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  1. Hello - I just loaded one of my favorite spots - KBVS Skagit Regional and this is what I saw. Before today, KBVS has been without blemish. Log.txt
  2. Operating system: W10 Simulator: X11.41 Screenshot: attached Issue: could not download and save the manifest I am facing the could not dowload and save the manifest error. I have tried reinstalling a few times and using the fast version deactivating antivirus and windows defender launching program as administrator before every action moving Orbx folder to the same drive as the xplane folder (g: drive) trying all possible locations for library folder, temporary location and back up sync to the simulator before every action creating the
  3. Not sure what I've done wrong on the install, but I'm guessing it shouldn't look like this - any ideas?
  4. Hi! I would like to briefly describe a problem I have with the ORBX Central. It is about my own sceneries but also sceneries from third party manufacturers, it is freeware as well as payware sceneries. Every time I start "Verify Files" or the synchronization, the Central changes the add-ons.xml of these sceneries. Suddenly there are new layer entries, so that all of these sceneries are unusable because there are errors in the scenerie. But it is particularly bad that changing the add-ons.xml changes the "Simobjects"-Category to the "Autogen"-Category, which is of course
  5. Hello to all ! I am having a problem after installing ORBX by Central, it appears like a GLITCH or missing textures of the terrain. I never had this problem before, I unistalled BASE PACK, VECTOR, LC's and Libraries and I install again, but the problem still. I have delected Terrain.cfg just to make P3DV4 rebuilt again, but it does not work anyways. I have go to settings in ORBX central and press in Sync Simulator but still not working as fine. I attached my Central Log, Terrain.cfg and a Screen of the problem. I hope you can help me ! central.log terrain.cfg
  6. Ciao Pilots! I'm brandnew in this fantastic community and I'm so proud to join! I was very fascinated by the Orbx job looking at photos and videos. That's why I decided to buy it and to install the scenary of South Britain. I have a biiiiig doubt: after have downloaded and installed the add-on, I didn't notice any difference with the old scenary provided by Laminar. I checked into the Xplane folder and it seems that all is ok. Could you be so kind to support me? Many thanks in advance :) Fede
  7. I just purchased EU Germany South and EU England. I also have OpenLC Europe, Global Base Pack and Global Vector. Here is the problem, within 10 minutes of starting a flight in Germany South my computer runs out of memory. Reducing my display settings significantly still does no good. I also have Open LC North America, Central Rockies, Northern Rockies, Pacific Fjords, Pacific Northwest, Southern Alaska and Jackson Hole Airport. I can fly in these regions all day with my display settings at ultra High with no memory problems. There must be something about EU Germany South that is not right. Is
  8. Today, I purchased 4 airport scenaries from your site. The N. the order is as follows: 5c6d7fe439a7d of the cost of AUD 123.80. Unfortunately, after downloading them with the FTX central program, when I started the simulator for x-plane 11, I got the message that shows a problem with the log.txt files. Attached I sent the photo where you see the problem highlighted, on the photo there are only two airports, but this error also occurred on the other two. Therefore I kindly ask you to have explanations and the possible solution to the problem. I remind you that if it is not possible to remedy th
  9. Hello everyone, I bought ORBX Global openLC Europe and Global VECTOR from the ORBX website.I installed them by the FTX Central. The problem is that, in my simulator, when I'm in (especially cruising), my textures do not load ! This gives something very ugly ! The textures do not load from the beginning to the end, which gives full of ugly pixels... I put you screens that I took at different times of my flights to show you. https://imgur.com/a/aCsTmM3 My PC configuration : Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6500 CPU @ 3.20GHz // 8Go RAM // Nvidia GTX 1070 // Windows 10 // 64bits // Motherboard H
  10. Hello Despite several reinstalls, restarts etc FTC Central for X-Plane refuses to recognise my purchase, clicking the greyed out Icon takes me back to the web store. Strangely, if I select FSX rather than either of my 2 X-Plane installations, the installer goes ahead and does its job. I downloaded 2 freeware packages and installed these fine so I feel that FTX is installed correctly. Any help would be most welcome. I'm using Windows 10 with all current updates. Thanks in advance Shaun
  11. Hello So recently i installed holgermes Asutraila and Papua New Guinea. After i installed them the problem started, so i uininstalled both ot them. But now all my textures everywhere are black. When i fly the textures are normal further away but turns black when i get closer. I have switched all the addons airport to Spring season. I tried to download new Terrain.cfg so Orbx filled inn new entries but nothing works. Any tips? Here is a screenshot.
  12. Hello, I'm trying to reïnstall FTX global vector i always got a message try to reïnstall.. See attachment for the picure what i got Currently installed ORBX FTX Global BASE Pack FTX Global openLC Europe FTX Global openlc North America FTX Global openlc South Amercia Simulator i use P3D v4.2 Kind regards Glen
  13. Hello, after i instaled openLC Europe i have problem with ground textures. I have Global and Vectors I tried reinstall all this product but nothing help. if i disable openLC textures looks normal but when i active openLc it Looks like ......
  14. i have tried to unistall and install it many times... but i just can get it to work... Anyone here that can help me?
  15. After install the base pack I have no autogen in the sim,even if i set the sliders to extreamly dense. I try to reinstall but its didn't sloved the problem. Someone had the same problem?
  16. I purchased global vector and base pack. I downloaded the packs via FTX central 3 when I experienced download / installation problems. I want to download them again. How to do within FTX central 3 there is no option to do so. Or do I first need to uninstall the package within FTX central and then I have the download option again? Thanks for your help P.s The north America, and HD trees downloaded and installed correctly.
  17. I can't seem to get EU England working alongside FTX Global in FSX. I've never had any issues with FTX Global, but after installing EU England my textures have become completely confused across all of England. The best way to describe what I mean is with screenshots: After takeoff from runway 07 EGNT Upon reaching the coast the sea appearing as trees: My scenery priority (copied from instructions found online) - everything above what you can see below is just my addon airport scenery. I'm using FTX Central V3. Can anyon
  18. I did a fresh install of FSX to an new computer and installed FTX New Zealand North island scenery using FlightSim Store installer. FSX is out of the box, I haven't tweaked fsx.cfg file or done anything yet to corrupt the program. I took off for a short test flight from Napier airport, and the surroundings are flooding with water. What could cause this? I haven't seen this problem before and I don't know how to begin to solve this. Is this a problem of scenery library, or did the installation fail or does this have something to do with graphics card or what? Help!
  19. I've just completed a fresh install of latest updates of Global Base, Vector, EU LC and England Region. Here's a screenshot of London. Anyone got any Idea why it looks like this...?
  20. Hello, I have the following problem with both FTX regions I own, Southern Alaska and Norway: Black artefacts appear near buildings (see screenshots included). They do not appear in default FS X scenery. I use numerous add-ons, mainly aircraft. The only landscape changing add-on I use apart from ORBX scenery is REX 4 Texture direct with soft clouds. I have this problem already some time and can't remember when it appeared for the first time or after the installation which add-on. Thanks in advance for your help. If you need more information to resolve this problem
  21. After installing the latest release of NA LC and the latest libraries, I am getting a sky which flashes between black and normal color. It happens more as I look around the scenery. This never happened before the upgrade. I tried moving my airplane to an ORBX region (Bowerman) and no problems. So far, this has happened at KBUF, and the Dallas, TX area. This is happened in FSX and not in P3D 3.3.5. I already tried re-booting. Also, if it was a problem with my memory, PC, graphics card, etc., it would happen regardless of what airport I move my airplane to but the ORBX regions I've tested moving
  22. Greetings! My install went normally though i did look for instructions and found none. I managed to find an exe file and followed my nose. Being a recent ORBX reinstall (Win 10) Global Light Conf not installed, though it is now. My problem: Central reports that my NA LC is NOT installed. Yet in the ORBX (P3D 3.3.5) folder it shows OLC_NA1 and NA2 are installed (9.9Gb and 5.3Gb respectively). They are also registered in the Scenery Library. Hmm. Looked for volcanos in Hawaii as a reality check and found none. Went to troubleshooting and 'synced' and 'forced' for good measure. Any idea
  23. After a C: HDD Failure I am reinstalling from scratch on Windows 7 -64bit. I have down\loaded my purchases and started to reinstall the first title FTX Global v140. I have not been able to get the FTX Global Base wrapper to finish unwrapping the installer, it seems to freeze for longer than 30 min and I have to shut it down.. See screenshot attached. I never had this problem before and don't know how to overcome this issue. Any thoughts would be appreciated, fisheye .
  24. Hello Folks! Today, I tried to configure the "Barth Stralsund Airport" scenery but there is a missing XML-file. All I get is a red window with an error message (look at the screenshot). I seachred all SSD and HDDs I have got for the filename but I can not find it. I made a reinstall, but the same problem. I deleted nothing! I am the only one with that problem? Can somebody help me with that? My specs: Windows 10 Pro 64Bit FSX Steam Edition Regards, Marco P.S.: I love ORBX and I am waiting for the German scener
  25. Hi, I had installed South alaska, pacific fjords and homer airport previously without a problem. But i've been trying to install PAJN airport and everytime the wrapper finishes "unwrapping", the installer never starts, i attach the image of where it all ends. I've tryed changing temp folder, i have enough space on C:, i redownloaded the installer and nothing happens. Same result everytime. There's no error message. After a couple of hours waiting i got frustrated. If you could help me i'd appreciated. Thanks Elias
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