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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, Just purchased Open LC Africa. One word awesome. I do how ever have a slight problem.As advertised all seasons are covered. In my case how ever I only have one season Any ideas? Regards TJ
  2. Hello together. First, sorry if this isnt the right place. I have a bit of trouble to order this into the right category. I know that there are hundreds of topics about seasons & orbx but sadly they all lead to either things before FTX or other non related problems. My problem is the same as i saw in those topic but i get it all of the time, in many regions. Sometimes it seems right, sometimes not. I do migrations 15 times per year what seems to solve it sometimes but it will reappear for sure. Im at a loss and it starts to annoy me a bit tbh. I really would like to find the problem here since it destroys all of the experience one could get from seasons. The problem is this: What can cause these things? And why can one get it many times and many other times not? I expect this is not the right outcome, right? Or is this how it should look. I saw this post here and there you say this is fixed with the "full FTX regions". Now, i have them all... nearly. I use Global Base, openLC NA, openLCEU, openLC SA, meshSA, PNW; Rockies, SCAL, NCAL, TrueEarthNL and whatnot. So as i read out of those topics this should not happen here? Well, it does :-) As you can see. So what can be the reason? Usually i know what i have to look out for. Scenery order, insertion point and those things but im pretty sure that myself is doing nothing wrong here. This is EDDN and that one is in Germany South.
  3. Will Orbx airports for X-Plane be compatible with TerraMaxx seasonal variations for X-Plane? JV has mentioned that Orbx is looking into seasonal variations for-X Plane and TerraMaxx states that developers can make their airports TerraMaxx compatible. TerraMaxx has just been released and may not be the optimal solution for seasons in X-Plane, but it does show that the seasonal variation issue is being addressed.
  4. Greetings, Having been a fan of Orbx products for some time, I purchased NCA soon after it came out. Installed it February 16th, dead of winter (or what passes for winter in Northern California - my home base is KRHV, San Jose). Enjoyed flying everywhere to see my stomping grounds from on high, especially along the snow line in the Sierras, where to the West is barren winter ground and to the East the snow covered mountains. You really knocked it out of the park with NCA, and flying in areas I am long familiar with was a true pleasure. Spring came along, and NCA became an Irish delight - green everywhere. We used to call Spring "hiring weather", as the about-to-be-college-grads would come out for interviews and the eastern foothills would be a lovely green from the spring rains. Little did they know what happens in Summer... Went flying this morning, and I was reminded that yes, this is now Summer! The hills are as brown as can be, and the Sierra foothills are a lovely patchwork of brown grass and green trees, with all of the little details in rock outcroppings, logging scabs, and rivers valleys just adding to the immersion. And the magic is just as strong in the other regions. One of my repeating flights is from Kalispell to Bozeman, and the different seasons in NRM are just as amazing. Broke out the Turbine Duke, loaded up the family and 220 lbs of black labs (plural, mind you) and it was a terrific flight. Even saw the lake at the bottom of the Anaconda Copper Mines. PNW is also alive with contrasting green and brown, and while I haven't had a reason to fly north of KORS yet, I am certain SAK and beyond will be just as delightful, where once there was just snow and more snow there will be granite and trees. Thank you! Oh, and the person who did the Moss Landing power station update for NCA SP1? Kudos - really really well done! I was frankly stunned when I flew past it at dusk and it was all lit up! John Howell
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