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  1. Hi I found 2 major issues and 1 minor with "Orbx Cityscape Canberra for FSX and Prepar3D" in Prepar3D 5 Tall trees near the runway threshold A floating Federal Parliament Less critical, but immersion breaking: flickering runway texture at Canberra airport. Details and a 30 sec video of those trees here: http://www.migman.com/pax/migman/201005.php Is there a fix for these?
  2. I noticed that Gaya Sim has released Tegel but did find no release thread here. Are there any plans to release EDDT for P3D4? I most likely can't go there on november 7th to do one of the farewell flights, so I need a decent replacement. I was never really satisfied with the competing product.
  3. During this terrible time of the Corona virus a lot people work at home. For me it was already quite usual, because I am retired. Nevertheless I walk around in my neighborhood (Netherlands - Enkhuizen) taking all necessary precautions. At home I do some drawing and fly around the virtual world using Prepar3D and the fantastic Orbx products (I on a lot of it). I create YouTube videos which are enjoyed by some people. The creations is really fun, because after flying I edit the movie using Screencast-O-Matic, a great product which is not expensive (I use it already about 6 years). During this proces it feels like I am at that location. In this way I am far away from Corona. More flights I created can be found at www.wilveenstra.nl I hope all of you will stay healthy and overcome this period. http://youtu.be/rFgdJaDSJz4?hd=1 Have a nice flight, Wil Btw, the end of the flight with the city of Birmingham looks terrible compared to the start.
  4. Fun flight from ORBX Pearson Field in Vancouver Washington to ORBX Starks Twin Oaks in Oregon. Using Prepar3d V4.5 ORBX PNW, Portland City, REX Essentails +, Coradado CT182T G1000 and may some other addons long forgot.
  5. I have this odd issue with the terminal at CYQM. I know it is part of the Base Pack from Orbx, and it looks great, other than this weird issue with the terminal/ramp area. Any ideas how to fix this!? Thanks!
  6. Today I made a flight from EGML to EGHP. Both ORBX products I bought and installed in P3D. After landing at EGHP and taxying to a parking the whole airfield looked empty. I didn't see any aircraft. Only cars, no people. A strange empty view I have not seen before. See the the image. I checked and altered some of the settings accoring the User Guide of EGHP but still the same view. I have TEGB South installed also.
  7. This is a new clean installation. I have not installed any other add on software for Prepare3d yet. I chose to use a library outside of the Prepar3d file structure for installation; the default Prepar3d add on location (Prepare3D v4 Add-ons). After Installing my owned Global Products Base Pack, Tress HD, VECTOR, OpenLC Europe, OpenLC Mesh South America, OpenLC North America, OpenLC South America; Prepar3d just hangs at the splash/dialog screen. When I remove the ORBX Global files completely from the Prepar3d default add on folder Prepar3d would start up and go to the scenario dialog. I have attempted to re-synchronize the simulator from the ORBX Central help screen and it did not fix anything.
  8. Operating system: Windows 10 Pro Simulator: Prepar3d V4.5HF1 Screenshot: See Below Issue: Orbx Central thinks all my products have to be bought again Hi guys, This is absolutely an interesting bug it happened while I am using Orbx Central. This was not at all there in the early builds when closed testing was happening. I just installed few items from my library, and after installing Global vector, all my products are getting added to the cart it even things Vector is brand new purchase. Can not even see the configuration option for vector Entire products of prepar3dv4 in my account is now considered as new purchase. Very strange bug this is. Please see screenshot & logs central.log
  9. Dear ORBX Developers and forum members, I am an young, aspiring scenery developer, and I had some questions about the software and methods you may use to develop scenery. I did attend the Captain's Corner Seminar from ORBX on scenery development, but had some questions. Firstly, the software. I understand that many of you high-level developers use tools such as Photoshop and 3DS Max to model and texture the buildings, but I never understood how that was imported into the simulator, or how you apply the textures to the models. Also, do buildings have to be modeled using the measurements of the real airport, modeled to scale, or some other method? Secondly, how are other medium-sized additions added to the airport, such as moving vehicles, PBR, and 3D grass, added to the scenery. Thirdly, how is this all compiled? Does this use the SDK, external software, or other methods. Thank you for all your help! Sincerely, Goose
  10. I am currently having no night lighting at all in my P3D, only the default lights load up. I have attached screenshots of my FTX Central settings and my Global Lights Config settings and lighting settings in P3D its self.
  11. I am thinking of switching to Prepar3D v4 from FSX-SE. I have a good bit of ORBX scenery, North America, Europe, Germany, England and several airports. All purchased for either FSX or FSX-SE. Even though my system is up to date and high performance I am beginning to have Out Of Memory problems. My question is this will any of my current ORBX scenery work with Prepar3D or X Plane 10 or 11?
  12. This problem active in Prepar3D v3, v4. Crash detection enabled and will never be disabled. In Central active libs and this scene. Sims full defaut. When i disable orbxlibs in scenery library - All OK Please do not ask me disable crash detection. Video: Скачать видео Скачать видео Скачать видео Скачать видео
  13. Orbx Germany North, Rex SkyForce, Wing42 Lockheed Vega
  14. Can anybody explain to me why the scenery of Australia differs a lot from Google Earth? Example: I departed from Wynyard (YWYY) and had to make a turn and came along this airport again. You can see Wynyard is located at the left-side of the airport: However is you look at Google Earth (PRO) you can see that Wynyard is located at the right-side of the airport. At the left-side is nothing: I am totally confused with this. I can generate more examples, but this one is illustrating it at the best. Before I made this flight I checked everything first, like an updated library, forced a re-migration again, verified the files of the Oceania Region and checked Add-Ons Setting in the FTX Global Vector. Have a nice flight, Wil
  15. I just finished installing AI traffic for Australia and New Zealand and now when I start Prepar3d I get error messages that each aircraft must have a unique name. Looking at the FTX simobject folders, I can see that each aircraft has its own folder with multiple paint schemes in the folder. How can I prevent Prepar3d from displaying all these error messages each time it loads?
  16. Having been on sabbatical from flight sim for awhile, I've been checking out some of the things that came out while I was gone, and Cloverdale Municipal (O60) is a real charmer! Enjoy!
  17. None of my FTX products except Stockholm Arlanda is working. I have enabled everything in the scenery library in P3D but I am still getting the default scenery. I have reinstalled everything without luck. I dont know how to resolve this. please help! Thanks! the products I have are: FTX GLOBAL FTX OPENLC FTX BASE PACKAGE FTX NORWAY
  18. Decided to record a short circuit out of John Wayne, down around Newport Beach California and back.. Kept my P3D settings modest for smooth video recording purposes.. I'm a stickler for video quality.. IMO... If you're going to upload a video, it should be the best possible quality at the expense of a longer upload and processing time.. If you're gonna show off scenery.. SHOW IT OFF! But... That's just my own OCD. Enjoy folks.. P3D v4 - Orbx Southern California - 2560x1440@60fps
  19. Hi all, I'm experiencing the weirdest problem with my newley bought Hammerfest airport. When I load up the q400 it's shows all kinds of strange behavior. When you load up the sim with hammerfest and directly the q400 it's starts spinning like a madman flying up in the air etc. When I load the turbine duke for example this doesn't occur. So then I loaded in first the piper cub, after that the q400. No spinning occurred. But taking of the strange behaviour becan again. Just flipping over to the right and left. When I load the q400 with ENTC for example I have no problems. (I thought it had to do with active sky beta update) but that's not it? Anyone some Ideas?
  20. https://youtu.be/lrW1oyCAnWQ Prepar3d Flight ORBX Innsbruck to Salzburg in the Carenado EMB505 Phenom 300 | 4K A nice flight at low level in good conditions.
  21. Using Prepar3d v3.4 Hotfix 2, and the taxiway lights are behaving quite weird. The blue lights are all gone, and the green ones seem to only be visible in a distance. Once you get closer they disappear. Also if you get a camera really close to the ground, more lights seem to appear. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling ESSA only, deactivating all other custom scenery, having only ESSA and the ORBX libs at the top of the scenery list, and tried a bunch of different display settings, but nothing seems to quite do the trick. When I switched of HDR lighting, the redraw of various objects were very slow, and for a moment all the green lights showed up, until the texture for the taxiway was drawn, then they disappeared. I've attached a couple of screenshots of this. Would really appreciate any help.
  22. Good evening, I have 2 simulators installed on my computer : FSX Steam Edition and Prepard V3. I decided recently to use both simulators, which means I want to use FTX Global in FSX and P3d. FTX Global is at the moment installed in P3d. I started the installer and selected FSX (there's no FSX SE) continued and the program shows me that it's going to be installed in the Prear3D directory although I selected FSX. I once deleted FTX Global from Prepar3d to try if this time it installs correctly, but it didn't. How can I solve this problem ?
  23. Hi Pilots, as scenery and aircraft collector over the years it's often not easy to keep the overview what we all have on our virtual sim-globe and in the hangar. Luckily I had a bit more time the last days to start a graphics project to clean up and organize my Windows desktop a bit. I always liked to use changing background images every 10 minutes, so I want to use this for showing up all my addon airport scenery and later all my aircraft with edited out of the sim screenshots. So first I created a fixed overlay with an upper bar in the style of taxiway signs to describe the content of the desktop icon columns. You maybe see the effect of the transparent overlay to make the columns slightly visible - but really unobstrusive not to destroy the image. Another "Taxisign" at the bottom left... and at the bottom right this gimmick with the "File Terminal". The departures knob simply is the position for the recycle bin, what I renamed to "departures" - because the files will finally depart from my storage - in the arrivals knob is simply the link to the main download folder located, because files arrive on my data storage Because all these graphic elements stay fixed on all upcoming images, they are combined into a single overlay, what can get very fast combined with every airport screenie. The sidebar with basic airport information is now saved with not combined objects, so that I can edit this airport by airport. So day by day I hope to get an inspirational flow on my desktop, and some abandoned airports and later planes come more back into use - and it surely helps to get the ICAO codes into mind At first I plan more the overview shots of the airports, later maybe mixed with some detail images and additional infos in the right black sidebar. When working on the upper bar, it was exactly 4 times larger in resolution than the used bar, so that I scaled it to 25%. The "big one" is still saved as a Corel Photopaint image. As you can see, I use an 2560 x 1080 screen in Cinemascope aspect ratio (21:9). I think it really helps to keep my screen organized, and every icon has surely to avoid the "Restricted Area for Desktop Symbols" over the 7 columns So long Chris (Germany)
  24. About a week ago I installed the newest client of Prepar3D_v3_Academic_3.4.22.19868, but the water behavior is very weird. So, I asked for support at LM. I followed the advise to remove the files scenery.cfg and terrain.cfg from the ProgramData folder and tested again. The result was the issue was gone. So, that is the reason why I knock on the Orbx door. Are you aware of this phenomenon. Is there a fix? I hope you can help. Wil Here is an image:
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