for looking! FYI we landed safely KEUG and handed out the complimentory Alka Seltzer!
  8. (only edited for my Screenshot Comp entry this month, and will continue to post my normal V keys in the screenshot forums )
  9. Been playing around with Shade and thought I'd try the effects in Milford Sound... Took the Islander all the way from NZMF up the coast to Martin's Bay and then down to Quintin Lodge (damn, that's a hairy approach!). I cannot imagine how the improved scenery will be, seeing that the current status is already downright fantastic. These two were taken at Milford Sound Airport however, as one has a chance of catching a bit of the surrounding scenery there. Cheers Mallard
  10. Thanks to Taph I checked out the Creso - and thought I'd take it for an evening's run.. North of Wanganui Shade did its bit in making the scenery a bit more vivid and enhanced than it already was. Cheers Mallard
  11. G'day all, Here's a set from a lovely late afternoon flight I did a couple of days ago in NZSI. It was a simple flight in the Tecnam Sierra from Hokitika down along the mountain range to Franz Josef Glacier, in REX real weather and utilising Shade and my modified version of Tim Fuchs' ENBPlus Sunlight. I posted one of the frames here as my entry in the screenshot contest, while the contest version is a raw capture, the version in this post has been mildly edited for contrast and hue. Oh, and I've chucked in one of my panoramas too... Take off from Hokitika airport, late afterno
  12. G'day all, Well, it's been a few weeks since I contributed, due to building my new rig. Now that I'm up and running again, it's time to get back into some serious flying! And with a new toy to play with no less, with the release a couple of days ago of Shade. Here's my first screenies from my new build! For my Shade testing I've been flying around in the Kimberley region of WA at dawn and dusk, checking out the shadowing on all the wonderful ridges and rocky outcrops. I've fallen in love with Ant's Sierra all over again, the more I look at it the more I'm amazed by the visual detai
  13. Here are some shots of Shade with no ENB in the Olympic Peninsula area of PNW. Until I tweak my ENB settings, I find it can make the daylight hours seem unnaturally dark when combined with Shade. So for now, I find certain Shade settings, like this one (Endless Summer), do not even need the ENB mod. With ENB disabled, I can keep very realistic looking terrain shading through dusk into darkness. I will say with ENB on it can make for more dramatic shots than these, but for now, no ENB seems the best for realism. I'll try Heiko's ENB tweaked for Shade tomorrow and see how it goes.
  14. Sunrise in the mountains surrounding 1S2.
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