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  1. HI I'm slowely getting back into flying, and would like to get into the proper 737 -800s and the 777s, also evenutally into long haul flights which I've neve been able to do.. so thinking of starting with the 737 - 800 as I sort of started with that with fsx back in the day when I first arrived here. would like to evenualy get into vatsim some day once I'm familiar with the planes,.plane.. Is there a cargo version of these before I delve into the passenger side of things or should I just dive straight into it. any ideas would be great , I have p3d v4
  2. Hello orbx, hello community, i spent most of the last 2 days troubleshooting my P3D V4. I had an issue two days ago where payware-aircraft immidiately made P3D CTD when i clicked "fly" - after some troubleshooting, i got that sorted out by deinstalling and reinstalling orbx (Global, LC EU, LC NA, North Germany, Trees HD). I thought things were fine, but they arent. I'm currently flying the same flight for the 6th time: ENTC (Tromso) to LOWW (Vienna) with PMDG 738WL. All of these flights CTD when I clicked the MCDU after 60-90minutes inflight. No matter if active sky on/off, chaseplane on/off, airports on/off, you name it. Of course, i started with deinstalling the PMDG and installing the newest package, reinstalling P3D content, but with no luck. Finally i gave it a try and disable all of ORBX Products and now everything seems to work fine. I just landed after over 3 hours of flight without any issues in vienna. Could click on the MCDU all the time. Is there any reasonable connection that can cause such issues? I'll be happy to provide whatever information necessary. My next steps would be: - completely remove all ORBX-Products and removing ALL files - reinstall them in the best possible way/order. I'd appreciate any input how to do that in the best possible manner. thank you in advance, stefan SYS: i6700k, 1080ti, win 10, p3dv4. current drivers.
  3. So great to have the wonderful PMDG NGX in P3Dv4. It has to be an all-time ground-breaker and classic! Here's my favourite livery: ... my 2nd favourite livery!! Adam.
  4. Hi, The screen captures represent a short flight from Eagle County airport (KEGE) to Telluride (KTEX). All shots are unedited and in FSX. The flight was made during the winter season, on January 8. There are lots of beautiful mountains between KEGE and Telluride, and also some unpredictable weather… The expected ceiling at Telluride was 8500 ft. On the way to the airport, the clouds and visibility were sometimes obscuring the mountains. Telluride is a very inviting airport for a MD-11. The 7000 feet runway itself does not represent a big challenge, although its 100 feet are a bit narrow: this aircraft would normally require a 150 feet wide landing surface. The virtual VFR approach made with the MD-11 was the most expensive way to do the trip, since it required a fly-by and a 270 degree turn to the right to align with runway 09. The 270 degree turn at a 10-20 degree bank allowed to transit from 14,000 to 10,000 ft without doing anything radical. Just a turn while descending and gradually loosing speed to arrive at around 160 kts on final. The aircraft was now installed on long final, with flaps set at 50 degrees. The runway’s 9078 feet msl elevation meant the pilots dealt with lower air density when approaching and, as such, the airspeed had to be adjusted accordingly to prevent stalling on final. Here is a view from the Telluride tower… Now with a view like that, you would not consider coming in IFR…! To prevent an overshoot and some additional expenses in fuel (which are already skyrocketing), an optimal approach was required. Most accidents with the MD-11 happen when the pilot pushes on the stick when there is a rebound with the nose wheel, thus creating an even stronger rebound. When there is a rebound, there is no need to push on the stick, just wait and the aircraft sets itself quickly. Now with max breaking and thrust reversers… The MD-11 can easily turn at the first taxiway at Telluride. But in order to capture a wider view of the airport, I exited at the last taxiway (again adding to the already enormous expense in fuel…) The employee on the ramp was worried that the MD-11 lower winglet would scratch N900SS while taxiing. But there was plenty of space (11 inches)... The MD-11 was parked temporarily in a spot needed by every aircraft. It was necessary to unload quickly the precious cargo and get out of the way. Some expert handling would be needed to help move back that MD-11 close to the runway. But that was the Telluride’s airport manager problem and he had promised he would have something ready! Cheers! François
  5. Instead of investing so much time on my FSX installation (eg. getting my Saitek controls working well) I decided to jump into prepar3d. I did a couple of flights yesterday and without a doubt it is better than FSX (even the Steam version). I have been flying flight simulator since something like 1989 so this is an emotional day for me (well not really). I installed one of the Carenedo planes and it seemed to be ok. I see that the others I own are only for version P3D V2. Any installed what they call V2 compatible into V3? I notice that the weather isn't quite what I was used to in FSX since I had Rex installed. I see that Rex is only compatible for V2. Does anyone have any information on that? Same goes for PMDG. I think I would need to buy the P3D versions of my PMDG products. Is that true? Thanks for the help. I searched these forums but couldn't find the answer.
  6. Just completed a quick 1 hr flight from Jackson`s hole over to the Eagles nest. Thanks everyone and a Happy NY too All.
  7. It's 75 years since Air New Zealand started up down here, so expect a few more along these lines from me! Of all the liveries used over the years, the TEAL-derived "Pacific Wave" scheme is my favourite by far. It adapts so well to so many aircraft and suits the NZ landscape so perfectly. Not much livery to be seen here - but it works well in "the land of the long white cloud"! Adam.
  8. Some view taken there is few month when the PMDG 737 NGX came on P3D ! Have a good flight
  9. https://youtu.be/TtA5OwMp0gw Just a straight copy from my FSX. No other tweaks or fixes. Now I can wait for LM to sort out the elevation issue, Works also for KSFF and KBZN.
  10. Hello there, Can anyone tell me if ORBX scenery can run on a slave pc ? I have asked support twice in the last two weeks already but I had no reply as yet. Many Thanks Maz
  11. I 'Bring It On' via the gorgeous modelled B737NG by PMDG. I choose airport 'Hervey Bay' at Australia's coast to take-off to a (sofar)undefined destination:
  12. Few shots from last flight in VATSIM over Europe. Enjoy! More sshots: http://s832.photobucket.com/user/fotomajora/library/FSX?sort=3&page=1
  13. I found this pic lurking on my hard drive and I don't remember posting it. The PMDG NGX in Air New Zealand colours departing NZAA - with that marvellous ORBX coastal scenery ... Adam.
  14. Hi again guys, Tonight I had a spare few hours so decided to fly the return leg of the flight I did yesterday, once again in the NGX on Vatsim. I took a few screenshots of the journey so decided to share them with you. Hope you enjoy! (All photos are unedited apart frm resized!) Home for the next two hours Enjoying a wing veiw somewhere over Germany A quick glimse of England as we decend, and of course the light snow on the fields after todays weather.... About to decend through the clouds at FL150 Iam not quick enough to capture the shots but as we decended the clouds got black and I saw my first ever REX lightning, WOW! Not the best of landings but at least I can blame it on the Snow,Lightning and Strong Crosswinds What horrible weather, being brittish you would thought Id be use to it by now I hope you enjoyed looking at the shots, now its my turn to have a look at some of the shots posted today, I might be here for a while Kind Regards Josh (Thought I would also note sorry for the little 'Vatsim Pannel' in the bottom corner, I run a multiple monitor setup but my computer goes crazy when I move it.)
  15. Hi guys, Decided to do a flight in the NGX today on Vatsim.I flew from Gatwick(EGKK) to Dusseldorf (EDDL), it was a beautiful flight with great looking weather, lots of atc and great scenery(of course thanks to EU ENGLAND ) (All photos are unedited, apart from resized) "Catering to flight 281 please..." "Take the next left onto Romeo." Final veiws on England as we race towards the channel. "Cleared to Flight Level 290." "Ladies and Gentlemen,we have reached our cruize altitude the seatbelt sign has been turned off.. " Thanks for looking, Kind Regards Josh
  16. First image posted onto the screenshot forum, this was taken after a flight from Newcastle to Heathrow over some stunning FTX scenery. Kind Regards Josh
  17. Woke up to a nice day at OG39 and I just had to take the JS41 for a flight. Destination: KJAC! Assumming no problems, that is... Beautiful morning in Central Oregon The view from the other side. JS41 Parked by the hangar... Plan view, parking area Just finished boarding A spotter outside the ranch emailed me this one! Engine start Ready for takeoff...wait a minute! Starting the evacuation...I guess we get to stay at the ranch for a few weeks!
  18. So...I was out and about on the web looking for a new low-and-slow aircraft the other day (A2A Cub, or something similar). I spent a few hours finding the "perfect fit" ...but just couldnt decide. I felt like I already had other airplanes that could do the same job. Just then, I noticed that I dont really have a quality transport category passenger airplane for FSX! I do own the Level-D 767, the ATR 72-500, and the Super 80, but all those virtual cockpits are painful to look at after experiencing the RealAir Duke, etc... I considered a 737 (there are two very competitive models out there), but that was just too high and too fast for Orbx (IMHO). I found the perfect balance in the PMDG JS41. Fast, somewhat low-flying (Orbx looks phenomenal in the 15000 to 20000 ft range), has a superb flight model, and excellent system modeling. Anyhow...Just took it out for my first flight today from Bowerman to Longview Ranch, and snapped a few shots! Parked at the large GA parking spot... Holding short for landing traffic... Taking off, runway 24 Climbing out. Love the photoreal bay! The view from 14000 ft... Cheers!
  19. Hi guys, After a few years of simming now I find myself prefering to fly the 'big boys' more often, on Vatsim, but Iam now wanting to add more realism to the whole experiance. I mainly fly the PMDG 737 and want some hardware compatiable with this aircraft. I currently have the saiteck pro flight yoke,throttles and rudder peddals. So I was wondering if you could advice me on what else you would reccomend.FYI I live in the UK and use FSX on a Windows 7 x64.bit system.So any help would be greatly appreciated and I will look forward to any feedback. Kind Regards Josh I was concidering these so far: http://www.opencockpits.com/catalog/0-p-370.html?cPath=22_61 http://www.opencockpits.com/catalog/0-p-110.html?cPath=22_61
  20. Hey folks this is my first video post on here.....please enjoy in 1080p my little movie Presidential Visit. Featuring Jackson Hole. Thanks for watching Doogie [media=]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7h78Gz7XDco
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