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Found 8 results

  1. Some shots I took during a short hop over the Netherlands in AFS2...
  2. Here's another set in South California on a short hop from Van Nuys (KVNY) to Santa Catalina Island (KAVX). "26 miles across the sea", etc. 1. Van Nuys 2. 3. Heading south along the North Sepulveda Blvd 4. 5. 6. The Island is out here somewhere 7. Approaching 04 from the West 8. Short finals 9. Very short runway, bit of a sharp drop off here. 10. A quick passenger exchange 11. Lining up on 04 again 12. And off to greener pastures
  3. More exploring in the Los Angeles area. Just north of Hollywood
  4. Hey guys, I figured I'd share a time lapse video I made during an awesome flight I got to go on at the Airline I work for here in the PNW area. The video shows many areas featured in Orbx products. This flight was a repositioning of the aircraft to Anchorage from Portland, with a refueling stop in Ketchikan. The route pretty much followed the coast line. Featured in the video are a PDX takeoff, a visual approach into Ketchikan, an instrument departure from Ketchikan and an ILS approach into Anchorage (PANC) in addition to landmarks such as the Olympic Mountains, Glaciers, the city of Ketchikan and more. >http://youtu.be/PuBNkvIbQ4A
  5. Hi all... I've been promising myself a GoPro for a couple years now, and finally I got one As such, I've been giving it a good old test at me day job... I particularly like the time lapse options so here's my rather short hop from KSEA to KEAT in the typical Northwest weather (Wish it were a little better so yo could see more scenery, but I guess then it wouldn't truly by the PNW! >http://youtu.be/TTI7SdGlUcc
  6. Southampton scenery & Fly.be planes results in 'be happy' to enjoy this wonderful detailled airport, see some shots starting with an overview of the approns-part only but offers many more in the surroundings like a real moving railway system. the Q400 model is from Majestic Software.
  7. Hello Everyone! I am in the urgent need of more space on my PC, so i have to delete some rather outdated files, including quite lots of screenshots i have been taking over the last couple of months within FSX. But before deleting them all, i arranged a small portfolio of – well – "leftovers" ... mainly airliner shots, but not exclusively. So… Here we go: The first part focuses on the fantastic PMDG NGX, the second part focuses on the also fantastic, but certainly different to fly, Majestic Q400 and the very final part offers two shots from FTX England and without an airliner in use. All these shots are – if not otherwise mentioned – just resized and cropped, using various ENB mods and various REX textures together with either OPUS or FS Global Real Weather as the weatherengine in the background. Everyone, please enjoy! Cheers, Christoph Taking off into a late summer sky from Launceston on a flight to Melbourne … a nice sky on descend … one from YBBN prior to flying into the night … three shots from Alaska now: Two at PAKT and one enroute between PANC and PAJN … finally: Three slightly edited shots back in from Australia now again … the Majestic Q400 on the run now Taking off from Missoula if i recall correctly and into a friendly sky … … via ILS into KPDX … … visual into Wrangell … … cockpit … … some icing … … Ground Power … And now: Two shots from England: … EGHA on a very early morning – what a super fine little GA airfield
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