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Found 9 results

  1. Link for part 1 : to click on the title here below PART 2 : #32 At the end of the prohibition, near New Orleans, Dad had a bad affair with the Chicago mob and Frank Costello #32b They did not want to pay the agreed price for the barrels after the delivery. Dad found a way to get the money and they were very against him after that.He had to be hide for a while in the Ozark forest. Mr Connely told me the story : "You need to be out of that shit, Fynn. The end is always bad with these shooting monsters. They could be sometimes sympath
  2. Order: 5a48e6b497263 Suddenly, the trees and vegetation at 11S have changed from nicely detailed to a blur as shown in the attached screen shot. All installs are up-to-date. Simulator: P3D v4.2 Computer: i7-4790k, gtx1080ti, 16gb RAM, 1080P Monitor Orbx Products Installed: FTX Global Range - Base Pack, openLC North America, Trees HD, Lights Configurator, Vector, Libraries North America - Northern California, Pacific Northwest, Southern California, Sekiu Airport
  3. Since it's BIG SALE time, I thought I'd do some comparison shots of Sekiu (great!) with and without my recent HD trees purchase. I like them....no FPS impact, I stayed locked at my 26 (I don't measure VAS, but have seen elsewhere they don't impact it much). Last shot of landing doesn't have HD trees but showcases the beauty of the airport. Steve
  4. Hello, Has anybody else encountered this at 11S, where it appears the apron texture is atop a deep trough? This is a new issue for me as everything looked great just after initial install. Nothing has changed except for the addition of 1S2, 3WS, and KFHR (thanks to the sale!). LIBS are up to date, and I have not noticed this at any other location (new or old). Thanks.
  5. I just recently purchased the payware 11S airport and i got some big holes in the taxiway im running REX essential plus, ftx PNW, and active sky, i had fs genisis land class but uninstalled it thinking that was the problem. any help would be great found an article from someone else that had the same issue http://www.flightsimworld.com/forums/topic/218309-holes-in-groundtaxiways-in-some-ftx-airfields/
  6. Hi Team I've just installed Sekiu and I seem to be having a problem with flashing trees around the airport. I have the latest libs. Running P3Dv2.2 Never seen it before like this. Any ideas. See video here
  7. I managed to let No Cal rest a little and went for a early morning practice of the traffic pattern at the lovely Sekiu airport. I wonder if my noise abatement was good enough for the people wanting to sleep in this Saturday morning... First shot is from short final at RWY 26, assisted by the VASI lights. Second shot is on left crosswind. One can see the early indications of the weather front coming in from the north this morning. Last shot is the night watch at Sekiu inspecting for potholes.
  8. Here's just a handful of shots I took this afternoon while flying around 11S. I was testing the latest version of Steve's DirectX 10 fixer and how the latest version does a great job in lowering FSX's native bloom intensity on ground and aircraft lights, as well as remove that over-saturation effect you get on aircraft bodies with bright colours. I picked up a cool little traffic and formation utility from Flight1 today, it's called 'Air Traffic FX' and it 's really handy for doing screenshots of formation flying and customizing ground traffic with any aircraft installed in FSX. From what
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