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Found 20 results

  1. In a redo of THIS flight... Checked my weather and flight plan, and had a lovely flight. Enjoy!
  2. to Siletz Bay,my virtual home base! Location FAA Identifier: S45 Lat/Long: 44-52-36.4000N / 124-01-42.8000W 44-52.606667N / 124-01.713333W 44.8767778 / -124.0285556 (estimated) Elevation: 69.2 ft. / 21.1 m (surveyed) Variation: 19E (1985) From city: 1 mile SE of GLENEDEN BEACH, OR Time zone: UTC -7 (UTC -8 during Standard Time) Zip code: 97367
  3. Rugged country from Siletz Bay to Creswell OR. Nice country flying for sure. Back country Oregon. Passing over KEUG, Eugene OR Decending to Creswell 77S off of left wing tip Turning final 77S, Hobby, Creswell Thanks for looking
  4. Nice airport and beachfront town Thanks for looking in.
  5. Not exactly an airplane but it does fly and is kinda pretty to boot Got distracted by this little creature at S45 Siletz Bay OR. I don't know, maybe ADHD kickin' in More airplanes in the future, promise. Roger
  6. Lotta shots, I'm afraid. I kept seeing such great views! This first leg only goes up as far as Manzanita. Real (and changeable) weather, evening. Heading off from Siletz Bay - Pulling away and heading up the coast - This is such a fine time to fly - Spoke too soon, the weather's going! Coming up to Nehalem Bay (or so I discovered via Google Earth) it looked interesting so a brief diversion inland for a look Definitely some bad weather coming in now Turning back towards the coast, just over that rise ahead should be the delightfully literally named town of Seaside. Seaside coming up in part 2
  7. continuing from part 1, heading up over Nehalem I think that little pointy rock is called Lion Rock, trivia fans A bit of blue sky ahead? maybe? This is Seaside below us Heading up towards Astoria, will stop in at KAST (Astoria Regional Airport) Swinging inland to head round for the approach As usual, I won't embarass myself by showing my landing, so here I am at rest and temporarily parked at KAST Will resume later
  8. So, here I am waiting for the off. Sun going down, not far to Bowerman but not much light left either Away, and turned back towards the coast. Looks like an interesting bay around here, I'll have to come back and explore in more detail sometime Turning north to head up towards Willapa Bay (thanks, Google) Long Beach to my left. Definitely losing the light now This spit of land starts out as Long Beach, and has Ocean Park at the northerly end Lighting up time Apparently, everybody down there thought so too! Past the mouth of Willapa Bay, heading across Grayland before turning right to coast down to Bowerman This all feels ridiculously realistic That's Westport below, and that means time to head in towards Bowerman Couple of minutes later, and here we are, ready to land First time I've ever landed square enough (and without bouncing) to risk taking a grab! Hey - almost lined up straight! Wonder if the cafe is still open? Hey! I'm in luck! Thanks for looking. I'll try and exercise a bit more restraint on the next trip (but hey, I grabbed a lot more shots than this, this is the edited version <grin>). I know I keep saying this, but I can't believe how good this is all getting. The more I do this the more I find myself wanting to explore quite small regions in ever more detail. How on earth am I ever going to get round and see it all?
  9. A beautiful spring afternoon on the Oregon coast, to practice VFR with the new GTN 750:
  10. US S45 Siletz Bay - Bill Womack - The dog stretched and scratched, sort of like me in the early morning. KNOP Newport Oregon, sweeping up and washing the windows even.
  11. FTX PNW & FTX Payware S45 I Dig the ORBX Grass
  12. NA S45 Siletz Bay Oregon Bill Womack Carenado MotoDave
  13. Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade
  14. Short flight along the Oregon coast from Siletz Bay to Vernonia Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade
  15. After departing Suttons I headed via an overnight at Starks to Siletz Bay. Weather west of the hills was not too flash. VFR minimum visibility. Fortunately, at 60kts, there is plenty of decision time with 5nm in front... I headed down the coast to Florence, with stops along the way, then across to Hobby. I had an uneasy feeling I hadn't been here before and found a PNW 'default' airport on arrival! So I took advantage of the sale to rectify the situation. Teleported back to Starks and flew a more direct route. Much better... 18.75 hours and 25 airstrips since leaving Helena. Four hours to go to have the J3 with the most hours for a GA type in my logbook. So I'll keep heading south. Then I'll go find a tube to fly for a while! Mike
  16. Hi guys, as the summer season comes to a halt in the PNW, I just had to take one last trip to Lincoln City from my home base - Twin Oaks. The weather enroute and at Twin Oaks was mostly IFR, but Siletz Bay was VFR. Thankfully! I love coming out here early fall, after most of the crowds are gone, and the rates are lower! Willamette Valley and its river, near McMinnville Enroute IFR My wife took this one from the cabin Turning final Over the bay On approach From the cockpit, short final Over the numbers The moment of touchdown Taxing in
  17. You can't see the excellent scenery, but it is there...
  18. Thanks Bill Womack for this amazing scenery!!!
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