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Found 8 results

  1. Hi there, After looking closer at the files included in OLC and OLC mesh & photoreal for Africa, I realized that the mesh files are duplicated : OLC_AF2 folder exists in both OpenLC products and the Mesh & Photoreal freeware and they both contains the exact same data, is there any reason? Both are adding a scenery layer (one named "Orbx!OPENLC_AFRICA2" and the other named "Orbx!OPENLC_AFRICA2 (1)" ) in the sim while it's totally unneeded. I would like to keep the freeware for the photoreal parts but I don't really want the mesh to be added twice as the only thing it does is that it adds 3 additional Gb to be read by the simulator without any reason, as FSX/P3D is already CPU heavy it would be nice if one of these 2 layers could be deleted from one or another product. This may not sound that important but when you have a simulator that already load a whole Tb of data, you don't really want to add useless files in it. Could something be done on this? Why not including the photoreal data in OpenLC itself and keep the mesh as freeware addition as anyway it requires OpenLC to work?
  2. Hi every one ! I have a really nice photo scenery from Smedan Area and would like to complete it with the orbx Smedan Airport (LSZS) this airport encompasses 150 square km and that include photoreal scenery. Just wondering if it is possible to take away those BGL files, then i could use just the airport, not concern about the autopen, i just want to keep my photo scenery. thanks for your help and time //Gustavo
  3. I have openLC South America, and I am planning to tour South America's photoreal volcanoes. However, the names of the photoreal volcanoes do not appear to be documented on the product page or the User's Guide. Has anyone compiled a list and would be willing to share? Thanks, blackbird7
  4. Hi Orbx, I have encountered this problem with your YMML V2 product on Prepar3D V3.4.9. I think it may be the photoreal textures that are showing up as black and can only be stopped by being physically away from the airport, or zooming out like I have in the "top down view". This can be observed from any view in the sim. I updated my Orbx Libs, and installed V3 to try and fix it but still no luck as you can see in the photos attached below. Any help appreciated. -Matt
  5. Good evening, I am having a problem with getting ground objects such as trees to be 3D and they all appear to be flat like photo real scenery. It has also meant that I am not getting 3D night lighting. Any chance you can help? Thank you, Kamil (Order number 380201)
  6. I love the new FTX Southern California scenery - it is awesome! I got Jarrad Marshal's KPSP right away and was blown away by the mountain visuals. I'm wondering if Orbx has considered or would ever consider offering a photoreal mountain expansion pack, maybe one for each mountain range in the various terrain regions you offer? The mountains outside the KPSP area look good, too, but nothing compares to photoreal mountains in my opinion, and the ones Jarrad did are outstanding. I understand the download size would likely be fairly large, but it would be a great addition to areas like your U.S. West Coast offerings. Hope you'll consider - thanks in advance! As a side note, I'd like to say just how impressed I was with the FPS throughout the region - far, far better than I expected based on some of the opinions I read. I get 50+ FPS at Palm Springs in default aircraft, and usually only 10 or so less than that in my Carenado and Captain Sim planes. I can't do that anywhere in the PNW region. Kudos to the development team on a job well-done in the optimization department! Thanks again!
  7. A good way to end the simming year, around the Wairarapa (Godzone Photoreal Subscription, Volume 6) in the A2A Cub on a hazy summer afternoon: Happy holidays everybody
  8. I can't wait to see how the colors of Bluesky's Photogen Blends with global. You cannot beat photo-real desert terrain!
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