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Found 9,265 results

  1. What exactly does Object Flow really do?
  2. Hi Orbx Central showed me numerous airport updates today which I all executed, except for Vector. All updates worked fine. But now I am missing Autogen in the surroundings of the airports and in other places of the Orbx landscapes. How can I get back the Autogen? Further question: When updating Vector do I loose my manual elevation settings? Auto-Configuration prouced a mess in the past. Thanks for any helpful answers Ernst
  3. I bought chaseplane today in discount and tried to install it from Orbx Central, it just gives me an error: A communication error occurred when trying to perform this action. Trying to install PrecipitFX give the same error as chaseplane. I have internet connection etc. so it cant be the reason... Edit: I fixed it. I dont know how to remove the thread...
  4. Hi team, I have installed vector in P5D and this same issue is occurring at VTBS. Can only assume vector hasn't catered for the new airport? Cheers
  5. I am seeing "flat" static ac parked on top of their shadows as per att jpg. Also, the runway and apron textures are blurred. This is happening on two different pcs - both with P3Dv4.5 Pro installations but using the same library. Mesh Res 5m, Texture Res 15cm and Hi-res textures ON. Rgds Chris 5ef309d012076
  6. Hello, I’m having a problem that I’ve never seen before, I just installed Windows 10 / P3D v4.5, I re downloaded LOWI via central Orbx and there I do not recognize LOWI at all. I tried everything, uninstalled / reinstalled etc ... I know there are problems with P3Dv5 but here I am talking about P3Dv4. It has always worked very well before but I wonder if the developer has not done a bad manipulation. Can someone please help me, it's very scary. Thank you
  7. Hello, The effects folder seams to be missing from the installation package of EGJA (also true in V4). Would be great to get it back - I like so much this scenery (and still dreams to get the other Channel Island sceneries). Thanks in advance. Gérard
  8. Hi, I have TE Washington installed in P3D V4.5, works fine. Yesterday I installed TE Oregon. All seems fine as well, only that the Citiscape is missing. I have Flightbeam PDX, but issue is the same when I deactivate that. I do have the folder FTX_NA\FTX_NA_!USAll_Library (although it does not show up in the P3DV4.5 scenery library. I did run "verify files" for TE Washington, TE Oregon and TE US Libraries from Orbx Central. No errors. When installing TE Oregon yesterday, I was asked to de-install Portland Citiscape, which I did. I'm a bit lost now. Anyone having an idea? The Scenery is awesome, apart from the missing PDX Citiscape. Thanks Marcus
  9. Doing updates on 'my products' and encountered this. The program is locked - how to unlock? Operating system: Simulator: Screenshot: Issue:
  10. Hi, i just got Global vector and after installation all my scenery is messed up, i already have Global base and HD trees and buildings with no problem, when the sim opens sometimes the aircraft is on the runway with big blocks around it see pics, and other times the aircraft is sunk into the runway, i installed with Orbx central and have never had these problems before, see pics, hope you can help Thank you : )
  11. I have got a problem with Orbx global on p3d v4.5, regarding the 3D night lighting. The problem has happened since I got Orbx on v4. On FSX, it worked fine, but on v4, it is not. I have Orbx global, trees, buildings, openlc NA,EU,AF, Australia V2, PNW, KSAN, YMML, ESSA, YBCG, YSPT and gold coast City. I had Vector, but i uninstalled it since it messed up my scenery. I also have the latest libs, but Im not getting any 3d lighting, It might be something with p3d Settings or scenery library order. I would really appreciate a solution where i do not have to get rid, and re install my addons. My Specs: Core i7-2600s @ 3.5 Ghz 20 gb ram MSI GEFORCE GTX 1650 Scenery Library: https://gofile.io/d/KSk9dK Thank You
  12. I just installed my Orbx airports and scenery into V5 and I have some gnarly elevation issues at all of my Orbx airports. I guess these airports were fixed with the use of Vector but now that we don’t have vector any longer I assume these airports will just be manually fixed by hand one by one?
  13. I am having an issue withe the terrain at KBUF Buffalo. I have attached a few screen shots of my scenery at KBUF. If someone can help me with the fix, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Rob I am using Windows 10, P3DV4.5, lots of Orbx products (see photo), GSX, MyTampa airports for Toronto and Montreal, as well as FSDT Vancouver.
  14. When flying above the austrian alps i have at several places black textures with at some places a kind of night lighting.
  15. Hi, i was reading te topic regarding the option in OBRX CENTRAL for the transparent road textures but i can´t find it ? Operating system: W10 Simulator: XP11 Screenshot: Issue: NO CHOICE OPTIONS central.log
  16. Hi, After the update the apron looks like this. Before the update I didn`t have this ugly conrete Regards, Niels
  17. After the last update of innsbruck airport the concrete of the apron looks terrible before the update it was ok,this was already reported in a other topic but till no one no response from Orbx .
  18. Hi...just installed Windows 10.All updated...everything works...including P3D v5 Orbx Central...does not show my purchases... when I want to create a library it says 'not enough space I am a bit fed up with this...spent a lot of money on Orbx...loved it on Windows 8.1 what is going on?
  19. Agua Dulce is one of my favorite GA airstrips in SoCal. I used to dine at the Cafe on weekends when it was open to the public. I use it as a start point for a lot of my P3D flights. For some reason it is missing the windsock as shown in the attached screenshot. Since L70 sits adjacent to a parallel hill in-between the high desert and the LA basin the wind direction is an important feature. I remember over flying it once in real life and seeing the full sock 90 degrees to the runway. Discretion was the better part of valor in my little Citabria so I didn't land that day. Any help in reinstating the windsock would be greatly appreciated. FWIW in my homemade KSZP airport, the windsocks are functional.
  20. Hi Can you please let me know how what happened to Portland city? I'm trying TE USA for the first time and this is no good Expectation Reality Google There are many areas where there are no trees too There is indeed an autogen issue which I hope has not spoiled other areas. About to test Please advise Regards, Carlos
  21. I am having a problem when I view the Orbx home page. I get a message which reads Orbx central worker failed to launch. I am new to Orbx and haven't downloaded any scenery yet. I can still view all the products available after I remove the error message. I wonder is it still possible to download any products despite this error message? And if not how do I overcome this problem?. I have Windows 10 and I am running X Plane 11. Thanks jf jordan.
  22. Hi there I just purchased the True Earth Oregon, I see in the photos on the page for it there is quite a bit of buildings and bridges downtown. As you can see in the screenshot below, it is quite sparse. Any thoughts? I do also have Pacific Northwest, and the flightbeam KPDX installed. I have both P3D V4 and V5 and it is occurring in both. Thanks
  23. I keep getting an ERROR messge saying Orbx Central Worker failed to launch. I am using Windows 10 Version 2004. Any help appreciated, all of my Orbx programs need updating.
  24. Hello, i run P3D V5 with the latest HF2. Before and under HF1 an error messages appears always P3D was starting (see attached picture). After click the OK button, the message disappears and the Sim runs as it should. At this time, i was not shure which of my addons causes the message. Now after a completed fresh reinstall with HF2 and many starts of the sim after each addon-installation process it is clear. One of the Orbx addons causes the error message. For your info: I made also a complete reinstall process of your addons with the steps 1. filecheck for each addon, 2. set the right entry points and 3. run simulator synch at the end. The error message seems to be a rare thing. My first search attempts on the internet and the Orbx forums has no results. Further, it depends probably not with one of your sceneries, i have never seen before such an error message. It looks like a comparable factor within one of the cfg files? Could you in mind for further assistance to identify the reason of this behavior and, i will be patience :-) I know P3D V5 is a new sim in many ways. Thanks lot for reply and regards, Claus-Peter
  25. hi, my lowi scenery is not good because i have not yellow lines on the parking place and the taxi way is blurry same with the runway - i have desinstalled this scenery and reload it, but its the same thanks for help bye
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