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  1. ... and to collect any prize. It has been quite some time since I had been invited to Alaska. And I could not resist. No more comments needed, since this is just the final into Valdez. Now it´s time to unload steaks and beer, get it all to the right temperature and learn from the the Mule Team.
  2. Hi This problem appears to have been raised before but I am unsure as to how to resolve it! On a few occasions I have attempted the approach and landing in Valdez (PAVD) with the the Flight1's King Air B200 and can confirm that up to the point of touchdown the approach has been flown in accordance with Navigraph's PAVD LDA DME H approach. Immediately prior to touchdown, almost in line with the second VASI/PAPI row of lights, the rate of descent is 110 ft per minute at 105kts, gear down, flaps to approach. For some reason a crash is detected. It seems that
  3. Hello FTX support, First, thank you very much for offering almost all your products at half of the normal prize, last week. I have expanded my FS world with many new Orbx airfields... At Valdez Pioneer Field PAVD, I ran into a half working animation of a mechanic, working on an airplane engine. In P3Dv4 this animation works fine (see YouTube video 2) but in FSX the mechanic is frozen,while his spanner flies around him :-) (see YouTube video 1). What can I do to solve this small and funny problem ? YouTube video 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WrJpNLmEk5E&app YouTube vid
  4. Hi all, Just been back to PAVD for the first time in a while and thought I would shoot a few Loc approaches. Have dialed in the frequency and the localiser is there but seems to be trying to direct me onto the taxiway to the right of 06 rather than down on the runway. Has anyone else seen the same thing?
  5. Yesterday I was leaving Valdez towards a bigger airport, being able to catch an overseas flight, and I chose a properly coloured plane, ... ... but how could I know that the original yellow flash was already around there?
  6. As you know me, I always check recent purchases with "low&slow" tools. Some great sights in Valdez, indeed. And changing to yellow...
  7. Time for boarding, you can easily read where. And here is the solution to my last "where am I" quiz, I was long discussing this with our friend @Neptune6: PAGS Gustavus beyond. Mt. Fairweather ... ... and the complete Glacier Bay NP. And finally approaching Valdez, another recent purchase of mine.
  8. ... after using the current Alabeo discount on FSS I had to do this test...
  9. For some reason, PAVD in my P3Dv4 is incredibly dark/contrasty ... but makes for very dramatic captures!! Adam.
  10. This is my first attempt at using the support forum so I hope I'm doing it right. I recently purchased PAVD Valdez along with a number of other sceneries in your current sale. It is an absolutely fantastic addon but I am having a problem with an invisible object on the runway causing the aircraft to crash during take off or landing. It's located on Runway 06 about 1000 feet from the threshold. Other than turning off "crash detection" which I hate to do, is there a fix for this? Thank you Ian
  11. Overflying Valdez airport PAVD in Piper Pacer before landing:
  12. I currently fly around in the gorgeous Aerofly FS2 sceneries, in particular the recent Orbx added area LOWI & NCGX but what I cuurently miss is the HiFi representation of clouds and sky textures when I fly via the FS FSX SE and P3D. See in follow shots how good they can be produced. I hope that in the future I can admire these textures also in Aerofly FS2. A job for 3rd parties like REX and AS ?
  13. It appears that Robe Lake, about 4 miles south of PAVD is not modeled as water and hence not landable by float plane. Would have been nice to see L93 modeled, the aircraft are visible in the photo scenery.
  14. Blue Wave Energy Partners (BWEP) is an excellent freeware from RTMM and the first two parts have now been released. I took my first flight along the Trans Alaska Pipeline in a Cessna 172 the other night. Very impressive it was too. However after reading the BWEP page on RTMM and seeing some shots from Oldendirt I realised that a chopper would be the best way to view the pipeline, or so I thought. Then along came Gerold and suggested the paramotor. 1. Got the Gopro set up and a full tank of fuel so lets go. 2. The Valdez Terminal, a lot of extras added
  15. I thought it would be quite easy to fly from Valdez to the mouth of the Copper River at Klutina Lake where Klutina Outfitteres is located. 1. As I had to climb to about 8000ft to safely get over the mountain I chose a very powerful aircraft. 2. Simple, follow the Valdez Glacier and then take the second glacier on the right. 3. Pity I never thought about the clouds though. 4. All I had to do here was head NNE and follow the Tonsina Glacier. 5. Without realising I had turned ESE, the moon should have been a give away. 7.
  16. A screenshotter's paradise for sure. Props to Magnus and Philip for this beauty Prepar3D 3.4.9, PTA shader mod, REX Soft Clouds, Navids Sky Set, HDEv2 Cirrus clouds - MSI GT73VR GRF Titan Pro laptop (i7 CPU, GTX1080 GPU, Win 10-64). All P3D sliders maxxed.
  17. Since I recently was able to fix this new airport a couple of days ago so the sink holes were fixed now I can enjoy flying using this scenery (except for a small issue). When using the taxiway I have a real hard time seeing the yellow centerline. It may be my old eyes getting worse but other airports don't seem to be this bad. I used REX 4 Texture Direct and changed the lines to a brighter yellow with a black border but in this scenery they don't show up. Is there a way that I can modify the lines to make them more visible. :-)
  18. My 1st flight with the newly purchased PAVD scenery in FSX-SE . . . JMAAL3 departure and on to PAYA (Yakutat) in the Turbine Duke V2 with GTN750 (x2) at dawn on 04-12-2016 with AS16 and ASCA. Can't get enough of it . . .
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