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Found 362 results

  1. Hello all, I think it is a good idea to put all the feedback for RealEarth Netherlands in 1 topic. In this way it is easy for the developers to see what needs to be adjusted - One post per issue - No replies to keep the topic clean
  2. This one defected from Italy to NZ (seen here at NZAR - Orbx/NZNI): The G91 is a Covid-19 gift from Sim Skunk Works. Adam.
  3. Anyone that hasn't got this absolute gem on an aircraft ... here's what you've been missing (over NZ): Still one of my favourite pieces of Orbx texturing - near NZAA: Subtle hint: now freeware. Adam. EDIT: I had a hard time deciding which of these two variations to post, so .. here's the other one anyway!
  4. Some leftovers looking for a home: PMDG DC-6 somewhere over the UK (TEGB/P3Dv4): I'm going to sneak this one in ... A2A P-40 at NZAR (Orbx default NZNI): One of Jan Kees Blom's brilliant repaints for the freeware Corsair. Not sure how it got to NZ though! Adam.
  5. Grabbed the Handley Page Halifax/Halton in the "Stay at Home" sale. Here's the Halton near Chichester/Goodwood: Here's the WWII version! Adam.
  6. I am delighted to introduce Scandinavian Mountains Airport, the world's newest international airport! Kicking straight on from the groundbreaking Gothenburg Landvetter, acclaimed developer Marcus Nyberg brings us the latest in his Swedish series. Working in close consultation with (and appreciated support of) the airport's real-world owners, this project started work prior to the grand opening of the airfield on December 22nd last year. Combined with Marcus' ground-breaking snow technology, ESKS also brings to the simulator a true first - incredible 3cm drone-sourced aerial imagery. This stunning tech works around the 7cm ground limitation (without tweaking the core sim or cfg files) to bring to life one of the most immersive airports you will experience in Prepar3D. Scandinavian Mountains Airport is a brand-new, purpose-designed Swedish airport, located close to the Norwegian border. The airfield was constructed to primarily service the major ski resorts located nearby. Designed to handle aircraft up to B747 in size, ESKS hosts scheduled A320, RJ100 and ATR72 services to both Swedish and European destinations, including Gothenburg, Heathrow and Copenhagen. Whilst primarily a winter holiday destination, the airfield is expected to handle year-round traffic, including corporate and GA flights alongside RPT services. SMA is a trailblazer in another important aspect; it has the first purpose-built remote virtual control tower (RVT), meaning that ATC staff are based in Sundsvall, rather than the airport itself. The airport is also ideally placed for short-haul flights to many of your favourite Orbx airports, including Stockholm, Gothenburg, Kiruna, Visby and Dala. As to be expected from Marcus, the airport package includes all the latest technology; 4k mixed-material and PBR texturing, a sublime dynamic ground poly, advanced rendering techniques, internal modelling, beautiful hand-drawn night lighting, custom static aircraft and GSE. Of course, the icing on the cake is the stunning snow technology that builds upon what you have seen at Kiruna and Gothenburg - this truly is the best winter experience you will have in a simulator! An airport built to exacting standards, ESKS combines the latest P3Dv4 tech alongside best-practice optimization to ensure the perfect balance between stunning visuals and excellent performance. FEATURES Incredible drone-sourced 3cm aerial imagery around the airport, including advanced normal/spec maps beyond the normal GP The world's newest international airport, with flights to major Swedish and European destinations including Heathrow and Copenhagen Immaculately detailed multi-seasonal depiction of ESKS Scandinavian Mountains Airport Stunningly realistic depiction of unique snow during the winter months Interior modelling Advanced materials, including PBR Colour-corrected coverage area at 7cm & 50cm resolution, with hand-placed autogen Custom static aircraft & GSE unique to ESKS Weather-influenced ground textures Stunning night light lighting A short flight to our other Swedish destinations, Gothenburg, Stockholm Arlanda, Kiruna, Visby and Dala The perfect short-haul destination for A320/NGX, regional jet and GA flyers alike! Designed for P3Dv4 to blend seamlessly with Orbx Norway, Orbx Global Base and openLC Europe Painstakingly optimized for very high performance, even with high-end aircraft. The latest in our Swedish Series from acclaimed developer Marcus Nyberg Please stay tuned for more previews and details over the coming weeks!
  7. New repaint for the ND EC135...heading out for the mornings patrol plus a shot from yesterday evening...
  8. God dag! I figured it was time for a second round of previews for my upcoming ESKS Scandinavian Mountains Airport, and to share a little bit of a background story about how we took on this project. But before I do, I would like to thank you all for the great feedback from our first announcement last week. Work is progressing very well, and we are entering the final stages of development shortly. Every year when I grew up (which is close to ESSD Dala Airport), we went to my family's winter cabin in Gördalen, roughly 80 km from Sälen. Depending on my dad's mood, we took the route via Älvdalen, or we took the one via Sälen. If we went via Sälen we had to go into Norway and then back into Sweden to come to our cabin. The road markings switch to yellow and the roads become worse (as my dad used to joke), but aside from that you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. Scandinavian Mountains Airport didn't exist when I was a kid. As a matter of fact, it didn't exist until just a few days prior to Christmas last year. But I know the area well, located just a brief drive from Sälen, but also conveniently enough from Trysil, over the border in Norway. Hence the name - an airport covering two of the biggest ski-resorts in two countries. When I heard about that the airport would actually take off, it seemed like a very obvious project to take on. We were lucky to get some great help from the airport management, who simply said "that sounds cool", when we explained what we intended to do. Pierre Engblom (who made the autogen placements you see in this scenery) and I took a day trip out there in October and got all the reference material we needed. A unique issue with a completely new airport is that up-to-date satellite imagery is almost impossible to acquire. So after a great deal of deliberation on how best to proceed, we had a conversation with the airport management, to see if they had any leads; "Sure, we've got the whole airport shot with a drone in 3cm/resolution, you can use that if you like". The result? Welcome to the first Orbx airport with 3cm/px aerial imagery! A special feature of the 3cm ground imagery is the added advanced materials that come with it - you can watch the soil and grass realistically morph as the lighting conditions change. Combined with the snow and rain variations, this creates a far more dynamic environment compared to traditional flat orthoimagery. Be sure to keep an eye out for more information and previews coming out both here and on our Facebook page over the coming week. Mycket nöje!
  9. Via the latest added goodie of ferries, terminals and other shipping to the PNW area, life is even come more to realisme. Thanks to 'Larry_R' upgraded scenery project, flying is become more interactive with these nautical extra features. My first flight in a Goose-flyboat is over Nanaimo - CAC8 and a sea-landing nearby a large freighter:
  10. Departed a desolate EGHI - removed the AI traffic file for flybe and there was very little activity left. Best wishes to all staff and hoping for speedy recruitment into positions at other airlines.
  11. I'd forgotten how much detail there is around Melbourne. I was checking something out at Essendon (YMEN) so decided to do a bit of stooging around: P3Dv4.5, ORBX AU v2 and TomatoShade (not that you would notice). Normal service (back to the green stuff) will be resumed A.S.A.P. Adam.
  12. Unusual for me .. just the one!!! Bristol Freighter near NZWR (Whangarei): Adam.
  13. Another little gem from Aeroplane Heaven: the Bristol Bulldog. FTX ENG on a hazy summer's morning ... Adam.
  14. Just checking out the latest update to FTX AU v2. It's been a while since I visited YBCS ... I'd forgotten how stunning it is! It's hot up there in Cairns, so both canopies stay open ;-) Adam,
  15. Departing from Essendon's east west runway with the well and safely placed shopping centre and Melbourne CBD in view.
  16. Welcome to Greece's premier holiday destination, Kos - an island surrounded by history! Kos is one of the largest islands in the Dodecanese Island chain of Greece and is a very popular tourist destination, especially during the summer. With direct service flights from most European countries, there is a good chance that you've heard of it or even ventured there for a holiday. Over 1 million tourists flock there each year to explore one of the most amazing areas in the Mediterranean. Kos Ippokratis Airport (LGKO) is located at the central part of the island with a runway fit for virtually all aircraft - from an ATR to the A320 and even as large as a Dreamliner - Kos' Airport sees them all. During the peak summer time, the airport sees 46 different airlines fly in with many passengers hungry to explore the sights. From Riga to Rome, Stockholm to Stansted or Milan to Maastricht, there's no shortage of airports to begin your adventure from. Gaya Simulations are known for developing airports for X-Plane and Prepar3D and have recently developed EGPH Edinburgh and EGNM East Midlands for Orbx. Other notable releases for Orbx are Courchevel and Meribel and be sure to keep and an eye out for Key West Airport. Orbx and Gaya has seen a strong partnership evolve with collaborations on many projects from airports to populating the TrueEarth regions with 1000's of POIs. This new venture sees Gaya publish as an independent developer under the Orbx banner and will be available on Orbx Direct and Orbx Central soon! Features (P3Dv4) Comprehensive recreation of Kos Ippokratis Airport Custom Greek autogen for the entire island Custom-made animated & accurate ground service vehicles specific to the airport Ultra realistic night lighting Animated mosquitos (!) near the lamps during nights for extreme realism Accurate tree and vegetation placement across the entire island Dozens of custom points of interests around the island including resorts, churches, windfarms and more Hand-made recreation of Kastri Island in the Kefalos Bay 2019 airport ground layout Terminal and control tower interiors Optimised for smooth performance Seasonal variations Features (XP11) Comprehensive recreation of Kos Ippokratis Airport with 4k textures Custom made animated and accurate Kos ground service vehicles Ultra realistic night lighting Realistic sloped runway Custom made Greek overlays and placements for the entire island Accurate tree and vegetation placement Dozen of custom POIs including resorts, churches, wind turbines and more Custom made render of the Kastri Island Accurate and updated ground layout of the airport Interior model of the control tower and the terminal Custom localised ground traffic
  17. Leaving Homer PAHO Finally arriving at Whittier
  18. Nigel Richards' Avro Tutor over the RAF College Cranwell in TEGB (S)
  19. It's been a while that I moved a plane around the landscape just for fun. This is the Milviz PC-6 exploring Tim's and Ken's lovely and demanding PNG sites (Kokoda, Tapini, Fane, Koispe and others). The Walking ... The Porter enthusiastically pulls to the left. ... back on the airstrip. Well ... The Porter loves that vegetation. Apparently she's not the only one.
  20. The locally well known feature of The Needles at the western tip of The Isle of Wight.
  21. Token resistance before the wallet came out . This is the newly released Hurricane from Aeroplane Heaven - seen here over RAF Kemble, ORBX ENG: PBR wonderfulness: Adam.
  22. Just one from a flight between Alta and Berlevaag on the northern cape of Norway as the sun came up on this clear and cold morning.
  23. Hello, After a full (Client, Content, Scenery) reinstall of P3Dv4.5, does the "Verify Files" feature in Orbx Central (v4.0.33) do the "required tasks" outlined in Elaine's fantastic document. Many thanks.
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