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  1. Yet another contribution from Mr. Prolific: Jan Kees Blom ... ... and into the early evening light ... Adam.
  2. PAJN - PAYA in the QW 757 at dawn. Climing out of PAJN on the Asort Two departure. Turning Final on the ILS 11 at PAYA Short Final All ready to unload and all in time to watch the sunrise.
  3. Hello, last week I purchased PAJN, when I load the sim Juneau makes it crash. I tried uninstalling then reinstalling, didn't help. I did some research and haven't found anything on this topic. I do use FTX Central.
  4. Hi! I have FTX Global BASE, Global Vector, and ORBX PAJN installed and am getting elevation oddities at PAJN as pictured in the attached screenshot. This is the only place I am getting these elevation issues. I have ran the AEC tool as well as checked both "Enabled" and "Disabled" for PAJN; however, it is not listed in either. I have no other 3rd party add-on's that could possibly affect PAJN. Please assist. Cheers! -Mike
  5. After arriving in Juneau for a bite while others handled the cargo, I departed for Yakutat. Carlos and his Sovereign was gone by the time I got there... Straight Vs, other than the cropped last.
  6. In the last chapter we finally reached Juneau, after a diversion to Whitehorse due to the weather, and produced some disappointed customers. Today these customers should be happy that we came back to pick them up! Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome aboard our flight back to Frankfurt, finally. Our route will take us roughly to the east to the Great Slave Lake, before turning north towards the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, over Greenland and crossing the Atlantic north of Iceland. We're then heading south along the coasts of Norway and Denmark. Flight time will be
  7. In the last chapter we tried to get to Juneau, but the weather wouldn't permit, so we went to Whitehorse instead. After spending the night in one of the luxurious hotels of Whitehorse, our brave pilots were meticulously scanning the weather reports for Juneau. After all, there were still 59 very disappointed passengers waiting in Juneau. For roughly between 13 and 14h Local time, a hole in the dense clouds was forecasted. The sun is shining and the mountains that yesterday were ominously looming are warmly greeting us today. Oh wait! Did you say "the sun is shining
  8. I recently purchased this title. When I select PAJN starting location at Gate 2, the sim loads with the aircraft loaded at Gate 3. I turned off the AFCAD file in MyTraffic thinking this was the culprit but no joy. The AFCAD scenery file being used is PAJN_ADEP2_TRB.bg l DO NOT have Southern Alaska installed. There are no elevation issues as well. I configured the title in FTX Central to deselect the static aircraft. Can anyone offer help? Just frustrating. Thanks Dom
  9. Greetings! 1st post here...latecomer to the Orbx scene. Bought a bunch of stuff over the great holiday sale, most worked fine (KTEX, KJAC, etc) Also purchased SAK and Juneau. I installed SAK 1st, then Juneau...getting issues in screens below. Did some forum searches, tried a link with the ADE_FTX_SAK_PAJN_elevation_adjustment.BGL..no luck. uninstalled both SAK and PAJN, then reinstalled in that order, no luck. Did not manually delete any files. I do NOT have vector. Please refer to the listings screens of all the *PAJN*.BGL files on my system. 4790k T
  10. Hello Just bought and installed PAJN (FSX SE, Win 10) The scenery has walls everywhere. I'm sure there is a fix for this. I had to uninstall VECTOR previously because it did the same thing to other scenery. All other ORBX scenery looks OK. Any ideas here? Thanks and cheers,
  11. Just purchased ORBX PAJN Juneau and after successful FTX load (per FTX that is), and then starting an FSX flight at PAJN, the scenery is quite corrupted. I had issues with PAKT as well and Doug helped me out of that jam. Need help again figuring out what's wrong with PAJN, and what I need to do to correct the ORBX scenery issue. Screenshot is attached. When I also start the flight selecting Rwy26 in FSX there is a massive hill right in front of me, on the runway. In the FSX Scenery Library PAJN is at the bottom of other purchased scenery and is above the default FSX scenery. Order No. 592
  12. Computer around 5 years old runs well on P3dv 4. 16Gigs ram, updated awhile ago to a GTX 960. CPU i7 3820 WIN10
  13. Lots of beautiful scenery in Southern Alaska, these screen shots don't really do it justice. Orbx – FTX: Global, Vector, Open LC North America, FTX: NA Blue Southern Alaska, FTX: NA PAJN Juneau International
  14. Not my usual route into Juneau...
  15. Great day + great weather + great scenery + great bird = Great Flight! An-2 from Juneau to Skagway Enjoy and thanks for looking! P3DV3 - ASN Weather Cheers Karsten
  16. 1. Setting off from PAJN going nowhere in particular. 2. Portland Island and heading north. 3. Below is the Favourite Channel, keeping over the water. 4. Above the Davidson Glacier. Not long after I checked the GPS to see Haines was only 25 miles away. 5. A slow descent until the GPS shows we are over water. Breaking through the clouds over Chilkat Inlet. 6. Close to Mud Bay and turning back towards Haines. 7. The Davidson Glacier again, under the port wingtip. 8. Over Haines town. 9.
  17. Hello - I've noticed these strange objects (circled in RED) ever since I installed PAJN a bit over one year ago. Any ideas on what may be happening? Thanks! Rick Weinstein Order Number: FSS0440158 Order Date: 2015-12-22 [ORB-731] Orbx - FTX: NA PAJN Juneau International Airport
  18. A series of take off shots from recent flights. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.
  19. Hi there, I have FTX Global + Southern Alaska and PAJN. For some reason I am getting this strange issue with the elevation or something being raised.
  20. I purchased and installed recently via the most recent version of the Central-v3 the follow adds: -Sth Alaska -PAVD Valdez -PAEN Kenai -PAJN Juneau -PAHO Homer The airport sceneries of PAVD and PAEN are correct represented, but the 2 others(PAJN and PAHO) are unusuable, see screenshot of the 2 airports: What can be the cause of the shifted elevations on only these 2 airports? For info: Ketchikan, Stewart, Bella Coola and all others are OK. I have also Anchorage from Aerosoft installed and is correct represented.
  21. I have a friend who's son drives and delivers for Oops in Alaska. So, I thought I would make an Alaskan flight and deliver some virtual freight. I should have used my FretEx livery, however I'm pretty sure I still flying an Alaskan livery. Whenever possible, and there's time, I like to use an appropriate or approximate livery for whichever area I'm flying.
  22. Foggy morning around Gustavus and Juneau Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade - ASN Weather Cheers Karsten
  23. I don't think BOAC ever operated these at Juneau, but ... ... and to think that this isn't even the "pregnant guppy" variant!!! Quirky looks apart, this is a stunning add-on from WOP/A2A - well worth getting with the COTS extension. PAJN is well worth getting as well! Adam.
  24. Hi; The ground support equipment in PAJN_PLC_GSE.bgl seems to be stuck in permanent daylight mode...the vehicles are all very bright and out of place at night. I saw this in a previous P3D v3.2 port, and it's still the same after a reinstall with the V3 native installer. Regards Bob Scott
  25. I wish I could afford to snap up more bargains - but I could only manage to add Juneau (PAJN) to my Alaska collection: Adam.
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