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  1. We're in on the island of Tutuila, American Samoa, where even the airport parking lots show up in lush green... Life is relaxed on the Pago Pago apron. The Navy has a P-8 Poseidon reconaissance aircraft refueled here. "So what are we going to do the next hour?" -"Hmmm, relax and watch the planes?" -"Great idea." United just opened a new service from Pago Pago to Honolulu and L.A. with Boeing 777-200LR. Most passengers have already boarded today. At the moment, containers with cargo and baggage are being loaded
  2. . Load 'em up, move 'em out. Lingering showers at Faleolo (NSFA), but forecast was for generally fair skies to the west until we approached Fiji. Afternoon thundershowers are a standard part of the weather in the summer and today will be no exception at Nadi (NFFN) 650nm southwest of Samoa. And it was very nice for most of the trip But the forecasters were right Anyhow, it was dry when we landed in Fiji As beautiful, stun
  3. After 16 years doing sightseeing rides around the San Diego area you'd think I'd have had enough. But now that I've hung up my spurs I find myself back in the saddle, virtually, doing the very same thing. Fact is, one of the attractions to flying—beyond the challenge—is what you see out the windscreen. And the ORBX FTX Global base pack and Pago Pago add-on offer incredible vistas of the South Seas islands of Samoa and covers over 1000 square miles including 17 islands, five incredibly detailed airports jungle strips, and two international airports. On an extended oil-e
  4. I'd almost recovered from the constant beat of Pratts in my ears, but we're in the air again. Finally. You'll recall I was hired by DCA Airways to trundle an oil exploration crew from our home base in Boston to the West Coast. But plans changed after we landed in Oakland, and we headed south to Valparaiso, Chile (not Brazil) as a jumping off point to the South Pacific on a much longer adventure. Fourteen thousand miles and 111 hours so far, and lots more to go apparently. The flight to Easter Island, we thought, would be our longest leg, but the "hop" to Tahiti was even lo
  5. I'm feeling the heat today in Tim's and Ken's tropical paradise ......... Only cool spot seems to be the this cottage patio overlooking the nearby beach .... I think I'll go for a swim later in the day ......... Orr, m...mmaybe not !! Thank-you, for looking in .
  6. I have now at last uploaded two videos for Pago Pago to Youtube. In the first, I offer up a quick look at Pago Pago Int, followed by a Helicopter flight right around the island in a DoDo Sim 206X chopper. In the 2nd video, I show albeit very briefly the remaining 6 airports in the package. These are my 2nd and third uploads to YouTube, so hopefully they will improve in time This information is posted in another forum area, if someone could tell me how to edit the post to avoid what is now a double post, I would appreciate it.
  7. Hey! I got a phonecall from a little charter airline in Samoa. They needed a pilot for the DHC-300 Twin Otter... I said yes, off course! I decided to take a few shots of a flight from Pago Pago Airport to Fitiuta Airport. Enjoy!!! Its around 2 pm and we make a short hop to the island with the little Fitiuta Airport. Right now we have the typical early evening rush at the Pago Pago intl. Airport. Starting the walk-around by checking the left wing and the flaps. Next checking the left engine. And the frontwheel.
  8. Aerobatics flight in Extra 300 in American Samoa, Pago Pago. How beautiful this scenery is! Look at the top left for flight values. Unedited video: "what you see is what actually did happen", but with music I was listening to when flying... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XeIptDz6Lw8
  9. I installed the Pago Pago airport and it looks great. I have a ton of add-on scenery, so I only "enable" the areas that I'm using or load times are too long. When I disable the ORBX Pago Pago airport and use the pago pago airport, I get scenery issues. Water covers land, the plane seems to be in between the runway and land, etc. Also, this affects other airports, especially if they are near wather. If Pago Pago is enabled, everything is fine, when it's not - I get scenery problems. Any idea what's going on? Thanks, David
  10. Carenado S550 Citation II. Short flight between NSTU Pago Pago International Airport and NSFA Faleolo International Airport
  11. A while ago Tim Harris recommended this small ai pack for pago pago. I really enjoyed having traffic at pago pago... However... I've moved from fsx to P3D and V# at that which I found out sadly, I cant install to. Are there any versions available or updates for the V3 version of P3D? or maybe someway to install it? Thanks a million and appreciate your help always.. Flyboy.
  12. I thought the cable was hazard enough and now I just can't get away from them enjoy Taph
  13. Scenes from a Canuck's holiday in the Tropics ............... ............ brought to you by REX and Orbx. Thank-you, for flying along !
  14. Small glitch on my computer using FTX Pago Pago. See screenshot showing Ocean flowing up the side of hill. Follow Rwy 8 straight out to tip of island.
  15. The new Samoa scenery looks great. It made my passenger scream. Or was it me flying? :-D Watch the video on my Youtube channel: https://youtu.be/ZxD-qjMdrKs René
  16. Late arrival, but who cares After exploring sat in a beach bar with a sundowner Also all too soon, departure over crystal clear water Enjoy Taph
  17. This is a inspiration of how to enhance your PAGO PAGO Experience with a bunch of free ships for FSX. These Ships are all Pilotable for FSX and some of them can also be used for AI. The fit perfect for Samoa. links to the models below!# Four Masted Barque FS200 4/FSX Four Masted Barque "Passat". FS2004/FSX/Acceleration/P3D package four masted barque Passat as pilotable boats or as AI ships. This tall ship was one of the famous German "Flying P-liners" from the Laeisz ships company. She was build by the Blohm and Voss shipyard
  18. Airborned from Pago Pago (NSTU) a short roundflight in the vintage Staggerwing, enjoy the views:
  19. Hi there, Please take a look at these screenshots from FSX Pago Pago I took today. This first time I flew around NSTU, I did not notice the extremely bright white water textures around the airport. It now does not look that realistic. The only change that I can recall happening on my PC since the 1st time was the auto updated FTX Central Version (29/06/2015). Are these textures (particularly the white water textures) correct ? Does everyone else see similar water textures around the airport? I looked on the FTX website under the Pago Pago screenshots and could not see these bright whit
  20. The decision to install the magnificent FTX-scenery package Pago Pago was quick decided by me -> see the difference via follow 2 shots: Default FSX scenery of NSTU at Samoa After install of the FTX-package Pago Pago Now a joy to fly all over the Island-group and land on the airports, hereby back at NSTU:
  21. As I admired so many previous postings with that wonderful tropical scenery of Pago Pago, it was clear to me...a must have! I made a first flight from The main airport NSTU with a Twin Otter of the further eastern polynesian airline 'Moorea' and took off eastwards to fly via Arutangag(one of the Cook Islands) back to Moorea at French Polynesia. Enjoy with me my first 100 NMiles: Still about 550 NM to Aitutaki-airstrip on Arutanga and the day after the 570NM to Moorea...over the vast ocean
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