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Found 32 results

  1. Fun flight from ORBX Pearson Field in Vancouver Washington to ORBX Starks Twin Oaks in Oregon. Using Prepar3d V4.5 ORBX PNW, Portland City, REX Essentails +, Coradado CT182T G1000 and may some other addons long forgot.
  2. Dear ORBX Developers and forum members, I am an young, aspiring scenery developer, and I had some questions about the software and methods you may use to develop scenery. I did attend the Captain's Corner Seminar from ORBX on scenery development, but had some questions. Firstly, the software. I understand that many of you high-level developers use tools such as Photoshop and 3DS Max to model and texture the buildings, but I never understood how that was imported into the simulator, or how you apply the textures to the models. Also, do buildings have to be modeled using the measurements of the real airport, modeled to scale, or some other method? Secondly, how are other medium-sized additions added to the airport, such as moving vehicles, PBR, and 3D grass, added to the scenery. Thirdly, how is this all compiled? Does this use the SDK, external software, or other methods. Thank you for all your help! Sincerely, Goose
  3. I am thinking of switching to Prepar3D v4 from FSX-SE. I have a good bit of ORBX scenery, North America, Europe, Germany, England and several airports. All purchased for either FSX or FSX-SE. Even though my system is up to date and high performance I am beginning to have Out Of Memory problems. My question is this will any of my current ORBX scenery work with Prepar3D or X Plane 10 or 11?
  4. Orbx Germany North, Rex SkyForce, Wing42 Lockheed Vega
  5. Having been on sabbatical from flight sim for awhile, I've been checking out some of the things that came out while I was gone, and Cloverdale Municipal (O60) is a real charmer! Enjoy!
  6. Decided to record a short circuit out of John Wayne, down around Newport Beach California and back.. Kept my P3D settings modest for smooth video recording purposes.. I'm a stickler for video quality.. IMO... If you're going to upload a video, it should be the best possible quality at the expense of a longer upload and processing time.. If you're gonna show off scenery.. SHOW IT OFF! But... That's just my own OCD. Enjoy folks.. P3D v4 - Orbx Southern California - 2560x1440@60fps
  7. https://youtu.be/lrW1oyCAnWQ Prepar3d Flight ORBX Innsbruck to Salzburg in the Carenado EMB505 Phenom 300 | 4K A nice flight at low level in good conditions.
  8. Hi Pilots, as scenery and aircraft collector over the years it's often not easy to keep the overview what we all have on our virtual sim-globe and in the hangar. Luckily I had a bit more time the last days to start a graphics project to clean up and organize my Windows desktop a bit. I always liked to use changing background images every 10 minutes, so I want to use this for showing up all my addon airport scenery and later all my aircraft with edited out of the sim screenshots. So first I created a fixed overlay with an upper bar in the style of taxiway signs to describe the content of the desktop icon columns. You maybe see the effect of the transparent overlay to make the columns slightly visible - but really unobstrusive not to destroy the image. Another "Taxisign" at the bottom left... and at the bottom right this gimmick with the "File Terminal". The departures knob simply is the position for the recycle bin, what I renamed to "departures" - because the files will finally depart from my storage - in the arrivals knob is simply the link to the main download folder located, because files arrive on my data storage Because all these graphic elements stay fixed on all upcoming images, they are combined into a single overlay, what can get very fast combined with every airport screenie. The sidebar with basic airport information is now saved with not combined objects, so that I can edit this airport by airport. So day by day I hope to get an inspirational flow on my desktop, and some abandoned airports and later planes come more back into use - and it surely helps to get the ICAO codes into mind At first I plan more the overview shots of the airports, later maybe mixed with some detail images and additional infos in the right black sidebar. When working on the upper bar, it was exactly 4 times larger in resolution than the used bar, so that I scaled it to 25%. The "big one" is still saved as a Corel Photopaint image. As you can see, I use an 2560 x 1080 screen in Cinemascope aspect ratio (21:9). I think it really helps to keep my screen organized, and every icon has surely to avoid the "Restricted Area for Desktop Symbols" over the 7 columns So long Chris (Germany)
  9. After installing OpenLC NA I started a whole new series of flights between the free airports of the USA starting from Vulcan (Canada) to Shelby (Montana). You can follow the progress at http://www.wilveenstra.nl/north-america/orbx-airports. Enjoy if you like.
  10. Instead of investing so much time on my FSX installation (eg. getting my Saitek controls working well) I decided to jump into prepar3d. I did a couple of flights yesterday and without a doubt it is better than FSX (even the Steam version). I have been flying flight simulator since something like 1989 so this is an emotional day for me (well not really). I installed one of the Carenedo planes and it seemed to be ok. I see that the others I own are only for version P3D V2. Any installed what they call V2 compatible into V3? I notice that the weather isn't quite what I was used to in FSX since I had Rex installed. I see that Rex is only compatible for V2. Does anyone have any information on that? Same goes for PMDG. I think I would need to buy the P3D versions of my PMDG products. Is that true? Thanks for the help. I searched these forums but couldn't find the answer.
  11. Ofc with ORBX FTX Australia SP4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OTOLoHE56Y
  12. Hello Guys its my new video. I love Orbx global, vector and europe lc... look ! >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZ-Tq8Y3rbo
  13. Hi folks just 3 quick ones from v3
  14. Hi forum, the website of Prepar3D states that P3D comes with a range of default aircraft like the Beechcraft Bonanza A-36 or Alabeo's Extra 300s. Are these the original planes you would get when buying them from the seller's websites or are they kind of trial versions? Greetings,
  15. While we're waiting for the elevation issues to get sorted so that the P3D conversion can take place, thought I'd try just copying the ORBX KJAC folder from my still functioning FSX to P3D. Doesn't look a whole lot different to me. No issues. Cheers Steve Mac
  16. Just after taking off in KVTL Climbing Monterey in the dark. The Justflight F-27's ground equipment matches perfectly into the scenery from ORBX Thanks for watching. Dan
  17. https://youtu.be/TtA5OwMp0gw Just a straight copy from my FSX. No other tweaks or fixes. Now I can wait for LM to sort out the elevation issue, Works also for KSFF and KBZN.
  18. Exploring the beautiful FTX EU Norway version of city of Aalesund. This is just one of the many scenic areas of Norway. (Aalesund revealed at approx. 4:00) [media]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDqJR3e9X-Q Enjoy and thanks for watching! (Please disregard the detached shadows bug, it's definitely not an FTX bug and has been 'fixed' by REX after the video was made)
  19. Just having a little fun at Yakutat in P3Dv2.1. I have to tell you, folks, you are in for a real treat. Alex is doing a remarkable job with this scenery. As I use P3Dv2.1 exclusively, I'm gaining a greater appreciation for the lighting effects and DX11. These effects really do, in my opinion, enhance the feeling you already get of "being in Alaska" in Alex's scenery. The only addons I am using are REX4, Opus, and of course FTX SAK. Cheers, everyone! Todd
  20. HI guys, I'm looking at giving Prepar3d a go, and was wondering if wollongong and Jandakot are usable for the latest P3d? also about my aussie dvd sp4? can i just install those like I normally would for fsx?? thanks (feel free for the mods to move the topic if I placed in wrong spot..) milo
  21. hi guys, just a question, would fsx be classed as an entertainment simulator? and would P3d be classed as a trainer? cause I thought I red some where that this was ment not to be the same as fsx but I could be wrong.. milo
  22. Hey, I have never done a multiplayer flight, I am wondering where do you all Orbx scenery lovers fly in which server? I do not have FSX, only Prepar3d. Thanks, airwolf
  23. Hi Orbx Team, Thank You for creating FTX Global. This is absolutely stunning product. The new textures is just simply fantastic. In the next few days I will post few P3D tweaks and believe me there are few tweaks/quirks of P3D v1.4. Eyefinity/Triple screen users will really enjoy it. I am able to run complex aircraft (QW-146 etc), weather, traffic AI, autogen at Dense, spanned over 3 monitors with resolution 5760x1200 - with FPS locked at 20 (I have gone higher), with pretty much all scenery sliders to the right with VAS being down (key in P3D) and it runs pretty much flawlessly. This is just simply amazing and that too on a i5-750 (oced to 4.1ghz) box!!! I just can't do vector lights it does bring fps down (super excited about 1.1 patch). Bottom Line - FTX Global rocks, and is one of the best software purchases that I have done in a long time. Simply awesome. Thank You Orbx. Now few general questions 1) I am not able to achieve these good rates with this Dense/Normal autogen in PNW (in PNW, the P3D VAS is jumping up quite fast with normal autogen), but will the new upcoming FTX Regions be more smooth due to newer code? 2) Talking about FTX Regions - which current product can give me smooth rates like FTX Global (Yes, I know ftx global is texture replacement program, ftx region are specialized). 3) Will the new upcoming FTX Regions support the 3D-Lighting system ? (not talking about vector lights, but those 3d lights on the streets),as it works super good on my wide screen resolution Thank you for your time, -a
  24. Hi everyone, I'm just about ready to pull the pin on FSX. I'm tired of the constant crashes within Windows 8 which I haven't been able to resolve after spending several hours researching and implementing fixes. The bottom line is that even though they continue to sell the product, Microsoft are very unlikely to ever provide any real support in terms of patches, fixes, upgrades or service packs. Anyway, I'd love to hear from anyone who has switched to Prepar3d, especially Windows 8 users. Have you had any issues? Would you recommend it?
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