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Found 16 results

  1. Approaching into Anacortes I saw 2 anaomalies: A flying ship in the harbour (and this is not the Netherlands scenery !)...: ... and confusing big runway and taxiway lights: I have Hendriks ships installed, as well as Drzewieckys Seattle (which should not touch this area).
  2. Ok So recently I purchased ftx global openlc Europe and trees upgrade as they were in the sale (WINNING) I have attached some pictures here to show you what I mean, upon doing some flying in and around Amsterdam and London, I noticed quite a few blackspot areas (p3duk3) and these are scattered sporadically throughout Europe. Any fixes for this or have I done something wrong. Also I flew over London Thamesport and noticed vessels and cranes on the land rather than at river side. From my understanding Open LC is suppose to fix issues with objects in the wrong place however looking at the pictures this is not the case, any ideas on how to fix this guys would be appreciated. My ORBX products are as follows, FTX Global base, FTX Global Vector, OpenLC Europe, FTX trees. I love flying around generally in not so dense places but it would be nice to see items or scenery fixed to show where rivers and objects are suppose to be. Big thank you to the developers for the sceneries though, they are amazing and I can see lots of work has been put into it. Many thanks for your replies
  3. It seems that i have some buildings mixup in. Any reason why? ESSA
  4. Hi Orbx Support, I've discovered a 'clash' between the FTX Australia scenery and the VFX Chaseplane utility, in Prepar3D V4.1 This is very odd; as it appears a scenery file is somehow interfering with a SimConnect-based application. The clash occurs with the VFX beta v0.4.160 & v0.4.161 versions, and results in no commands being transferred between the sim and the Chaseplane application. The standard 0.3.70 version still works perfectly. Simply removing the scenery references to FTX Australia immediately restores correct Chaseplane operation - so it is quite definitely something within the FTX Australia installation. Even stranger - I can re-enable FTX Australia from within P3D and Chaseplane keeps running correctly - but if I restart P3D and try to load any airport in Australia with FTX enabled, Chaseplane fails to connect. I've been troubleshooting this with the dev for Chaseplane - this post is to point him to this forum; perhaps the devs for FTX might be able to assist?
  5. Following my first trial in OZX-land ... ... I was keen to immediately go west. From Katanning... ... with its very individual vegetation... ... I escaped the dark clouds and headed slightly more to the west. You know what comes next? Norring Lakes... ... and the city of Wagin. Good that I have Tundra tyres... The angle of this shot is not good, but the scenery never looked better on my PC - I could not resist to V. Plenty to do for the rest of the day. Plus a brilliant map for flight planning!
  6. When I started my first virtual Australia tour in FSX years ago, this was my first flight out of the Melbourne area: Starting from Avalon... ... over Geelong... ... and towards YCES Ceres. The curved runway impressed me a lot, but I do not plan to land here today. Going on to YGLG Geelong... ... towards today´s destination: YTMW Tiger Moth World. A place well suited for @VH-KDK due to the static plane, and to @Jack Sawyer due to its color. Did you recognize the purpose of this flight? Kudos to Jorge @aeronauta, who has obviously done a magic job. Download the current libs on http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/topic/27004-ozx-p3d-libraries-open-beta-updated-27112017/ and please report any problems with relevant info and pics THERE.
  7. Hi, I'm really hoping someone can help me. I have P3DV4.1 and orbx Australia pack, YPJT pack and the global scenary. Unfortunately, the Perth city centre is nothing like correct. Some of the large buildings are present, but the rest isn't even close. Compare that to the YPJT plugin - and that is absolutely superb down to every last detail. On a different thread, I was advised to install the Global libraries which are installed according to FTX. However, they don't seem to be in my scenary list. In addition, I cannot uninstall the global librarys and try to re-install from the large 2+Gb Zip file. If anyone could help, I would be very grateful. CHeers Dave
  8. Arriving and departing from a foggy Turin on a LGW-TRN-LGW round trip. Vector, Global and EU OLC are making great scenery visuals
  9. No roofs at Felts. P3D4.1. Latest libraries. Thank you. Regards Dave.
  10. a little flight with PTA and VFX 737NGX uptodate for 4.1(PFPX) Cirling for noise after take of 22 L LFMN and go right over Cannes Mandelieu Chamonix & Mont Blanc 4808 mètres Too Short
  11. Here are some test shots from my latest preset (26_01) - which is pretty well the old 25_04 with some minor tweaks and P3Dv4.1/PTA 2.60 compatibility. The preset can be found here: http://www.nzfsim.org/index.php?dsp=PTA&id=90&preset=26_01#current Adam.
  12. With mist... PNW. Thank you for looking.
  13. Hy guys,here are some shots from today.
  14. The P3Dv4Hotfix was a cinch. Here's the result: Hard to resist filling up the hard drive with the V key when "flying" a Spitfire. These are the old RealAir ones - working beautifully in P3Dv4.1. Adam.
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