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Found 225 results

  1. I haven't posted in a while, but I just took AUS v2 for a spin and thought I'd share! I flew YSSY (Sydney) to YCNK (Cessnock) a short flight I've enjoyed doing in the past. While it's hard to be specific without a side-by-side, v2 looks beautiful and it actually feels like the performance has improved slightly if anything, which is a bit weird considering that I would have thought the better scenery might use up more FPS. I'm still working through a short-hop world tour that started in Sydney and is currently in Canada. But it looks like that will have to pause that for a while, because I'm going to need to re-explore Australia now If you look closely, Sydney seems to have fireworks going off (in the middle of the day)! Some shots on route from Sydney to Cessnock over the Central Coast and Hunter Valley The topography and definition of those hills looks very nice and clearly improved from V1 Who needs photo scenery when land class can look this good! On the ground at YCNK (Cessnock)
  2. Buffalo Airways C-46 departed Fort Smith for Manning. I love the far north of openLC NA. Great textures. Early fall weather. Nice flight. Light was already short when I flew it on 27 October. I like the plane, but this thing is a bear to land in anything other than a breath of wind.
  3. Just four shots of a very short flight from Orcas Island to Concrete, in the piston Duke. Not much time for flying lately, but this was a fun flight. Enjoy!
  4. Just crossed the Channel enroute to Gatwick...
  5. Virgin Atlantic ship Barbarella (G-VROM) departing Manchester enroute over EU England to Orlando.
  6. A little surf this morning........ Rod
  7. Moving things via air...
  8. Before leaving for NZ (nearly 20 yrs ago now!), this beautiful valley was my home: just east of Stroud, Gloucestershire ... called "The Golden Valley" due to its stunning autumn colouring. Chalford is almost alpine in nature and as steep as many villages in the south of France. Aston Down, where I used to go gliding, is now (finally!) modelled in P3D - thanks to TEGB ... It's a shame TEGB does neither Cotswold stone nor autumn - but at least it's summer all the year round, which is how I like to remember it! Adam.
  9. Hello everyone! I don't often write here in the forum, but today I just have to! Maybe it is interesting for others too... I am only flying IFR, and I love projects like TE GB. I was so surprised about what TE NL did, so TE GB was a must-buy. One thing I can recommend all IFR-Pilots which are flying fps-heavy aircraft: Disable all *3DM* files in the FTX_EU_!GBS_05_SCENERY-folder. This will solve the problem with the long loading times and give a few fps. You will just see the autogen buildings and POIs, but I think for most of us this is sufficient. And the best: With TE GB the fps are better than with openLC EU. I can't tell you how happy I was to be approaching Gatwick today! Have a nice sunday evening everyone! Kind regards! Matthias
  10. I have created my own airport for my use. I had everything I wanted. I used ADE to make it. I notice once I put Global and Vector in, the original airport (stock airport buildings ) re-appeared and I am not sure how to resolve this. I can't get my plane out of the building Bob Airport 5.Am not a professional person just a home user. Thanks for any help.. I am a devoted customer. BTW, make some stuff east of the Mississippi...hint
  11. New repaint for the ND EC135...heading out for the mornings patrol plus a shot from yesterday evening...
  12. Just a short flight from Val-d'Or (CYVO) to Ontonagon County Airport (KOGM) on the southern shore of Lake Superior in the Comanche.
  13. Untitled-1 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-2 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-3 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-5 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-6 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-7 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-8 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-9 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-10 by ryan b, on Flickr
  14. Some various shots from around the PNW, SAK and Norway. Departing Oslo in some miserable weather. Approaching KESE Eagle County Regional. High above KASE. High altitude visibility flying from PAVD to PAJN. Petersburg Harbor, Tongass Fjords.
  15. I miss ORBX's aircraft in P3D4, do you? That little guy could do what a lot of big guys can't! The Lancair Legacy from the defunt RealAir is a great substitute:
  16. Haven't posted for a while. But thought I'd share the latest leg of my world tour which started in Sydney and has now made it to Norway in short hops (54 so far!). Tonight's flight was from Bergen (ENBR Flesland Airport) to Sogndal (ENSG Haukasen Airport). Some very nice ORBX scenery on the way. The aircraft is the Cessna S550 Citation SII from Carenado. Taxiing at ENBR Leaving Bergen En-Route to Sogndal Landed at Sogndal Haukasen Airport.
  17. Just a short IFR trip from unincorporated Gig Harbor to Snohomish County.
  18. Leaving ESSA right at this moment.
  19. Hi everyone, Just finished installing/tweaking the flightdeck to run ORBX True Earth - Netherlands. Stunning, there were times in the video the view seemed real. I just hope the United States is in their True Earth pipeline.
  20. Hello, I have a desire ! Iam a P3D v4.2 user and I cant really understand why the Orbx night lighting isn´t that good like in XP11. The default lighting in XP11 is amazing and needn´t to buy something else for it. So my big wish is, that Orbx update the night lighting for P3D that it Looks like in Xplane11 ! Would it be possible for you to work on it ?
  21. First post here! Snapped these on my flight from KEKA to KMFR in the A2A Comanche 250:
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