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Found 30 results

  1. Highlands coast ... a wonderful place in RL and great job by Orbx ! ... Quick happy flight late evening into TE GBN P3D v4-5 (PS: my computer is not a very powerful one and the resolution quality is surely not the best possible) (NB : migration tool by FTX Central is great !) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 HAPPY CHRISTMAS !!!
  2. Just gorgeous. Real world weather and VatSim, UWXP and, of course Filou's xVision preset!
  3. Hi, I recently purchased EU Scotland and have a question regarding the wind farms. The Scotland scenery is absolutely beautiful, however, around wind farms P3D v4.1 stutters. I checked the Control Panel for Scotland and did not find any settings related to disabling wind farms. I also tried lowering the Scenery Complexity slider within the simulator and although the wind farms disappeared and the stutters vanished, the scenery did not look as expected. Are there any .bgl files that can be renamed and turned .OFF in order to disable the wind farms in the Scotland region? Thank you for your help!
  4. Virtual and real pics beetwen Edinburgh and Plockton >>>> SCOTISH CASTLES * small quickly slideshow made during a recently short travel in the Highlands // to see on TV
  5. Just a note to advise that Scotland's Firth of Forth now has three magnificent bridges in operation at Queensferry. The historic Forth Rail Bridge, the 1960's Forth Road Bridge (now dedicated for public transport vehicles) and the newly opened Queensferry Crossing (QFX) for general motorway traffic. I hope it might be in a future EU Scotland update. If anyone hasn't seen the new bridge then have a search for it - simply magnificent engineering. Rupert
  6. There is a very nice Scotch whisky that comes from here… (Images reduced from 5760 x 1080 resolution. For best view, click on image to enlarge it) Orbx – Global: Base, Vector, HD Trees, Open LC Europe; EU Scotland (May also include REX and/or REX4)
  7. I'm really enjoying FTX Scotland right now. I've been touring quite a few areas, and I'm loving the scenery and POIs. Below shows a few shots including some near Loch Ness, Glasgow, and Edinburgh.
  8. Hello chaps, As I fly over Urquhart Castle I get this strange square texture. It flashes when I am approaching the Castle and then stays solid when I fly over it!?! It then vanishes as I get miles away from it? Any Ideas or tips t get rid of it? Cheers, Tim.
  9. I am a newbie to Orbx and I wnated to check if the orbx eu scotland ( other europen countries ) can eb installed with only the FTX centreal or if other FTx global prodcuts are needed. probably a stupid question so sorry in advance Pete
  10. I installed Scotland for the first time, but there is no chance to start/land anywhere: On nearly every airport in scotland are trees on the runway and the taxiways. Applied both patches for scotland, but with no effect. On the screenshot you can see Kirkwall. Any suggestions what to do? FRank
  11. I have installed the P3Dv3 FTX Scotland files and latest ORBXLibs (151108) and a previous problem where land appears in the sea has returned. This is especially visible at Edinburgh airport (EGPH - UK2000 Scenery) and the adjacent Firth of Forth. Last time with previous versions of P3Dv2.x it required an update of ORBXLibs to clear this problem. Any suggestions on how I fix it this time?
  12. I have hit a problem for the second time of seeing the land in the sea with the ORBX Scotland. Can anyone point me to a fix?
  13. Hi, this is one edited shot out of a flight to and from the Sumburgh airport.
  14. "Tiz the wee McKinnon come home"
  15. Guest


    Another Pilatus from Aberdeen to the HighLands
  16. Took Dave Garwood's Mosquito out of the hanger from Edinburgh to Glasgow for a trip that should take 20 minutes and took 90 thanks to impromptu aerobatics and low flying. Really had to stretch the fuel! Thanks, Matt
  17. If you click on the Google cloud link, the Scotland 2 patch will be downloaded.
  18. Hi, flying through Scotland and England (I've not checked Wales and Ireland so far; I don't recall this issue in NZ, AUS or NA), I've noticed seldom recurring weird textures, in all seasons (every terrain is patched to the latest, and libraries are updated to the latest as well) is this depending on something gone wrong when installing? (I had previously all Scotland VFR phorealistic sceneries installed, now uninstalled) is it a known issue? (sorry for missing results searching the forums) is this something I may fix? thanks
  19. Hello everybody, here are a few shots of the sadly no longer existing BMI. Luckily, some routes and the beautiful livery haven been taken over by the successor, BMI regional, but they don't fly Airbuses anymore. Anyway, I love those fall/autumn colours in FTX EU Scotland. Hope you like the shots. Comments welcome
  20. Much better weather than yesterday, managed to fly across Scotland from Dundee to Colonsay airstrip. Bit overcast and a shower or two on the way, but a very pleasant flight and incredible scenery. Never quite realised, the UK has its own little PNW! Cannot wait for some Scottish strips to be rolled out! The die-hard mechanic is still there. Through the Looking Glass (or the grubby windscreen..) Here comes the rain Starting final approach into Colonsay Beautiful area of the country!
  21. After a recent purchase of Scotland and a quick flight into Dundee, I was looking forward to going to have a look at the Highlands. Unfortunately, as I climbed, the heavens opened and I made the decision to save fuel and time and unnecessary risks by aborting the flight. Very low visibility Fairly gusty too. Really coming down now. Short finals into Dundee Down safely Love what Orbx have done with Dundee! No love, we can't shelter from the rain in here forever!
  22. I did an impromptu decision and bought EU Scotland yesterday (my wife doesn't know it yet...hehe). I had been eyeing this release for a while. I dunno where the night lights are? is it this few? or am I just spoiled by FTXG lights. This has to my last purchase till Northern California comes out. Sorry Orbx Team, I am not there yet to own the entire catalog (will do it soon, in the upcoming future). I am extremely happy with what I have for now. Scotland seems very fun area to explore.....here are some initial shots that I took. Most of them are internal views. And I do apologize that these images are not suited for single screen viewers. It is super hard for me to go back to single or double screen (decreases productivity too much on my end). Anyway....enough of me - Enjoy the shots PS - Total Shameless Plug - Vote Pic #97 for Aug Screenshot Content (Joking here)
  23. Dear Simmer Friends, On 31-8-2013 through the internet I downloaded the Orbx FTX Scotland and Northern Ireland from FlightSim Store, the Order No. is FSS0231034. For both products the installation ran so smoothly till completion. But when I checked from the ORBX Central I could not find the Scotland there. Moreover no documents about Scotland was found in any directory in my computer. Then I ran the FSX and from the Scenery Library, I found the following area missing. 1. FTX_EU_SCO_05_SCENERY 2. FTX_EU_SCO_06_CVX 3. FTX_EU_SCO_07_MESH 4. FTX_EU_SCO_08_CUSTOM 5. FTX_EU_NIR_07_MESH Would anyone please advise how to solve this. Many thanks. Terry Tsui from Hong Kong
  24. Beautiful scenery and I took a lot of shots of it.
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