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Found 4 results

  1. Thought I'd try an actual flight for a change. Started in Biggin Hill, for no particular reason, and headed for Southend, home of the world's longest pleasure pier and town where I (mis)spent my childhood. Starting just before dawn one summer's day - Orff we jolly well go . . . As we come up you can just about glimpse London in the distance Heading east, crossing the M25 (orbital motorway) and with the Dartford Bridge over the Thames and the refineries down river coming into view Turning north, looking east over Kent. Somewhere down there is the rail link for the Channel Tunnel Out across the Thames, looking back at the refineries at Sheerness (I think) Looking west now, across Essex up the Thames towards London Southend Airport ahead. Thought I'd try an actual landing for once (I normally just "esc" and exit. Or crash). Well, they tell me it is a flight simulator, even thought I mostly use it as a convenient form of tourism <grin> And here I am - clogging up the runway. (OK, I cheated a bit - I actually landed on the grass to the left of the runway, but I didn't crash and it all went quite smoothly, but hey, it's my movie and I'll edit as I like) Aircraft is the Hawker Fury from the "Hawker Heroes" package, which I rather like and bought mainly for the Typhoon and Tempest, but it turns out that the Fury is actually the most fun. I plan to try this flying lark some more and take off from here and overfly the couple of areas I've lived in on the way down to Exeter, which is the nearest I can get to Torquay (my current home). Enjoy! (I did) Andy
  2. Excuse my pushiness today, but I seem to be in the mood to share! The start of a journey out from Southampton out over the Isle of Wight with the aim of heading off up the Channel to investigate my new load of AI Shipping installs. Didn't get too far but have saved the flight and will come back to it later. Got to give another plug for the Alabeo R66 - wonderful beasty. Don't have Brighton (EGKA) yet but maybe by the time I resume this flight . . .
  3. Can't remember who, but somebody posted a shot or two over Reykjavik a week or so back and it inspired me. I hadn't realised how good the FTX Global scenery was for this location - it's really excellent. I dare say with my usual low attention span I'll probably move on again soon, but for now it's great fun. Here's a few more, starting with the Wilga (great little plane) - One in the big old Antonov - and a few in the SU-30 to finish - I've also loaded up some freeware that goes by the name ALTITUDE 2K, which is an AI floating airport. Bit basic looking, but it comes with a flight path and schedule to circumnavigate Iceland at an altitude of 2000 ft (hence the name). Supposedly land-on-able (it's basically an AI aircraft carrier sitting a bit high in the water) but first you have to find it on its flight path! If I ever manage to do it, I'll grab some shots <grin>
  4. Again, inspired by someone else's post here recently. Couple of shots over Orcas Island in the rather fine Aerosoft Twin Otter, heading off at dusk.
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