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Found 64 results

  1. After arriving in Juneau for a bite while others handled the cargo, I departed for Yakutat. Carlos and his Sovereign was gone by the time I got there... Straight Vs, other than the cropped last.
  2. In the last chapter we finally reached Juneau, after a diversion to Whitehorse due to the weather, and produced some disappointed customers. Today these customers should be happy that we came back to pick them up! Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome aboard our flight back to Frankfurt, finally. Our route will take us roughly to the east to the Great Slave Lake, before turning north towards the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, over Greenland and crossing the Atlantic north of Iceland. We're then heading south along the coasts of Norway and Denmark. Flight time will be around 9 hours 20 minutes. As a compensation for your overnight stay in Juneau, Condor offers you a free extra sandwich. Enjoy the flight! "Mommy, when do we get our sandwich?" "Look at that, a cabin with smoke..." "Did I brief you for departure?" --"Umm yes?" This is a steeeeeep turn! Thankfully we made it over that mountain in the last pic and got a little direct to Yellowknife. "Why didn't we get a big direct to, say MERGI?" "Last night in the hotel, I had a nightmare. Do you want to hear it?" --"Does this involve a woman called Hilda?" "No! I dreamed that someone would steal our plane! Then he takes it to some rural town in America and makes aerobatics with it, and flaps 30 takeoff. Richtig krass!" "Flaps 30 takeoff? Hahahahahhahah! What a nonsense dream!" We cross the Great Slave Lake... ... and reach the northern side a few minutes later. Yellowknife is just to right of this picture... Much farther north... Welcome to Denmark! The sun is located in the north-east in this shot, at about 2:30 am local time. Leaving Greenland... Soaring south along the Danish coast... Rømø behind and Sylt below, we cross the German boarder. The Weser River, Bremerhaven at its mouth, the Jadebusen behind and in the background, the East Frisian Isles. The city of Bremen below. Northern Germany. On our descent near Frankfurt... The landscape is already quite different to the North German Plain. The Main River. At the near side, Bavaria, on the far side, Hesse. Touchdown runway 25L. Lufthansa 123 Sausage, eh Super, cleared for take off! "Hey, we are unloading your baggage for you! Didn't you like your sandwich?" That's it. The last flight of the Condor (so far)! I hope you enjoyed it chaps. Cheers!
  3. In the last chapter we tried to get to Juneau, but the weather wouldn't permit, so we went to Whitehorse instead. After spending the night in one of the luxurious hotels of Whitehorse, our brave pilots were meticulously scanning the weather reports for Juneau. After all, there were still 59 very disappointed passengers waiting in Juneau. For roughly between 13 and 14h Local time, a hole in the dense clouds was forecasted. The sun is shining and the mountains that yesterday were ominously looming are warmly greeting us today. Oh wait! Did you say "the sun is shining"? --Ehhhhmm... Real northerners know no weather! This plane has no taxi cam. Lining up... Oh no, precipitation around our destination. Keep calm... Yippie! That looks good. That looks even better. Touchdown. Applying reverse thrust. A passenger from Wuppertal provided us with his personal footage from the landing: Taxiing towards the apron. Yes, there is some space on the apron in Juneau... Carefully turning... Well done, little apron, you fit our 777 well! The first bus with disappointed passengers has already arrived at the airport! Lala lala lalala... Sorry, where can I get a baggage cart? My suitcase is so heavy... --Mumblenomumbleggagecarmuble. Hmmpf! Excuse me, have you seen my sister? She has short, dark hair and wear's a red dress. --Hm no, sorry! The next chapter will (hopefully) take us back over the pond.
  4. Computer around 5 years old runs well on P3dv 4. 16Gigs ram, updated awhile ago to a GTX 960. CPU i7 3820 WIN10
  5. Lots of beautiful scenery in Southern Alaska, these screen shots don't really do it justice. Orbx – FTX: Global, Vector, Open LC North America, FTX: NA Blue Southern Alaska, FTX: NA PAJN Juneau International
  6. Not my usual route into Juneau...
  7. Great day + great weather + great scenery + great bird = Great Flight! An-2 from Juneau to Skagway Enjoy and thanks for looking! P3DV3 - ASN Weather Cheers Karsten
  8. 1. Setting off from PAJN going nowhere in particular. 2. Portland Island and heading north. 3. Below is the Favourite Channel, keeping over the water. 4. Above the Davidson Glacier. Not long after I checked the GPS to see Haines was only 25 miles away. 5. A slow descent until the GPS shows we are over water. Breaking through the clouds over Chilkat Inlet. 6. Close to Mud Bay and turning back towards Haines. 7. The Davidson Glacier again, under the port wingtip. 8. Over Haines town. 9. Too high again and a steep approach. Must stop looking at the scenery and pay attention to landing! 10. A smooth landing. 11. All doors open and ready to unload.
  9. A series of take off shots from recent flights. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.
  10. I have a friend who's son drives and delivers for Oops in Alaska. So, I thought I would make an Alaskan flight and deliver some virtual freight. I should have used my FretEx livery, however I'm pretty sure I still flying an Alaskan livery. Whenever possible, and there's time, I like to use an appropriate or approximate livery for whichever area I'm flying.
  11. Foggy morning around Gustavus and Juneau Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade - ASN Weather Cheers Karsten
  12. I don't think BOAC ever operated these at Juneau, but ... ... and to think that this isn't even the "pregnant guppy" variant!!! Quirky looks apart, this is a stunning add-on from WOP/A2A - well worth getting with the COTS extension. PAJN is well worth getting as well! Adam.
  13. I wish I could afford to snap up more bargains - but I could only manage to add Juneau (PAJN) to my Alaska collection: Adam.
  14. Grabbed this piece of metal from the current Virtavia sales at simmarket - in preparation of more remote open_LC areas which "require" such a tool for military or humanitarian tasks... Not a high-level add-on, not much more complicated than a default plane. On the other hand, easy to use.
  15. CP Air on approach at Juneau, Alaska. That was a striking livery... François
  16. LIke the birds I am heading further south as winter closes in... Having a look at Misty´s place, while descending on downwind... (just guess where my next low & slow flight will lead me to?).
  17. Alaska Airways service from Skagway to Juneau (with mediocre ATC support...) Stunning views for the cockpit crew. But they should already be used to it (I was not, just being the trainee on this flight...).
  18. Juneau to Yakutat Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade - ASN Weather
  19. I was messing with some AI USCG Sitka Jayhawks around Juneau when an Alaska B734 Combi came in. One of the MH-60J's here just touching down on the taxiway.
  20. Yet another pleasant surprise tonight to see 2 more triple installer releases. Unfortunately there is a problem at Stewart that is being dealt with at the moment, thanks Ed. I did not use PAJN much in FSX, don't know why, but I am glad to have it back. Time for a first P3D flight in the trusty Navajo. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Well the ASN real time weather was not too kind for sight seeing but I guess it adds to the atmosphere. Many thanks to those involved for this latest FREE upgrade.
  21. That's all for today. Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade
  22. Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade, edited with Google Picasa
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