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Found 12 results

  1. G'day everyone, After much anticipation and a long development cycle, we are very proud to formally announce that ORBX will be integrating SODE jetways and content into our airport products. Perhaps one of our most-requested product features, creating high-quality jetways has been high on our agenda for many years. So rather than teasing you with more discussion and previews, we decided to go about this announcement in a slightly different way; we have just released major SODE updates for all seven airports shown in this thread! Please enjoy the screenshots, learn a l
  2. This update is very welcomed, awesome stuff with moving jetways and SODE. Though I have to say the ESSA update is a bit of a disappointment. What I found after the update is that the ground textures is way too bright grey compared to real life, this color of the texture was much better presented in the previous version. The numbers on the jetways/gates have now disappeared. The yellow sign/black number on the classic red gates on Terminal 5 (Previously white numbers only, but they changed it 2-3 years ago if im not mistaken, I think it was because snow made it ha
  3. Hi, Very impressed indeed with the KSAN update. I'm very much looking forward to seeing a lot more of it on my travels now. I was just wondering if there was a way to remove the static vehicles, specifically the pushback trucks? I use GSX and they're very much in the way of my GSX pushback trucks and marshallers. Thanks, Filbert
  4. After update ESSA and check SODE i dont have any jetway ? Why ? Some one know ? /Robert Sweden
  5. Had a strange craving to take a 5hr jaunt down to Baja California in a Cessna. Carlsbad McClellan-Palomar (KCRQ) to Loreto (MMLT) Enjoy!
  6. Orbx - FTX: NA KSAN SanDiego International Airport, Orbx - FTX: NA Gold USA Southern California
  7. Hello I have been trying to fix the issue shown in the picture (black buildings) in the past few day with no avail. I am using Orbx NA Southern California + LatinVFR KSAN and using the following "fixes" present in the FTX compatibility forum (http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/107876-sca-compatibility-with-latinvrf-ksan-san-diego/). Initial I thought it was a LatinVFR problem but Ricardo told me it wasn't their buildings. So I tried with LatinVFR KSAN deactivated and the missing textures persisted... I am guessing it is something to do with NA Southern C
  8. Just wanted to pass on a few flickers in the San Diego area. I have photo captured this one highlighting the land edge of the Coast Guard station. There are a few other various ones I saw. One being on I-5 E of the airport and another being a building texture NW of SAN. They do not detract from my enjoyment of the product, however I figure they happen for a reason, so wanted to pass them on. I am on a fresh install of FSX:SE and only have ORBX SCA and San Diego installed in that area.
  9. Hello Everyone! I am very pleased to announce my first airport with Orbx, KSAN - San Diego International Airport. San Diego is located in Southern California, close to the Mexican border. A beautiful approach, flying low over the central business district, San Diego is also the busiest single-runway commercial airport in the United States. San Diego is a medium sized airport, serving around 500 scheduled flights daily, with destinations across the United States and Canada. San Diego also welcomes a few international flights from the United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico and Ja
  10. I have managed to zoom around SCA now and I am very happy with this new product. It is so fantastic to have the enter west coast or NA completed. I am particularly happy with my ability to achieve reasonable smooth performance given my aged computer system. The enhanced airports are a bonus, now a pleasure to make flight into and out of. At this time I have a couple of suggests for future service packs, which I suspect will be forth coming. Attached is an area called Santee Lakes just north of Gillespie Field, just east of San Diego. I happen to know this area personal
  11. Only to cool off! After following a thread on the pros / cons of P2D2, I decided to document the flight of my friend Capt. Dana Potts. He took off from KSAN; strolled around and landed again. We are under the care of FSX now - still waiting for a scenario (Orbx) for this beautiful complex of airfields.. Thanks for watching! Cheers, Sinesio
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