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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, I just got a new pc and installed my addons including FTX global. I read in the manual the recommended settings. I also have Scotland Orbx, and I’ve noticed my pc runs quite slow when initially loading the flight. I’m wondering if I could reduce the fsx settings a bit, or would this cause strange artifacting and problems. I’m reluctant to stray too far from the recommended FTX global settings. If someone could advise me if I could get away with reducing the load on my pc a bit without getting weird imagery problems etc. My pc is quite capable , 8GB ram , 4Hz etc. Any help is much apprec
  2. Hello everyone! On page 8 of the manual for TruEarth Netherlands the Quick Reference Simulator Settings for TruEarth recommendations are great! Thank you! I can push my sim to the max in terms of settings; since I use professional cockpit software that runs the aircraft simulation outside of P3dV4.2. My question pertains to settings higher than the recommend. 1.) Are there any benefits to increase the settings past the recommended settings ORBX provides? 2.) Level of detail radius for example does not have "large" and some of the other settings do no
  3. Could you please explain the following suggestions for SETTINGS in your User Guide: Level of detail radius ..... Large >>>>>> which setting is 'LARGE' because I only see high / ultra / max Global texture resolution ..... Max >>>> where do you find this setting? Or do you have Display setting / Texture resolution / 4096x4096 in mind? Autogen density .... Dense >>>>> does this apply for both veg AND buildings? Any recommendations for drawing distance ...? Any further explanation of the impact on performance tha
  4. Hi, I am still somewhat new to the forum so I am not sure where to place this query. I have been buying and adding ORBX airports and regions like crazy and love what they look like and how they perform in my Oculus Rift CV1 using Flyinside . I think this is happening whether in VR or not: As I fly the textures and especially trees and rock (for example on the runway at Squamish) change as if to get more detailed as I move to new areas. But it even happens as I slowly move down the runway in Squamish. Suddenly new rocks and trees appear even if I am only traveling "20 feet". It certainly m
  5. Hope someone out there can help me. I have spent the weekend mucking around with wireless Ipad apps to link my FSX with Ipad to show FMC etc etc..but none of them really worked and just buggered up my FSX settings.... I am sure i am not the first person to do this......anyway...... I now got no approach lights anywhere...Papi lights still there but no nice lead in lights. Anyone know where i go to fix this..i am thinking the file has got corrupted or dropped out with all the mucking around i have been doinmg. so if someone can tell me the file and where to put it..i should be right..gu
  6. Hi all what a improvement ftx global vector to fsx it is like a new sim thanks orbx . Well I have all areas of fs global ultimate Europe Africa ,the Americas and Asia oceania I take it that this will work ok with ftx global vector . Please could someone please on the correct settings for ftx global vector . On pilots reader pdf file it is saying setting's for fs global ultimate Europe Africa - mesh resolution set to 1m . And with the reader pdf file for ftx global vector set mesh resolution to 10 m or 5m please could some one advise what would be the best setting to use . Like I hav
  7. Hi I have fsg ultimate Europe Africa installed in fsx and they say set to 1m mesh resolution . But having ftx global vector installed in the reader file it is saying set to 10 m mesh resolution what is the best settings to set fsx .
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