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Found 17 results

  1. Taking off from Ketchikan/AK to the south towards my next yet-untested airport, ... ... diving into Portland Canal after crossing the mountains... ... and approaching into Stewart/BC. That is going to be an experiment... will it be possible to climb over the mountains here? Challenging, the engines really get hot here... ... and the mountains get close. But here we´re done, ready to approach Wrangell/AK. Quite some offset in this localizer... but if you are slow enough...
  2. I thought it would be quite easy to fly from Valdez to the mouth of the Copper River at Klutina Lake where Klutina Outfitteres is located. 1. As I had to climb to about 8000ft to safely get over the mountain I chose a very powerful aircraft. 2. Simple, follow the Valdez Glacier and then take the second glacier on the right. 3. Pity I never thought about the clouds though. 4. All I had to do here was head NNE and follow the Tonsina Glacier. 5. Without realising I had turned ESE, the moon should have been a give away. 7. So here we are 12 miles from where we should be and still heading the wrong way. 6. Below is the Oil Pipeline, the Richardson Hwy and K55 Thompson Pass airstrip. Now I know where I am. 7a. Visited here the other day following the pipe line, as you can see the weather was much better then. 8. So now headed back to where I want to be and if my calculations are right we should drop in over the Klutina River. 9. That worked out as planned so now we have to fly up Lake Klutina to Outfitterers 10. Some magnificent mountains and valleys on the way. 11. Here we are at the mouth of the Copper River and a quick pass over the airstrip to suss it out as I have never flown here before. 12. Turning to line up on 08. With the short strip I am glad I chose the A22. 13. Nice looking set up here, looking forwards to some great fishing. 14, A very cosy hangar out of the driving rain. 15. Now all we need is for the rain to stop. 16. Hope they have the fire going in the lodge. A much longer flight than I planned it to be. Great scenery especially at Outfiterers but don't go booking a room for your next fishing trip as it is entirely ficticious, which is a great shame.
  3. .......never anything as big as this. Jack this is your request but I don't have the new PAVD yet. Lets go and take a tour of Port Valdez and Prince William Sound. 1. 2. No pax and only 40% fuel so the A346 handles really well. In fact when the passengers found out the flight plan they all evacuated in under one minute! 3. Now to look at some of the RTMM ships. 4. Just got the Auto Throttle set to 200kts. 5. Everything else is flown manually. 6. 7. 8. Mostly between 200 and 400 ft. 9. But a bit higher when turning, don't want to bend the A346. 10. I did get as low as 27 ft running up to this one but still did not get the engines wet. 11. Would make a great torpedo bomber, just think of the length of torpedo it could carry! 12. 13. Now to try and land. 14. Again using the Auto Throttle 15. 16. 17. Second attempt. Got down on the runway first time but too late turning off the Auto Throttle, then forgot to zero the throttle. Just over ran by about 50metres. 18. 19. Amazing that the A346 can turn on a sixpence, thought I was going to gave to cheat and use the grass. 20. Just fits into the parking area. 21. Hope you enjoyed looking at the ships, I will have to get PAVD one day but I have GEN to amuse me for a while.
  4. Arriving at Misty´s place from Ketchikan, a place that needs severe exploring (best with Bob...). Here we close in to Aiken Creek, difficult to find... ... and VERY difficult to land: The buoys mark a curved strip between mountain walls. Heart rate increase guaranteed. But once the virtual pilot survived, a quiet peaceful place awaits him. Watching the dolphins jump around... ... before going back to PAKT. So much to see around here. Thanks to the Misty Moorings enthusiasts for adding sights & excitement to ORBX NA series ( http://return.mistymoorings.com/ ).
  5. These areas were well chosen by Orbx to start conquering North america with full fat regions. Always stunning to fly there... From Bella Coola... ... across Owikeno Lake,... ... the Klinaklini Glacier... ... and passing Pemberton... ... towards Tipella. Where I found out Tipella is a "lost scenery" in Orbxworld - and it does not show up in FTXC2. So it was ugly enough NOT to get a screenie here...
  6. Thank you for coming in and welcome! Just a few shots of my flight in the Misty Moorings Region. Many strange occurrences during this flight which I captured on video. Video Readme: 1- Darken the room you are viewing and video in 2- Turn the sound up to frightening 3- View in full screen for that bigger effect by clicking on the four arrow symbol on the vimeo viewer 4- Good luck! And hope you enjoy the ride. >https://vimeo.com/110049794 Edited by FSRobert, Today, 04:16 PM.
  7. I mean, Bella Coola and Port Hardy, with a little lake excursion in between: Then heading up south, until the fjord gets smaller... ... and bigger again, towards Owikeno Lake: Machmell River joins... ... and the western end of the lake provides a nice airfield, Rivers Inlet: Heading directly towards Port Hardy, I do not even know how these mountains are called. Unfortunately the landing was quite foggy, that means challenging and unattractive. So no Screenies...
  8. Juneau City: The Taku Inlet: Wright Glacier: The Taku river valley: Downwind... ... to Taku Lodge. As far as I remember, this scenery was withdrawn from RTMM unfortunately. The view from the Lodge to Norris Glacier: ... and heading back to Juneau: A refreshing flight!
  9. We have started a new project at Return to Misty Moorings (RTMM) to make sure we are not only "DX10 Ready" (completed) but also eventually compatible with Prepar3D (ongoing). Part of the new RTMM effort is to be ready to run our RTMM scenery addons on top of the soon to arrive P3Dv2 Orbx Regions in Alaska (SAK, PFJ) and the Pacific Northwest, we have embarked on a project to convert our object libraries as well as our partner’ libraries (including the RWY12 and EZ_1) to be compatible with P3Dv2. We have secured permission on our partner libraries to "convert" their objects to the proper format. We know many people use these object libraries (and many download some of them from RTMM). We are probably going to use the present title of the library but add a FSX.P3D into the name so people will know that is a converted library. Some of this is still under discussion. At present, if you look down our scenery page, 99% of our scenery additions are "DX10 Ready". We have replaced over 2000 objects on the main scenery page and on The Cabins page so everything we have will be seen properly when DX10 is used with FSX. But we are also finding that converting some of those old objects makes them "DX10 Ready" just as easily. We will be able to "use" many of those older objects with a conversion process Rod Jackson has devised for us. Those conversions will be part of our new object libraries. Again, we are in the development stages, but have made a great deal of progress already. Our goal is to be "ready" for P3D when the technical tsunami washes over our shores and into our misty moorings. We will keep you posted. Comments are welcome. Doug Linn/RTMM
  10. Taking off in Bella Bella over Hunter island, the weather did not look too promising for a sight seeing tour... But it cleared up over Hardy Inlet... ... and at the fork of Chuckwalla River: Rivers Inlet... ... and the western end of Owikeno Lake: Looking through the fantastic fjords... ...and over Machmell River airstrip: Owikeno Lake airstrip itself.... The gateway back north to the PFJ area...: After a steep climb over Monarch Glacier (hey, it is still Summer...!)... ...Hunlen Falls should be here. Maybe the season is too dry? And finally Anahim Lake airfield. Cool down for the night. Great tour, in an extremely diverse scenery.
  11. During this flight I was a bit too low & slow, coming quite close to Atna Peak. Fortunately enough, the mountain was just not high enough... Climbing out from lovely Terrace to the south-east... ... uuups, what´s that looking into my cockpit? - Atna Peak. Obviously, the music theme has to be continued here.... This would have been the alternative: My Huckleberry .... Mine, not friend: The Tweedsmuir Antennas, think they are RTMM add-ons: Wilderness Lake Lodge. That looks great, and requires a more detailed evaluation on a later trip... Turning west... ... for Bella Coola River. Quite a difficult approach from this direction. Uncropped, unedited, Orbx weather 2, Carenado KA200. Thanks for watching!
  12. I have started my enrichment of the PFJ and SAK regions by adding some parts of RTMM. Of course, my first encounter with these works was at the end of a tiny hop from Ketchikan to Misty´s place: Nice details have been collected here, And, just to keep the music theme going, there is a song written for this airfield (or so): Some fishermen were searching for a pilot to bring tham around. Money to earn - I´m your man. So I changed the plane, and rolled into the water: Just after takeoff it becomes obvious that not all captains in this area have been careful enough... Phocena Bay Hut. Seems like a place with not much disturbance, except these crazy pilots. Which channel leads to Aiken Creek...? Though somewhat foggy, the temperature is quite high here. Or is that derived from the current outside temp. in northern Germany? The buoys lead to Aiken Creek. This cannot be true. You want someone to land there? Survived. And the reward is the details of Aiken Creek Camp. But for my fishermen there seems to be some experienced competition. Takeoff ain´t easy either. Dropped the other tourists at Dan´s Hideaway ... ... and Dog Salmon Creek,... ... before returning to Misty´s base. Really a nice scenery enrichment to the Ketchikan surrounding.
  13. Heading further north from Ketchikan towards Alaskas state capital - a slightly uncommon approach, but nice: Had enough time for a quick copter tour ... to Mendenhall Glacier,... ... the Gastineau channel flats... Up to the south ... ... and into Taku inlet with its glaciers: This is a place to rest: Taku Lodge: And back to Juneau...!
  14. Enjoying the summer in Alaska, I chartered an amphibian plane and took off from PAKT to the southeast... ... passing Herring Bay Cannery... ... towards Nina´s Landing. If you come there at the right time, you will see an Orca hunting there. A welcomed challenge for climbers: The Alaskan island called New Eddystone Rock is a pillar of basalt. The basalt came from fractures in the floor of Behm Canal in the last 5 million years. The broken, haphazard texture of these basalts indicates that New Eddystone Rock was part of a volcanic vent where magma rose repeatedly to the surface of the earth. Heading north, and over the mountains to the west: Spotted River: After passing Shrimp bay, heading northeast to Bell Island... ... and upwards Unuk River: Lava Forks Park Area. Hey, didn´t I book a summer tour? Heavy crosswind going northwest towards Eagle Bay. Actually I am flying along the valley, which seems to be right of the 185...: OK, getting out of the mountains... ... and relaxing over the sea again, near Whaletail Camp. From there it was just an easy hop back south to PAKT. Thanks for following!
  15. Hello Everyone! Carenado’s C185 was parked in my hangar for almost a year or so I guess – maybe less, but something like that I think. But one simple question was growing in my mind: Why not doing some Bushflying again? Said so, done so … I rolled the C185 out of the hangar again and re-installed some of the RTMM (Return To Misty Moorings) sceneries from my Disk. And now guess what … I just love it! All these great freeware-sceneries available at the RTMM site are significantly enhancing the „North American Bushflying Experienceâ€! I know – many of us, or even all of us here, know RTMM – and yet I just wanted to mention it again, because there is some real great scenery-stuff available there! Furthermore this great thread, started by AlexF here … http://www.orbxsyste...__hl__eddystone … came into my mind again. I also remembered the enhanced FDE-files by Bernt Stolle for Carenado’s C185 which are available for free at the „Bushpounders Bush Flying“ website! Again: Many of You might know about or even use this specific FDE already as well for Your C185, but maybe some did not have heard about it yet …– and to them I can just enthusiastically say: Give it a try! I can just tell from my personal experience now, but: Forget all You have learnt about the C185 so far – once these new airfiles are installed, You will get a total different flying experience with this plane! And if this wasn’t already enough the C185 folder which includes Bernt Stolle’s airfiles furthermore includes some great text written by a former real world C185 pilot. It’s a very informative text and a great joy reading through it all. I then added AccuFeel Version 2 and …: Flying the C185 now is just super amazing! ... I was – again – writing far much more than intended. Nevertheless: I hope You enjoyed reading. I am simply very enthusiastic because I was so very positively surprised about the way I experience Bush Flying within FSX now, that I really wanted to share it all here with You! And sure I was also hitting the “V-Key†from time to time during my first „test-runs“ with the “new C185†and while flying over some RTMM sceneries. Everyone, please enjoy! Cheers, Christoph Radio telescopes at Tweedsmuir Peek (from RTMM) … flying into the Canadian winter landscapes … … all frozen … … some “fun†while testing the RealityXP GNS430 … … low visibility just below … … at CYBD: No need to look that angry … – all okay here! By the way: Isn’t that the wrong clothing for these temperatures? …maybe that’s why You are looking that grimly. The other day: Flying from Ketchikan to New Eddystone Rock (from RTMM) … … … the morning on the horizon … … enjoying to fly low above the water … … the visibility just got a bit worse again … … the sun – somewhere out there at least … … close the 020° radial outbound from the Annette Island VOR with having Smeaton Island ahead - just as I was hoping it to be there by judging from the VFR chart in front of me … that’s good, because it indicates that I did not take the “wrong way†… … can You see it? … … New Eddystone Rock right below us now … … landing … … what are You guys doing here? And: Is this the right season for taking that kind of boat out here?
  16. The new PAKT SP1 together with Misty Mooring scenery and AI traffic is really a treat this area. And the best way to explore the area is on floats.
  17. Just out of the press is the CIRP project from the Misty Moorings team Which has brought us some great add on scenery for the PFJ area. The CIRP scenery is located on the glaciers around Stewart, BC. There are 10 different icefields that you can fly to by plane or helicopter and Winter has just started in this area.
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