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Found 65 results

  1. Ready to airborn from Milford Sound airport in Piper Super Cub:
  2. Please check it P/S disabling the vector will make this problem go away.
  3. Around Redding. Weather by ASP3D. Missing Orbx KRDD on v5... Soon ? Today, only V key. No post-editing. Just two were cropped. Sorry for the quantity but I can't choose... Cheers ! zinj
  4. My first flight in TEUK Sth via P3Dv5 from Southampton airport-EGHI for a take-off in a vintage twin turboprop Hawker-Siddeley HS748 build from 1967 to 1988 in 'Jersey Europe' livery: remark the also vintage steamtrain visible under the plane with a damp of steam(a very nice added effect in this scenery) after making a U-turn to the left coming over the Harbor of Southampton the also vintage Queen Mary II is just arriving from a wordwide or transatlantic journey continue the flight over the Island Wight and heading to Jersey, the largest of the channel-Islands
  5. To / From Ísafjörður BIIS (Iceland) Cheers ! zinj
  6. Team, Having an issue with YBAS in V5. As you can see, the runway and apron lines and markings are not right. I have uninstalled / reinstalled a few times with the same results. I have also verified files with no luck. I have Australia V2 installed and have made sure this option is selected in the YBAS options. Central log attached. Cheers, Murray central.log
  7. Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but just had to share my enthusiasm for Enhanced Atmospherics. No sky addons, just EA, and couldn't be happier.
  8. Hello all. I found the Poppet's instructions for correcting errors in P3Dv4 very useful. Do I follow w the same procedures for P3Dv5 ? And where can I find them? Regards
  9. Airport and area of Alesund is a great addition to the SthWestern part of the beautiful Norway-scenery. I made a first flight in a DHC6-100 in Norwegian colors:
  10. Hi all, we are pleased to announce EGNT Newcastle has been released for P3Dv4+! Designed to blend with TrueEarth Great Britain Central (with summer season only) or EU England with all "5" seasons, Newcastle is a great addition to the UK set of airports. The airport features: Detailed and stunning PBR rendition of Newcastle International Airport Ultra-high quality texture work throughout Stunning 3D modelling 30cm per pixel photoreal with seasons Great challenging runway for heavy jets Highly detailed PBR Ground Service Equipment SODE animated jetways & VGDS support $34.95 AUD US$24.26 | €21,58 | £19.43 USD, EUR, GBP estimates only
  11. A delight to the eye ! Cheers zinj
  12. My second flight with TE Washington. Exploring the wonderful region between WA56 and 1S2.
  13. Exploring wonderful Cairns in P3D v5, with very high frame rates
  14. Hello, I just wiped my pc and upgraded to p3dv5. I just finished installing all my Orbx goodies and noticed that Idaho Falls and MBS are not in my roster. Are they ever going to be made v5 compatible? Not a big deal but was just wondering. Cheers!
  15. The picture actually says it all. What a wonderful view ...
  16. Taken moments before extending my flaps and having a left flap failure sending me into a flatspin. Moral of the story is.... do your preflights!
  17. Checking out some freeware Airbuses. This A340 seems ok but the A350 seems destined to be a garden ornament Does andybody know of a working A350 for V5?
  18. The very tip of the Island on the West end : Translated from Russian, Semisopochnoi means "having seven hills." Heading East bound toward mainland Alaska : You say how can this be the furthest point East in the USA , well I'll tell you : https://getpocket.com/explore/item/why-alaska-is-home-to-america-s-easternmost-point Have a great weekend mates !! . John
  19. Operating system: Windows 10 Simulator: P3D v5 Screenshot: See attached Issue: When updating ObjectFlow in Orbx Central's main library error message appeared (shown below). Performing Verify Files did not correct issue,nor did uninstalling and reinstalling ObjectFlow. However when tested ObjectFlow appears to be working as before. Can the error be resolved or the message removed? Particulars: Orbx Central v4.1.10 Prepar3D v5 - Orbx ObjectFlow 3.0.4 - May 2020 ___________________________ AddOnxml (located in main library): <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <SimBase.Document Type="AddOnXml" version="4,0" id="add-on"> <AddOn.Name>Orbx ObjectFlow</AddOn.Name> <AddOn.Description>Allows Orbx scenery to display dynamic content.</AddOn.Description> <AddOn.Component> <Category>DLL</Category> <Path>bin\Orbx_ObjectFlow_v3.dll</Path> <DLLType>PDK</DLLType> <DLLStartName>module_init</DLLStartName> <DLLStopName>module_deinit</DLLStopName> </AddOn.Component> </SimBase.Document> central.log
  20. Hello, Since installed P3DV5 HF1, I have CTD when traying to fly from ESSA or ESGG. These CTD occurs on preparing the copict, taxi, takeof or the first minutes of flaying. These abnormal situation not occur with LIEO, and not depend of the aircraft (PMDG 747 V5 / Maddog V5), the active sky (beta V5), GSX (V5), TOGA (V5), and many others airports works perfectly with the addons I specified. I have tested the problem reinstalling P3DV5 with only the sim and Orbx products, and the problem is on Orbx so I thing something is not correct in these airports or other piece of software specific of the Orbx products. For the Orbx products I thing I have the last versions (CENTRAL): Base Pack, TerraFlora2, Trees HD, Open LC Europe, Open LC North America, England, Norway, EGPH, ESGG, ESSA, LDDU, LEAS, LIEO, and LOWI; ObjetFlow & SODE. Any help appreciated. Windows 10, Nvidia 2070 (8Gb), Intel I7.
  21. After a minor hiccup, it's all working fine. Still working on getting my new system settled down, but I wouldn't have attempted this in V4. Still think I prefer the XP version but this is real good to have as it opens up a different world of aircraft and scenery addons. Out of the default KSEA and off to check out the city All 4k, pretty much everything maxed out.
  22. Found a needle in a haystack: Flying over the city of Meißen in Germany (near EDDC Dresden) with Germany North and Germany South active I found a small patch of morphing night textures. First, I followed the usual steps by Nick and Holger (i.e., a new lclookup.bgl, a new terrain.cfg) but I could not get rid off the bug. So, I reinstalled GES and GEN but the night textures remained. After fighting with this issue in P3Dv4 I tried to replicate it in v5 and could find the exact same error. Having still a fairly vanilla v5 with only Global, OLC and GEN/GES running (with OLC border blending unchecked) I would now conclude that this is indeed a scenery error. I would appreciate if somebody from Orbx could please check this. Interestingly enough could I not find any similar error. But as this happens in Meißen it can probably happen at other locations too. Thanks, Christoph (The screenshot is from v5 but it does look similar in v4).
  23. quick shot of the updated 7878 from QW, now with v5 installer......trueglass and reallight are in BETA so there maybe some flickering ..... Orbx open LC EU & England.....can't wait to get EGGD but have to make do with default at the moment, money priorities elsewhere......
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