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Found 41 results

  1. Today we follow a 16-day-expedition a friend of mine has made in 2016. Driving from Douala, Cameroon, ... ... passing Lake Ossa... ... on the N3... ... to Yaounde. After changing to a 4WD they went on following the N10 eastwards... ... with a stop in Batouri. Days later they crossed the border to the Centra African Republic. One of the poorest countries in the world, with a high rate of analphabetics, ... ... but with cities like Nola, where Diamond traders and corruption control everything, from business to security. Lucky are those who can get on southwards to Dzangha Sangha NP. Even more lucky if you manage encounters in free wildlife. As there is no airport or bushstrip, we have to return directly, over Bayanga, ... ... whilst the real traveller had to get ready for driving after some days. The virtual pilot takes a shortcut over the clouds... ... meeting the N10 again near Ayos, Cameroon. Passing Yaounde, ... ... and, later the Mowasse wetlands, ... ... on the way to Tiko, near the Atlantic coast. I am happy that he has shared his fantastic travel report with me, but I am sure I will not make such a trip in reality.
  2. We went from Brisbane to Sydney to Canberra to Singapore... ... and had 7 hours of layover at that location. Luckily WSSS is well equipped for this type of travelling - while our plane was being prepared... ...we spent some time at the (nearly private!) pool in T1. Finally we got off, over the ever-impressing strait of Malacca. Some movies and the Bay of Bengal later we reached India, ... ... Delhi to our right: Chasing the sun over Afghanistan. It really looks this way, not too much work to invest in any OpenLC product here. Over Germany South the Orbx lights showed their magic. Frankfurt airport has set up some sausage-like STARs. Well, Frankfurter Würstchen are famous and tasty! They had even placed a good runway indicator just over the horizon. Touchdown with a dark triple-seven. Wake up, paxes, time for another plane change!
  3. After leaving Queensland... ... that day also included some more departures for us. At least such a trip is so tiring, you don´t have enough time to become melancholic. And: Duty free provided some Australian memories into our hand luggage: If you have to travel for many hours, do it in style - and with the right plane for @Captain Lars: Unfortunately we did not see much of the scenery, neither in real nor in the sim. Leaving New South Wales... ... for an intermediate stop in the Capital Territory: Restarting after one boring hour in transit... ... to finally leave Australia. Some hours and one continent later we were provided with the best airline breakfast I ever got . Right in time for some shaking on approach to Singers. At least the runway was clear. Now - try to wake up and get ready for the next flight....
  4. Our days in Brisbane had to come to an end... ... but we will be able to remember the correct spelling of the city´s name. Or, most probable, much more. Getting ready at the Virgin Australia terminal for a series of flights... The first takeoff of the day, across Port of Brisbane... ... Mud Island, ... ... and Cleveland. Gold Coast in the distance. Northern NSW looks harmless in the sim, ... ... but in reality there were bushfires already in September. Broken Bay, ... ... and an approach into a city y´all know by name. Unfortunately ATC choose a STAR from the east, I would have loved to have the sun behind. But the clean windows of VA help! The final into YSSY proves that spring textures are green here. Botany Bay. Sydney, here we are! Now grab the luggage and move...
  5. After our arrival in Brisbane... ... we were lucky: It was the final day of the Brisbane festival https://www.brisbanefestival.com.au/ with some extra shows in the city. On our way to dinner a suspicious plane crossed our way... Big. Noisy. Low. Very low. Unfortunately we can see that the iconic pedestrian bridges over Brisbane River are missing in Orbx Australia, like Kurilpa or Goodwill Bridge. After hiding behind the skyscrapers the pilot probably proved to be a real Jack. Just a little documentation showing that the correct livery was used... And another proof: No bridge was hurt that day.
  6. After some days at Fraser Island´s wilderness ... ... we were to return back to the mainland. In the sim this means I already placed a plane at Hervey Bay. This was the first flight I made after NVIDIA´s driver update mid November - and the significantly increased sharpness was so astonishing, I had to take some more close ups. Off we go, crossing River Heads Road, ... ... followed by some last looks at Hervey Bay, ... ... before we passed Maryborough... ... and Gympie, with its numerous (red) traffic lights. The road winds down southwards, passing Noosa Heads, ... ... Caloundra, ... ... and the Glasshouse Mountains. Caboolture airfield should be just next to the motorway, but I overlooked it! Welcomed by the confusing roads of North Brisbane... ... but we ignored YBBN that day. Instead we spent some funny hours at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. Great fun to my family, I think we made at least 2000 pictures on that day. Archerfield (OZx) with some slight mesh issues was my virtual destination for this flight... ... though in real life we made a detour onto Mt. Coot-Tha ... ... before heading into Brisbane downtown for the evening.
  7. After all that shaking the day before... ... our plans for the next day at Fraser Island were smoother. Leaving Kingfisher Resort... ... with a tour where the name says what´s the intention. Heading north along the island´s beautiful coast and beaches ... ... to Platypus Bay where real life (and the map) indicate a high probability of encounters. Unfortunately in p3d they are placed somewhere else, much closer to Hervey Bay itself. At first we spotted some curious dolphins... ... and shortly after several families of humpbacks. Doing excercises? Or playing with the tourists? Fantastic hours came to an end, and I shortcut with the Cessna... ... right into Hervey Bay. No doubt a tour like this is not the worst activity to invest a day for.
  8. It has been some days since I posted the previous part of our tour: However, it should not be anything but a financial problem to stay at Kingfisher Resort for a longer time. This is how it looks from the sea. On this morning we had booked a 4WD tour across the island. It looks like a road, but in fact it is more a soft beach inside a forest. It was impossible to make a realistic photo while driving. Took us more than 1 hour for the 19 km ride across Fraser Island. The Pacific awaits. 75 mile beach, with slightly high tide in AUv2. And, as foreseen in OZx, ... ... the solid beach can also be used by other mobility toys. A short ride further north the wreck of S.S. Maheno can be seen. And nearby some of the famous Fraser dingoes. They are the genetically most pure dingoes on this planet, as they did never mix with dogs, like they do on the mainland. Returning from the beach via Eurong... ... towards Central Station... ... and Wanggoolba Creek. The water is so clear, you can´t even see it in real life. A few more kilometers back comes Lake McKenzie. A perched freshwater lake. Quite refreshing after the long 4WD ride! And, precisely shown as ever, we follow the bush track "home" to Kingfisher Resort. Thank you for watching!
  9. Ok, our time in Cairns had come to an end, ... ... so we needed to get ready for another exciting location. First we took the commuter from Cairns, ... ... and checked the competition. JetStar even parks on the wrong side. The SID leads directly out to the sea... ... making it difficult to catch a good city view. Just after the first hills you see the sugar cane fields of Gordonvale, ... ... while the left side of the plane can enjoy the reef islands. After passing the Hervey Bay area (far in the distance)... ... the STARs SMOK5x lead us along Redcliffe. A beautiful final into the 19 over Brisbane harbour and the mudflats. Not so beautiful the ground textures in YBBN since the AUv2 upgrade. And difficult to land... But at least we found a proper parking lot. Now let´s try to find the rental car station (not easy I can tell you)!
  10. As there was time left after our scenic flight ... ... we went into Cairns to relax, have a swim and a cold drink or two or so. Walking down the Esplanade: It was low tide when we started. Despite the low tide, it is not recommended to swim in the Ocean here due to the big reptiles. That´s why Cairns has a big saltwater pool ("Lagoon"). You can also have nice views of starting planes from there. Moreover, Jarrad has placed some more precision at the southern end of the Lagoon: A heliport... ... and some beautiful signs. Everything totally correct. Unfortunately we can´t see Mr. Marshall on the sign, probably because of the sunshine. A huge number of bars and restaurants around the Lagoon waiting for us. Successful, I can say.
  11. When you go for sightseeing, you expect a higher number of good views. We went for that, and as a result you will have to expect a longer post. So get yourself a drink and some snacks, maybe even some music, and join us for the next tour - after the one we did the day before: The white building on the left is now used by GSL Aviation Cairns https://gslaviation.com.au/cairns/ . Unfortunately I did not find their livery for my Caravan. Taxiing northwards to the 15... ... passing the freighters. Just after takeoff we passed the Hockey Centre (unfortunately no one playing there), ... ... followed by a little city view. Check today´s route. The real Caravan was equipped with a G1000, I try to survive with the older clocks. We were passing the Grey Peaks as we headed out to the Pacific. Jarrad´s replication shows Green Island absolutely magnificent! And the entire reef looks fascinating in AUv2. Vlasoff Cay. OK, if you look in this detail some photoreal would still add a bit. Michaelmas Cay. Do you see the pontons and shuttles next to the sand island? Wait a moment, we´ll get closer... While we turned over Hastings Reef... ... a catamaran came into view. It is the reason why the GPS waypoint is named "SPIRIT": The cat is the Ocean Spirit. Unbelievable how preicse Henrik´s AI ship traffic works! The cat brings snorkelers out to Michaelmas Cay... ... where we shared the island with thousands of seabirds. We returned (too) quickly to the mainland, ... ... and approached over Yorkeys Knob... ... into a sporty final. I did it safely (surely the professional pilot did as well). YBCS domestic terminal. And here we found ourselved parked after shutdown. Both Jarrad´s scenery and the real flight are well worth the money!
  12. Oh no, I do not want to go into music here. I just want to continue our tour through the northern surroundings of Cairns... ... which was paused yesterday just after Mossman. Shortly after we reached Daintree River, ... ... where swimming is not totally recommended. Then we just crossed a little pass towards the Daintree Discovery Center https://www.discoverthedaintree.com/ The views of the rainforest are impressive, unfortunately you cannot hear the birds flying in this picture. NatureFlow at its best! Well, there is also some other NatureFlow here... They say you are lucky if you spot a Cassowary in wildlife https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Southern_cassowary: "At the Daintree Discovery Centre you may be lucky enough to see one of these amazing birds wandering along the creek, foraging for fallen fruit. Truly a once in a lifetime experience!"". We even saw two of them during the day. Now back into the air. Do you see the hairpin corner just under the Bonanza? That is Alexandra Lookout. Worth a little stop, me thinks.... ... before we returned over Daintree River. Unfortunately the ferry is not shown in our AU scenery (yet...). Shortly after we were passing the settlements of Palm Cove... ... and Trinity Beach on the way back to the pubs of Cairns.
  13. After our flight to the northern Queensland coast ... ... we took a rental vehicle and inspected Cairns´ surroundings. We left the airport to the north across Barron River... ... and initially followed M1, Captain Cook Highway. But as we use a plane here, we can do little detour up to Barron Gorge. Just a few seconds away (if you don´t take the famous railway): Leila´s airstrip and Kuranda. A touristic spot we skipped... Merging with the highway again. It winds along the Pacific quite nicely... ... until it turns towards the cane fields. Plan with some delays on the way. Mossman village is the place where one should leave the M1 towards the mountains. Drop your vehicle at the visitor center below... ... and let yourself be guided into Mossman Gorge. No place to land below and no beer either. So we had to continue...
  14. After escaping the sand storm in our last flight... ... it is now time to cross some borders: From AU_Red to AU_Green. From the Northern Territory to Queensland. And which airline would be better suited here than the Queensland And Northern Territory Aerial Services? Lining up in YAYE Ayers Rock airport. Off we go. With a last view to Kata Tjuta and Uluru. Some aerial views of Alice Springs, where our original flight had departed in the morning. You do not need to learn more than Orbx to have full orientation in the real city! The mountains of the northern Queensland coast come into view as it is getting dark. Into Cairns. No way to make real life shots, sorry. Is this really the milky way depicted here? Final. Parked. Parked & blurried. Next time I´ll do this tour with the freeware 717 John @BradB had pointed me yesterday. And now... off into this fantastic city!
  15. When we came to Alice Springs airport the morning after our city tour ... ... we did not expect anything uncommon. In contrast to ActiveSky, which knew what would be coming. The footwalk to the apron already indicated something... ... and if we would have been routined, we´d have guessed as well. When we were allowed to go out of the terminal for boarding, a veritable sand storm had started (not tasting well). Creepy! And now the pants of the pilot got tested. At least mine: On the speedtape you can see that it might already be time to rotate... ... did it. Not too early... OK, the real pilot did it better. Approaching Ayers Rock airport the weather had cleared up. Deboarding for a short tank stop. To be continued. Even though I don´t have a 717 in my virtual hangar.
  16. Let me take you onwards on Stuart Highway just from the point we reached yesterday: The Henbury crossroads. That´s how it looks in the sim, coming from the sand track under the plane and then following the paved one, northbound. Just 54 km from here a good stop is Stuarts Well Roadhouse. Should be here. We all feel instantly welcomed by the menu. You are not taking my order, are you? You don´t either, I am sure. Here we should have found the good one; 5 soups of the day, please! Be careful, if you do not follow the rules here... ... you might be taken to the nearby correction center. Luckily there is no runway, so we can go on, passing Pine Gap Tracking station... ... descending over the MacDonnell Ranges, ... ... along the old Alice Springs airport, ... ... into YBAS. Since AU V2 I have this blurry runway, together with some misplaced runway lights. Parked at the correct lot.
  17. After visiting the Resort at Kings Canyon for a belated breakfast, we took a local mobility provider to move on. Climbing out, you can see Kings Canyon to the right of this screenie. If you like to see more, look here. In case you need a stop, Kings Creek Station is the first (and last) option for a while. An aerial view of Kings Creek Station. The regular "commercial" area to the left, the airstrip easily to see (as written before: The OZx model is 100 % accurate!), and the campground is just under the right engine of the King Air. Did I show you our little kitchen helper already? No worries, we follow Luritja road southwards until the next crossing. Ernest Giles road, looks like an easy shortcut on the way to the northeast... ... and pretty straightforward in the Orbx depiction. However, the road has its challenge. You´d better have a proper vehicle, and an experienced driver. We had (not me, of course). (PS: This is not a parking lot. This is just stopped on the "highway".) Crossing Palmer "River". Surely it was dry. And the end of the road there should be the Henbury Craters. Sounds interesting, but we did not get the time for a detour here. Finally, near the OZx airstrip "Henbury", we reach Stuart Highway, the next paved road. We´ll turn left, but I keep that for the next post...
  18. After yesterday´s late arrival at Kings Creek Station... ... it is good to get up VERY early for a walk along Kings Canyon. OK, we will save time and energy and take a more relaxing alternative. We´d be picked up at our campsite just right in front of the airstrip (not shown yet in OZx)... ... follow the track just right of the runway ... ... to reach Kings Creek Station at the main road (well, Luritja road is the only road here, btw). https://www.kingscreekstation.com.au/ Sorry, I have no Robinson in my hangar. But I have time to visit the local camel meeting point. Off to Kings Canyon, this is the parking lot. Last flush water toilet for the next hours. It is wise to climb "Heart Attack Hill" early in the morning. At least there is a defi and a satellite telephone on top for cases of emergency. We´ll "just" cross the Canyon... ... and finally go down to a resting site a bit off track, ... ... whilst a heli passenger will need to fly to Kings Canyon Resort to change vehicles again.
  19. Following our tours around 2 of the 3 sacred rocks in the Anangu lands... ... it is now time to follow Lasseter Highway back to the east. Navigation is easy, as there are not many roads out here. So get off Ayers Rock airport, ... ... across the campground. Under the tail of the Lancair you see a crossroad and a small parking lot? We enjoyed a cold morning at that parking lot with this view... ... before going on the road. First stop: Curtin Springs. There is an OZx airstrip, but I skip it on this flight. Nevertheless we enjoy the views of the roadhouse... ... and of the 3rd sacred mountain of the Anangu, Mt. Connor (you might have seen it on the sim screenshot). Just north of Lasseter Highway there is a huge salt lake. Now navigation gets complicated: The first (and only) road to the left, Luritja Road at Angas Downs. Some hours of driving later... ... (and significantly shorter flying time) ... ... we reach Kings Creek Station. The coach campground is just next to the runway - and I can say the OZx airstrip is 100 % accurate! I was totally overwhelmed. The only trouble: I could not take a picture from the driving truck, and we were too busy in the remaining daylight to walk back. So no real picture of the airstrip, sorry. At least a slightly different impression of the place we stayed for the night.
  20. Our morning flight ... ... brought us to the lovely small airport YAYE Conellan. Where passengers walk right off the planes and are welcomed... The Pitjantjatjara word "Palya" means "hello", as well as "have a safe trip" and also "thank you". Just depending on the context. Yes, we took a bus from the airport... ... but our was much smaller than the usual looking ones. And as we don´t go for bus simulation here, I´ll take you with me in the trusty MD-530. Below you see the control point of Uluru-Kata Tjuta NP, you got to show your entry passes there. Mutitjulu waterhole, one of the many sacred places around the rock. By the way, now it´s time to put on some well-suited music: With the helicopter you can shortcut some time and include a little visit of the second rock formation of the NP: Kata Tjuta. Crossing Weipa Gorge. Kata Tjuta means "many heads", and you can guess how the name was found. This is, indeed, the parking lot for cars. But there is also one for copters, perfectly marked. Be careful not to miss your way here... ... and have an eye on temperature and water load. This is the entire "Valley of the Winds" area, seen actually from the "you are here" location. A magic place. Let´s go to the official Sunset Bus Park... ... and watch the expected. Before we come to the unexpected: The coach campground. Just too dark for a good picture. Some memories you gonna keep other ways.
  21. After intense sightseeing in & around Sydney ... ... it is now time to get to (slightly) more remote areas. We´re gonna take a flight at 10:05 today. Always good to check if your baggage is properly stowed. But this picture was too early... ... and this too late. I have no good virtual 737, so I had to make a little deviation, sorry. On the roll... ... and here we go. The international terminal to our left, ... ... as well as Cooks River. Climbing out over the Blue Mountains, you can see the famous settlements Wentworth, Leura, Katoomba next to each other. Orbx customers will recognize Bathurst in this picture (though it is hard to spot the racetrack). The green NSW plains, ... ... but the colours change as we close in to Lake Frome. This should be the real thing. As we are approaching Lake Eyre, ... ... another colour comes into view. Fantastic looks, be it in AUv2 or in RL. Virgin Australia not only provided us with good seats, good food and stable WiFi all the way, but also did me the favour to fly sightseeing at low altitude. Still the flight deck people are the first to see this. At least we were next... ... with my seat becoming a perfect choice. A brilliant descent into YAYE, ... ... passing Kata Tjuta, ... ... with Yulara (tourist) village in the foreground. Bye bye... ... with a big "thanks, mates"! You can easily imagine this 3-hour flight went so fast for me. All these views! Orbx world in real... a dream. Which will go on.
  22. Following the intro ... ... this post is going to summarize our tours in & around Sydney: By ferry, by walking, by a bus tour, by ship, and finally by car. Nevertheless, in this peer group we are all about flying... so let´s just head directly from Kingsford Smith to Bondi... ... then over to South Head, ... ... before we turn back over Port Jackson to Sydney´s first airport: Rose Bay. From the time when long-distance flying was mostly done with seaplanes. Here we cross Taronga Zoo... ... and then fly back around the CBD to Darling Harbour. Some may take a rental car for the next leg, but the KingAir does it nearly as good: Up into the Blue Mountains. You may recognize the towns of Leura and Katoomba on the rim. You really learn a lot about the 3rd dimension of these areas from the sim, whilst a map will not reveal that. And when you walk the rim, you´ll see it this way. Echo Point, with the 3 Sisters added as freeware. Or, carved in stone. Finally, turning back into town over YKAT Katoomba airstrip with its photoreal OZx surrounding.
  23. I did not post much in the last 4 weeks. Instead, I was collecting pictures of (14) real life flights in southern Europe, basically Greece and Spain. And now I can enjoy repeating these flights in the sim - and sharing some of the pleasure with you. Let us start with some views taken during flights from Munich to Barcelona. Climbing out westwards over the Isar river. Fürstenfeldbruck airfield, with Starnberger and Ammersee in the background. The Bodensee = Lake Constance. Crossing the alps with a view of the Mont Blanc massiv, ... ... towards Marseille, where we reach the Mediterranean Sea. Shortly after we begin the descend in front of the pyrenees... ... until Barcelona comes into view. Though the second real flight was also sold as Lufthansa, it was executed by Air Dolomiti. If they knew this would cause confusion to the Orbx forum community watching this post... The tank area of the harbour, ... ... the mole, ... ... logistics in El Prat, ... ... and the Llobregat river. Here we are. Amazing how realistic the city looks in the sim. Though... I have to admit it took about 10 minutes for my computer to load all the autogen of the city. Sceneries (and planes) like these will force me upgrade my rig, at some day in the not-so-near-future, I hope.
  24. Getting out of St. Helens at Tasmanias east coast. This needs to become a low & slow flight, and the choice of plane was clear. Turning south along the beaches. This is how the beaches and St. Helens Island look from the ground. Hendersons Lagoon and the way down to Mt. Elephant pass. Bicheno, a good place to stop if you come along by car... ... but we went on to Cape Tourville Lighthouse ... ... and Wineglass Bay. Breathtaking "fresh" water, and a breathtaking view. Turned back inland over Moulting Lagoon... ... and into final towards Friendly Beaches International, Rwy 8C. The runway signs are quite individual here... ... and the main terminal is well done in OZx! PS: If you like the routing...:
  25. ... more precise: The Indian subcontinent. Out of Mumbai (Terminal 1, Gate A7)... Not easy to work here... ... as you can see from the temperature indications (before the APU was turned on). So let us taxi across Chattrapathi Shivaji International Airport towards Rwy 27... ... and takeoff over the Ocean shore ("East coast" you could say). Not much to see during the flight, haze whereever you look. At least a bit more to spot during descend... ... with hills looking much like the Glasshouse mountains coming up. Approach is just over the city of Vizakhapatnam, with the Ocean again below us - now the west coast. And here FSX comes to its ends, Visakhapatnam Airport is not too detailed in the sim... Early enough to do some sightseeing later on!
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