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Found 148 results

  1. Hello, I have a question about the freeware library from Orbx: Can I use it in my custom scenery and then upload to Xplane.org? I love the quality of the objects so I would like to use them in my custom sceneries. Obviously I will clarify that I have used the library and leave the link to download it Thanks for reading.
  2. Hi All, I was just wondering how long it takes to get airport scenery upgraded as YBBN in Australia has opened a new runway which is not reflected in the current airport scenery on Orbx but the new Airac 2006 reflects the changes. As of now I can't fly into YBBN with the new airac 2006 as the airport does not match the airac.
  3. Hello, Can you assist /rectify error with scenery at LOWS Please, screen shot attached, I tried Verify Files and Auto Config in Global Vector Menu Building (castle) in mid air out of context. Win 10 64 bit P3D v4.5 with Hot Fix 3 installed
  4. Hi, I am not too sure for how long I have had this problem as the areas I have generally been flying seemed ok to me. A friend has been trying to pull me to XP 11 and show me his sceneries and that made me wonder. My conclusion is that I have a problem with my sceneries and I need help. Needless to say, I'm staying with FSX:SE and waiting for MSFS 2020. Flying over Southern California it appears to be ok, but a section of the ocean is black while the rest is ocean/water colour. Flying over the UK is definitely much better, lush green and detail but yet again with some black patches. The worse of all is in Michigan lake in the Canadian side where the tiling is very severe and water and land share the same space. Please refer to the pdf below with some images of what I described above. I am running FSX:SE in W10 (latest update) more RAM than needed, i7 8th Gen. nVidia 1080, two HHD and one SSD. Complete Saitek gear managed by SpadneXt. Three monitors plus a tablet. Add-ons are only A2A, RealAir Duke Turbo v2, Q400 Pro, Orbx, REX, Track IR, F1 GTN750. The computer is very much dedicated to FS. Orbx scenery problem.pdf
  5. So I've recently bought the GB south scenery and I've downloaded it. When I open up x-plane it only seems to be loading part of it. I've tried redownloading it once.
  6. We have just moved our training base to Oxford Kidlington airport (EGTK). On entering the main apron from the south there is a group of three people, two male, one female, standing on the taxiway about 7 ft on the east side of the centre-line. Why? By making EGTK files active/non-active I have managed to narrow the file in which these folk reside as FTX_ENG_EGTK_objects.bgl which you will know resides in FTX_EU_ENG_05_SCENERY. Is there any way I can edit this file to remove these figures? If not, could they be edited out in a future update. Sounds like a small thing, but when teaching it stops the immersion factor for the student. Cheers, rr
  7. Hi can anyone help. Sorry if this should be posted somewhere else. I had p3d v4 installed on my D: drive, something went wrong and I ended up uninstalling off this drive. On the reinstall it ended up on C: drive, reinstalled Orbx BASE Pack VECTOR open LC Europe,Mesh South America, North America Regions England Scotland Iceland Demo Pacific Northwest Demo The Pics show what I'm seeing. Something somewhere has become corrupt in the install, I think. Any advise will be welcomed
  8. Just loaded AUS 3 scenery intpPD3 ver 4.5 and getting lakes and black textures around Ymml airport. See attached photo. How can I remove lakes and black textures ?
  9. Hi I'm a big Australia fan and I like to fly in Australia. My biggest wish is to have Perth Intl.and Darwin Intl. Airport. Are there any plans for those two Airports in the future? I'm realy looking forward to that
  10. Does anybody know how to unlock the ORBX FTX_EU files in the scenery library of P3Dv4? At this moment I could not move up some Dutch airports above the trueEarth Netherlands scenery area. Because of this the global ORBX scenery is overwriting the detailed airports and some buildings disappears since I could not give them an higher prioriry. I tried to delete some notes in the add-on.xml but the enable square stays grey. Thanks in advance.
  11. Hello, I need some help about BIKF. I use P3Dv4.5 on Windows 10 and have installed the products of ORBX: Base Pack, VECTOR, Open LC Europe, Open LC North America, Open LC South America, England and Norway (Regions) and EGLC, EGPH, ESGG, ESSA, LDDU, LEAS, LIEO and LOWI. Orbx Object Flow, SODE, TFDi (RealLight), TFDi (TrueGlass) and XMLT. Other, may be important, is Pilot´s FSG -FS Global Ultimate NEXT GENERATION FTX. The screenshot shows a view of BIKF after the altitud of BIKF are modified on GSX: the jetways are on ground but they are not in the (correct) place. It is a minor problem, but, for me, may be a symptom of a wrong priority settings. All the pieces of software are up to date and situated in the correct place in scenery and no other definition of BIKF I have active, but seems to me the problem is another definition of BIKF interfere. Can you suggest me a way for correct the problem?. I read carefully all the information in the forum about correction of altitude, but I have not encountered information about misplaced jetways. Thank you in advance. Emilio Casalduero Madrid (Spain)
  12. Hello, I have weird scenery at above airport runway surrounded by mountains , cannot see run way, same on parking stand. Have been in to vector to disable elevation correction - no change also been looking for BGL file to BGL.OFF cannot find for KSNC. Any Help much appreciated Charlie McEwan
  13. Recently purchased the scenery on the Orbx website and have tried to activate the scenery in game but couldn't get much further. Everything still stays at the default scenery provided by FSX. Not sure what to do. Cheers.
  14. Hello I am having some slight issue's with my ORBX Europe LC + FTX Global I am running P3D 4.5 as it stands So the problem is when flying over Europe in general, some of the tiles are still showing as default scenery and the rest are orbx I am guessing it is a scenery library issue and to do with the order of them potentially. Any suggestions!? Thanks
  15. Hi, i am using P3D V4 with a HTC Vive Cosmos. I have installed: Global Base Pack Global Buildings HD Global Trees HD Global Vector Global Open LC Europe Austria HD from Flugwerk How can i make sure that the best scenery pack with the highest resolation and density is used by P3D for each location i want to fly? Austria is covered by both Orbx and Flugwerk and maybe i will also install FS Global Ultimate Next Generation (any experience with it???). Cheers Ronald
  16. I have installed my ORBX catalogue (2 regions, 3 airports , 1 cityscape + freeware) using FTXCentral on new pc and added New purchases YBAS & YBRM . The new airports display perfectly but my default FSX airports have random shaped roads, fields and rivers where grass should be. VIDP is an example but also found this landing at EGPF. Runways and buildings appear ok. All Orbx products appear at top of Scenery Library. I am not sure this is corrdct. How do I resolve issues pls. Transaction id 5d9ad11b7019c
  17. Hi New to all of this so lets see. There is not much as far scenery goes for Southern Africa, I do have Global Base Pack installed P3Dv4 Do I go Global Vector? Will this give me a better visual experience? On the Europe side of things which is better True Earth GB or EU England? If I install Global Vector would this improve England significantly?
  18. In the following Airport Sceneries there are limited Functions of Carenado (Beech King Air, ATR42, Dornier Do228, Cessna C208) and Aerosoft Planes (TwinOtter): Narvik, Haukasen and Sogndal. All Doors can not be opened by Dialogue Window or Keyboard. Fuel Gauges show 100%. Predefinition before Flight not working, always 100%. Flying in the Airport shows the correct amount of fuel, shortly after landing it is at 100% (see images attached). Narvik has in addition a few misplaced items - one directly by approaching RWY19. ORBX Central updated. Libraries updated.
  19. I downloaded and FTXCentral installed the scenario in my "custom scenery" folder. I opened X plane 11 and the scenery didn´t load. Have I to observe my scenery.ini? I started this airport without the extended package.
  20. Hello, Just had a similar issue to Comptom Abbass, EGAA Scenery corrupt, runway in deep vallet , apron surronded by green cliff like scenery. BestRegards Charlie
  21. Dear ORBX Developers and forum members, I am an young, aspiring scenery developer, and I had some questions about the software and methods you may use to develop scenery. I did attend the Captain's Corner Seminar from ORBX on scenery development, but had some questions. Firstly, the software. I understand that many of you high-level developers use tools such as Photoshop and 3DS Max to model and texture the buildings, but I never understood how that was imported into the simulator, or how you apply the textures to the models. Also, do buildings have to be modeled using the measurements of the real airport, modeled to scale, or some other method? Secondly, how are other medium-sized additions added to the airport, such as moving vehicles, PBR, and 3D grass, added to the scenery. Thirdly, how is this all compiled? Does this use the SDK, external software, or other methods. Thank you for all your help! Sincerely, Goose
  22. Hi, I was trying to land at KDZJ airport - Blairsville but it appears there are two runways and the airport altitude is wrong, the airport looks below the terrain. I tried to modify the airport's altitude using ADE but it can't load the default airport. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  23. Dear Orbx, After I have installed the scenery, everything seems fine except for one problem I have with the jetways at the international terminal. They for some reason aligned improperly. Can you please help me with this? I have attached a picture to show you how it looks like. Many thanks. Sincerely, Nico
  24. I have white areas scattered throughout my lake and rivers.Can some one offer a remedy ?
  25. Now look, I was supposed to be playing golf this afternoon but decided to install TE GB North before going out. Then I decided to fly VFR (natch) from Campbeltown (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Campbeltown) to Oban (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oban). And now I've missed my tee time because I couldn't leave it alone, so to speak. Thank you to all the ORBX team for a wonderful product, lang may yer lums reek laddies and lassies. "Oh I've just come down from the Isle of Skye, I'm not very tall but my heels are high..." (sic)
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