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Found 279 results

  1. Hello, guys! Today small vintage over Alaska.
  2. Some various shots from around the PNW, SAK and Norway. Departing Oslo in some miserable weather. Approaching KESE Eagle County Regional. High above KASE. High altitude visibility flying from PAVD to PAJN. Petersburg Harbor, Tongass Fjords.
  3. Just a few random shots from my P3D v4 Screenshot folder.
  4. A true Alaska Airlines service from Yakutat... ... taking off the summer runway southwards over the Pacific... ... and turning 180° to the right in order to head north. Climbing, climbing, climbing, across Hubbard Glacier... ... into beautiful Summer weather. Not easy to get this plane up to 12500 ft. Which were needed to come across to Kaskawulsh Glacier, Canada. Descending and relaxing the pressure on the engines, towards Burwash Lake... ... and Haines Junction. Over the plains... ... to Whitehorse. Drop off some tourists here for the train ride down to Skagway - and ready to get another bunch for our next flight...!
  5. I cannot translate the German wisdom of freight pilots into english, maybe google can help you?! I just had to reach colder climate for some days. So I agreed to the request of FedEx to bring some huge fishing equipment northwards from Vancouver. We met at the FedEx station, ... ... and prepared for the flight whilst the freight was stowed. The unusual (short) runway 30 was selected by ATC. I was slightly panicking and apllied full power, but all went well and lead us directly north... ... across Nanaimo, ... ... Pender Harbour... ... and Powell River. The inside passage east of Vancouver Island, after reaching the first regular flight level. Prince Rupert in the lower left corner of the picture. That means the channels towards Terrace and Kitimat are behind us. Annette Island and Ketchikan ahead, ... ... with the first directly below. The Tongass Fjords area. Works well in P3D, but needs a decent manual installation, brilliantly summarized by Elaine Dixon. Coming to refreshing glacierlands, with the Saywer glacier to our right. Hoonah. The Grand Pacific Glacier. Looking grand indeed. Here we descend into our destination Yakutat, ... ... have a little look at the entire scenery, ... ... and follow the lovely YAK3 approach. Lined up. Ready for final. Finished work for today. No cheering of paxes, but also no claims. And refreshing cold air... We directly head for some beer, now that @flyingleaf Karls fishermen have left the city:
  6. Departing ANC to Hong Kong at dusk. Off 33, cleaned up and turning west. Sunrise over the Bering Sea or thereabouts This is about as high as the sun got. As I arced south, down through China, it slipped below the horizon again and I arrived in darkness. The height of my daylight over far eastern Russia So a second first in two days... my first sunrise in the west. I'm sure the regular long haul tube drivers see it a lot.
  7. I left Taipei at 2am, hauling freight to Anchorage on CI 5398 in the trusty 747 freighter. First time I think I've even seen a sunrise and sunset in the same flight. These are a few from the latter stages, since the rest was dark and/or over water: This is me getting (very) side tracked on my way from Tokyo to Singapore... At this rate I'll find myself at SFO next before heading across the Pacific again!
  8. That means doing a long ride from Anchorage... ... to Honolulu. Just some memories for Sniper. Hit the spot. Great to see the Alaskan cargo has been safely stowed in the trusty 772. Maybe the next flight offers the chance to use a more colorful bird.
  9. Yesterday I was leaving Valdez towards a bigger airport, being able to catch an overseas flight, and I chose a properly coloured plane, ... ... but how could I know that the original yellow flash was already around there?
  10. As you know me, I always check recent purchases with "low&slow" tools. Some great sights in Valdez, indeed. And changing to yellow...
  11. Time for boarding, you can easily read where. And here is the solution to my last "where am I" quiz, I was long discussing this with our friend @Neptune6: PAGS Gustavus beyond. Mt. Fairweather ... ... and the complete Glacier Bay NP. And finally approaching Valdez, another recent purchase of mine.
  12. Childs Glacier, lower Copper River valley, Chugach Mountains, Alaska. Prepar3D v4, ORBX Southern Alaska, Active Sky for P3Dv4, Active Sky Cloud Art, MilViz Beaver.
  13. Not my usual route into Juneau...
  14. Great day + great weather + great scenery + great bird = Great Flight! An-2 from Juneau to Skagway Enjoy and thanks for looking! P3DV3 - ASN Weather Cheers Karsten
  15. My favourite US airline just got a whole lot better. 1. This beautiful 737 is about to run up the west coast to it's home. 2. Sadly as beautiful as it is there are many dangers on the way. 3. The weather may be a problem. 4. The weather does look good at the moment, but still many miles to go. 5. Could be hungry bears, they love to snaffle a tasty Salmon. 6. Possibly a Bald Eagle with dagger like talons. 7. There are plenty of anglers who like to tangle with a big tasty salmon. 8. Maybe some nets will be strung across the salmon's path. 9. Or the many rapids and water falls might tire the salmon to a standstill. 10 No it is none of these. A few seconds after this shot was taken zaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap Bloody OOM. Stupid me, next time I will knock the slides back once I am at 30000ft, don't need the detail so high up. Oh well, I enjoyed the flight while it lasted and learnt something. Great work Matteo, we will all look forwards to your next wonderful project.
  16. 1. Setting off from PAJN going nowhere in particular. 2. Portland Island and heading north. 3. Below is the Favourite Channel, keeping over the water. 4. Above the Davidson Glacier. Not long after I checked the GPS to see Haines was only 25 miles away. 5. A slow descent until the GPS shows we are over water. Breaking through the clouds over Chilkat Inlet. 6. Close to Mud Bay and turning back towards Haines. 7. The Davidson Glacier again, under the port wingtip. 8. Over Haines town. 9. Too high again and a steep approach. Must stop looking at the scenery and pay attention to landing! 10. A smooth landing. 11. All doors open and ready to unload.
  17. Kenai to Homer in the Piper Tri-Pacer Enjoy and thanks for looking! P3DV3 - ASN Weather Cheers Karsten
  18. I love the old aircraft but here is something a bit newer , an Alaskan 737-700 freighter. A series of shots taking off from PAHO. Three of these jets will replace their older series 300 and 400 cargo carrying planes. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.
  19. Blue Wave Energy Partners (BWEP) is an excellent freeware from RTMM and the first two parts have now been released. I took my first flight along the Trans Alaska Pipeline in a Cessna 172 the other night. Very impressive it was too. However after reading the BWEP page on RTMM and seeing some shots from Oldendirt I realised that a chopper would be the best way to view the pipeline, or so I thought. Then along came Gerold and suggested the paramotor. 1. Got the Gopro set up and a full tank of fuel so lets go. 2. The Valdez Terminal, a lot of extras added in the RTMM package. 3. A close up of one of the control towers. 4. A view down Port Valdez, looks like a great day for flying. 5. Dayville Road and the end of the public road. 6. First view of the pipe line. 7. Approaching a small refinery. 8. 9. Back into the forest, will have to keep a lookout for bears. 10. Passing Robe Lake. 11. Yes that is the pipeline in the distance up the mountain side. 12. Crossing one of the streams that flows into the Lowe River. 13. A pump house just before the climb up the Chugach Mountains. 14. What do you think? 15. Made it. The Paramotor is the ideal way of flying along the Pipeline, great suggestion Gerold. Here is a link to the RTMM BWEP page for those that may be interested. http://return.mistymoorings.com/bwep/
  20. I thought it would be quite easy to fly from Valdez to the mouth of the Copper River at Klutina Lake where Klutina Outfitteres is located. 1. As I had to climb to about 8000ft to safely get over the mountain I chose a very powerful aircraft. 2. Simple, follow the Valdez Glacier and then take the second glacier on the right. 3. Pity I never thought about the clouds though. 4. All I had to do here was head NNE and follow the Tonsina Glacier. 5. Without realising I had turned ESE, the moon should have been a give away. 7. So here we are 12 miles from where we should be and still heading the wrong way. 6. Below is the Oil Pipeline, the Richardson Hwy and K55 Thompson Pass airstrip. Now I know where I am. 7a. Visited here the other day following the pipe line, as you can see the weather was much better then. 8. So now headed back to where I want to be and if my calculations are right we should drop in over the Klutina River. 9. That worked out as planned so now we have to fly up Lake Klutina to Outfitterers 10. Some magnificent mountains and valleys on the way. 11. Here we are at the mouth of the Copper River and a quick pass over the airstrip to suss it out as I have never flown here before. 12. Turning to line up on 08. With the short strip I am glad I chose the A22. 13. Nice looking set up here, looking forwards to some great fishing. 14, A very cosy hangar out of the driving rain. 15. Now all we need is for the rain to stop. 16. Hope they have the fire going in the lodge. A much longer flight than I planned it to be. Great scenery especially at Outfiterers but don't go booking a room for your next fishing trip as it is entirely ficticious, which is a great shame.
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