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Found 45 results

  1. Hi New to all of this so lets see. There is not much as far scenery goes for Southern Africa, I do have Global Base Pack installed P3Dv4 Do I go Global Vector? Will this give me a better visual experience? On the Europe side of things which is better True Earth GB or EU England? If I install Global Vector would this improve England significantly?
  2. Dear ORBX Developers and forum members, I am an young, aspiring scenery developer, and I had some questions about the software and methods you may use to develop scenery. I did attend the Captain's Corner Seminar from ORBX on scenery development, but had some questions. Firstly, the software. I understand that many of you high-level developers use tools such as Photoshop and 3DS Max to model and texture the buildings, but I never understood how that was imported into the simulator, or how you apply the textures to the models. Also, do buildings have to be modeled using the measurements of the real airport, modeled to scale, or some other method? Secondly, how are other medium-sized additions added to the airport, such as moving vehicles, PBR, and 3D grass, added to the scenery. Thirdly, how is this all compiled? Does this use the SDK, external software, or other methods. Thank you for all your help! Sincerely, Goose
  3. Hi All, Just wanted to start a thread with ORBX scenery videos from my full cockpit Boeing 737 simulator. Here is one with the latest ORBX Innsbruck scenery.
  4. May I make a suggestion to all you "screen-shotters" out there? For example "Screenshot over Yosemite"..etc. I'd love to visit some of the areas snapped by the intrepid screen-shotters so I wonder if it is possible to post the GPS data as to the location from where the screenshot was taken, and the direction (ie North, South and so on). It's frustrating trying to work out where in the world an unfamiliar area is and by including these data it would help me and, no doubt, others to discover more of the ORBX world for future purchase. Is there any mileage in this suggestion, d'yer think?
  5. After I have visited it so many years ago(I think 20 years), I was pleased to find it back in the Orbx 'Germany-South' scenery. I did a nearby flight around the gorgeous castle Neuschanstein above the village of Hohenschwangau in the Bayern Alps :
  6. Dear ORBX sales team, I´m ORBX User with a couple of different ORBX sceneries. on the beginning of 2017 I bought ORBX Germany North scenery. Now is Germany South scenery available approx. 3 months ago. GES buyer has got 50 % price advantage for GEN scenery. GEN buyer, nothing. When do think is also an offer for GEN buyer available? Sorry for that, it would be nice a little more justice and a possible incentive Thank´s a lot Greetings from SouthGermany Oilinga
  7. I was wondering why this has shifted, it was suppose to be next, but it seems now South America will be next. Why is Asia lacking in attention when it comes to flight simming, there are a lot of flight simmers in this region as well, not just USA and Europe. When will we start to see more stuff from orbx for this region? I would love to see full fat regions specifically for SE Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, Phillippines), as well as Korea and Japan as well. I know orbx does excellent work and I hope to see more developers take some time to give Asia a bit of attention too in terms of scenery and airports. I would love to see an orbx version of Hong Kong. I know FlyTampa has one, buth I think orbx can bring this area to a whole different level.
  8. I bought scenery from PC Aviator I have 6 of them though am able to install them thought not able to up date them for when I do it says that I don't have a license .Is there any way that this can be corrected. Bobr2
  9. Hello, because of the May-Sale I would like to buy a few airports. However, some of them have a "requirement" listed at the bottom. Will I be able to install and use the product even though I don't have the requirement. I aware of the fact that the airport will not blend perfectly with the around scenery, but thats would be ok. Thanks!
  10. I am a newbie to Orbx and I wnated to check if the orbx eu scotland ( other europen countries ) can eb installed with only the FTX centreal or if other FTx global prodcuts are needed. probably a stupid question so sorry in advance Pete
  11. Hello, New to the forum, first post. I was wondering which scenery or sets of scenery is the best for us the helicopter simmers? I would like to know which scenery has the best balance between image quality and helicopter pads. I'm really looking forward on your thoughts. Best regards from the Dominican Republic, Diego
  12. I saw this piccie at AirDaleyX, advert for P3D v3.4 article. Real or Screenshot P3D/FSX ? : (screenshot removed by moderators - not an Orbx airport) These days i have no clue anymore. (we've come a loooong way, haven't we ! ). First, is it a screenie or a photo ? I go for a screenie because i hope it is (cockpit/cabin glass maybe). Second, if that's true, what scenery add-on is it then ??..... I'm going for Orbx. Am i right ? Can anybody verify that and if so be willing to tell me the airport name ? ( i searched through the Orbx Europe and US airfield offererings's screenshots. Maybe it's an existing screenie, but did not find it. EGCW maybe or EGML but they don't have hard taxiways so probabely not but bought them anyway but not installed yet, first have to get my FTX Central up to scratch) If it's a photo i'm sorry to have bothered you with it ( but honestly, it does smell like Orbx all over doesn't it.. ). If it's indeed a screenie but not Orbx i am sorry too and hope i have not offended Orbx by asking and posting that picture here. Errmm.... it's not like it's default P3D v3.4 is it ??...... Many thanks for an answer ! Cheers, Jan
  13. Following the model of Germany,Is there a plan to release in 2017 or 2018 an EU FRANCE scenery? (France is the first touristic destination in the world).
  14. Hi Pilots, as scenery and aircraft collector over the years it's often not easy to keep the overview what we all have on our virtual sim-globe and in the hangar. Luckily I had a bit more time the last days to start a graphics project to clean up and organize my Windows desktop a bit. I always liked to use changing background images every 10 minutes, so I want to use this for showing up all my addon airport scenery and later all my aircraft with edited out of the sim screenshots. So first I created a fixed overlay with an upper bar in the style of taxiway signs to describe the content of the desktop icon columns. You maybe see the effect of the transparent overlay to make the columns slightly visible - but really unobstrusive not to destroy the image. Another "Taxisign" at the bottom left... and at the bottom right this gimmick with the "File Terminal". The departures knob simply is the position for the recycle bin, what I renamed to "departures" - because the files will finally depart from my storage - in the arrivals knob is simply the link to the main download folder located, because files arrive on my data storage Because all these graphic elements stay fixed on all upcoming images, they are combined into a single overlay, what can get very fast combined with every airport screenie. The sidebar with basic airport information is now saved with not combined objects, so that I can edit this airport by airport. So day by day I hope to get an inspirational flow on my desktop, and some abandoned airports and later planes come more back into use - and it surely helps to get the ICAO codes into mind At first I plan more the overview shots of the airports, later maybe mixed with some detail images and additional infos in the right black sidebar. When working on the upper bar, it was exactly 4 times larger in resolution than the used bar, so that I scaled it to 25%. The "big one" is still saved as a Corel Photopaint image. As you can see, I use an 2560 x 1080 screen in Cinemascope aspect ratio (21:9). I think it really helps to keep my screen organized, and every icon has surely to avoid the "Restricted Area for Desktop Symbols" over the 7 columns So long Chris (Germany)
  15. Hi I'm a big Australia fan and I like to fly in Australia. My biggest wish is to have Perth Intl.and Darwin Intl. Airport. Are there any plans for those two Airports in the future? I'm realy looking forward to that
  16. When I got Prepar3D_v3 I uninstalled v2.5 to conserve disk space, and I used all my Orbx land and airport add-ons for v3. Now, I want to use the old Prepar3D_v2.5 on a second computer to learn the SDK. Can I install my Orbx land and airports on this second machine, or must I buy them again?
  17. I am going to treat myself and buy another scenery for my sim and take advantage of the sale I have global vector and new open plus the pacific northwest already installed looking for advice on which scenery I get the best for the price I'm looking at Europe , southern Alaska, southern cal or northern cal any suggestion on which one is better or is there another area that you think is good would be appreciated newer computer with 980 graphics card if that helps thanks
  18. I love the new FTX Southern California scenery - it is awesome! I got Jarrad Marshal's KPSP right away and was blown away by the mountain visuals. I'm wondering if Orbx has considered or would ever consider offering a photoreal mountain expansion pack, maybe one for each mountain range in the various terrain regions you offer? The mountains outside the KPSP area look good, too, but nothing compares to photoreal mountains in my opinion, and the ones Jarrad did are outstanding. I understand the download size would likely be fairly large, but it would be a great addition to areas like your U.S. West Coast offerings. Hope you'll consider - thanks in advance! As a side note, I'd like to say just how impressed I was with the FPS throughout the region - far, far better than I expected based on some of the opinions I read. I get 50+ FPS at Palm Springs in default aircraft, and usually only 10 or so less than that in my Carenado and Captain Sim planes. I can't do that anywhere in the PNW region. Kudos to the development team on a job well-done in the optimization department! Thanks again!
  19. Hi, please excuse me if this query has already been dealt with... I assume that I am not the first to have mistakenly done this, however I cannot seem to find on the forum, evidence to support this. I have daftly, without thinking, tapped the "Flush Scenery Indexes" menu bar in FTX Central. This has now caused the scenery within FSX to look washed out and not at all as good as it had done so prior to me initiating this action. Is there a simple/fix to this issue? Kind regards Jason
  20. I'm new to both FTX and this Forum. Can anyone tell me if I do purchase products from FTX OrbX and install them, will there still be vehicles driving on the roads and highways in the simulator? Thanks for your responses. Pepperman.
  21. It would be amazing if Orbx decided to come up with sceneries for the Caribbean. The largest of the islands, Cuba, for example, is only 44k sqmi, which is roughly 1/3 of the area of Northern California scenery released by Orbx. The other islands, would likely be a breeze, and quite cheap really, if not bundled. What do you guys think?
  22. Being primarily interested in scenic flying, I've bought most of the Orbx terrain regions, but no airports yet. Apparently some airports contain quite a bit of additional scenery (by which I mean the surrounding landscape, particularly photo scenery) so I'd like to buy a few of those. I haven't looked closely at all of them (there's so many), but it seems that Bozeman, West Yellowstone and Jackson Hole include quite a bit of additional scenery. Queenstown and Milford Sound look pretty good too, and I also like the look of Squamish. I'm sure there must be others that I've missed. Can anyone tell me which airports contain the most and/or best surrounding landscape scenery? This would be very helpful to me. BTW, I'm not disinterested in the airports themselves, I just prefer to visit airports in the most scenically interesting areas.
  23. Is there any chance that OrbX could look into the development of a high res texture pack for the major cities in Florida?
  24. Hi all. does any one know where I could find any enhancements for subic bay.? I would love to have a rendition of this airport similar to AYPY.. in case any of orbx magic men are reading this........ for some reason I find flying toDarwin from there really fun.
  25. Hi-just perusing the latest Orbx PDF re Introduction and Overview. I was under the impression that I had most "things" installed from Orbx scenery wise. However I notice on Page 19 a discussion of FSGobal 2010- FTX Edition- a new one to me! Is this a recommended AddOn by Orbx-will it make a noticeable difference? Perhaps someone can get me up to speed on this one-it's a big download! xxd09
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