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Found 16 results

  1. I thought I'd share one of my first attempts at filming my flying "skills" with you, piloting the 777 into FSDT's Zürich.
  2. Hello Orbx team, After the installation of EGKA in Prepar3D v3 I found out that all the static aircraft are floating above the ground as you can see in the screenshot. After the installation I ran the Vector Configuration Tool, as I do after every new installation of an airport. My mesh settings are at 5m as is pointed out in the manual. Any other suggestions how I can fix this? Thanks!
  3. Some Impressions in P3D V3 from Las Vegas SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA with FS Dreamteam McCarran International and Active Sky Next... Regards Stefan
  4. The Mighty Dash kicks off irregularly unscheduled service between two recent Orbx masterpieces. Best, Marshall
  5. Viewer request tutorial on doing an RNAV approach. Also with bonus segment on using Cat And Duck Method. Flightbeam KSFO and Orbx NorCal. Best, Marshall https://youtu.be/5ktC1w1ZbdY
  6. Tasty NorCal terrain. Residents running for cover. They're fleeing the spinning, falling, twisting, turning Mighty Dash. Ahhh, but they need not fear, because we are armed with knowledge that will save them from chunks of wreckage in the ole attic. Attempting here to translate the American Airlines unusual attitude training sessions (Warren Vanderburgh, YouTube) into the Dash cockpit, as well as using my own experience in the sim. Some of it may match RW. Most of it seems to work in the sim. Still, I'd love some additional feedback on the training that RW Q400-jockeys g
  7. Foggy SF Bay goodness, and a little tutorial for anyone trying to crack the code to smoothly landing The Mighty Dash. Best, Marshall
  8. First full flight in Majestic's Pro version. Over Orbx's OpenLC Canada, FTX Global and Vector--REALLY looking forward to the rest of OpenLC NA. Exploring the new HUD. Making LOTS of mistakes, but figuring things out. A festival of errors, but also a journey of discovery. A good place to start with what looks to be a trusty steed for a long time to come. Fun stuff! Best, Marshall
  9. New York in Vector and Global glory. Can't wait for OpenLC NA Pt. 2. This is for all the Dash lovers out there who've been digging around in all the new features in the Pro version. I built a mocked-up company RNP/GPS approach using the Pro Q400's new FMS functionality, Google Earth and a few other hacks. Not really realistic. Certainly not legal to fly. Fun, though, to explore the possibilities and figure it all out. Best, Marshall
  10. A cool ILS arrival into Bowerman, over Orbx PNW for Prepar3d v3. Can't credit Majestic enough. What a job they've done with the Dash! It now has the HUD to hand-fly to Cat-III precision, and the new controls to make it seem easy. I couldn't have flown this arrival better myself. Oh, wait! I did! Best, Marshall
  11. Great learning flight for me. KSFO-KMRY, with a full ILS approach, including procedure turn, on arrival. Bunch of mistakes. And mistakes corrected. And hand-flying. Screwed up on departure. Fixed it. Then the FMS did something weird on arrival. Not being a Child of The Magenta Line (Seriously, watch the AAL training video of that title on YouTube), I dropped down a level of automation and dealt with it. Good hand-flying workout and HUD use. The new Dash Pro really flies well! ---NOTE--- Forgot to say when talking in the video about
  12. Naples in P3dv3, with FTX Global & Open LC. Thank you for looking
  13. Chasing daylight into KCOU (Columbia Regional), in Prepar3D v3...
  14. Prepar3D V3 - Global - LC EU - PMDG 737 NGX - FS Global real weather Have a good flight
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