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Found 62 results

  1. Some shots from my first flight over True Earth Oregon for P3D V4.5. This is my first TE Purchase - but will certainly not be my last - it is simply stunning - but I'll let the pictures from around Lakeview ans Klamath Falls do the rest of the talking
  2. Spent the whole weekend enjoying flights into and out of Burbank. However, even with static aircraft deselected in favor of my AI, an Alaska airplane at Gate B5 never seemed to move. Is that a static remnant by design, by accident, or was it just coincidence that one of my AI was always there? Thanks, Mike
  3. First pics after reinstalling P3D v4.5. I just couldn't stay only with v5...
  4. Hello, I seem to be having the same issue that several other users are experiencing. In the interest of not hijacking someone else's thread, I thought I would post my own. I have tried ALL of the suggestions/stickies and I am at my wits end. I think I am one button press away from a reformat. I have had this issue for quite some time and it will not go away. I have tried installing in libraries, I have uninstalled (and deleted the files left behind) and reinstalled directly in the P3D folder. No luck. I have resynced, rewritten cfg files, verified. Nothing. I have tried the sticky that was posted in this forum (to a tee) and no luck. Is there anything else I can do (short of uninstalling my entire sim, addons, and scenery and starting over again?) Any insight or help from this awesome community would be appreciated.
  5. It is a very short distance across The Discovery Passage by ferry to Quathiaski Cove from Port Campbell. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.
  6. The ancient Carenado Mentor flying above the Oregon countryside between Perrydale and Salem.
  7. ……...Greymouth West Coast, NZSI. I wonder how many of us have favourite airports for setting out on a jaunt? These are three of my most used airports and here are a few snaps of my latest flight from Greymouth the day before I installed V5. 1. 2. 3.
  8. Thanks Ken for reminding me about the old Boulder Airport. Here are a few images from there. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
  9. Iris Simulation has a very special offer on some of their planes. Various of their planes are at no charge. I picked up this beautiful C-27 this morning 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. The scenery is top class as well! Many thanks to Ken and to Iris.
  10. Having a flight from Sedona and now over Flagstaff in the Carenado PA-42, a recent sale purchase Interstate 40 is on the left and Interstate 17, from Phoenix is seen skirting the wonderful Orbx freeware KFLG. Approaching Flagstaff on the I-17 close to KFLG. Sadly not enough time to drop in for some photos. Maybe next time!
  11. Setting off for a flight to the north of Tacoma Narrows in the Virtualcol Cessna 303.
  12. Heading off in the paramotor for a look around. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. A truly great scenery Ken, many thanks for this.
  13. 1. Departing from CYPW, which with the car ferries are the only links to the outside world as the surrounding countryside is impracticable for building a road. 2. Looking up Haslam Lake with Mount Mahoney on the left. 3. The Paper Excellence Mill was once the largest pulp mill in the world, cutbacks have left only 3 of the paper machines running for newsprint and speciality papers. It is now shutting down until mid summer due to the China Virus and a malware attack on it's computer system. 4. Good use of the winglets on the Beech 1900. There are enough winglets and strakes on the plane for a veritable art gallery! 5. The real C-GCPL at Vancouver last August. I had never seen a 1900 before and I have recently bought this one in the Carenado sale. I just cannot help myself!
  14. Good to be back after an absence of a few weeks. 1. 2. 3. 4. I hope that you are all well and coping with the current crisis. Stay safe.
  15. With a friend of mine, a PWDT Zlin 142 just shot before takeoff. This little free plane is really nice to fly. Cheers zinj
  16. Gd Day all. There I was chugging along towards AYGR and thought I was playing Halo all of a sudden So just to report that my scenery on P3Dv4.5.13.32097 is displaying these weird towers or extended mountain tops. ATB Roger
  17. Hi, can somebody please let me know which specific file/s I need to turn off in order to remove the SODE Jetways at KSAN please? I'd much prefer to use GSX SODE jetways. Thanks & Regards,
  18. A lovely livery for the KBT P-3 Orion. Somewhere near Rotterdam (I think!) ... ORBX Global + OpenLC Europe. Iain - please moderate! Is FTX Global + OpenLC Europe OK to post here? I have TE Holland, but have run out of HD sppace to install it!! Please feel free to delete this post if it ain't right! Adam.
  19. PAJN - PAYA in the QW 757 at dawn. Climing out of PAJN on the Asort Two departure. Turning Final on the ILS 11 at PAYA Short Final All ready to unload and all in time to watch the sunrise.
  20. Climbing out of Missoula KMSO en route to Bozeman KBZN REX SF 3D | ORBX CRM | JF DR400
  21. Ready for push back in the QW RJ70 at KGPI/KFCA showing the duality of real world weather, and Delta connection then and now!
  22. A windy approach in dense fog and snow down over the infamous Tongrass Narrows into RW11 at PAKT Ketchikan International. P3DV4.5 | ORBX SAK & PAKT | REX SF 3D | QW 757 Into the soup... Down safe and sound. Now for the heavy lifting to begin.... someone must have gone ham in the boxing day sales!
  23. Just one of an afternoon arrival in Pago Pago, from Fituta, after being bounced around in the heavy clouds for a awhile. Lee
  24. A few randoms from over northern South America, mostly Columbia. I think this is a truly underrated package. It's so diverse and the textures and terrain are very well done. I need to fly here more often! Nice to tour in the Connie or Comanche (your choice of propliner or GA may vary!). Thanks for looking, and hope you have a enjoyable holiday season!
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