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Found 74 results

  1. Hello everyone, A question that has often been asked is 'will you update YMML one of these days?'. Well the good news is that the guys at Turbulent Designs have begun work on YMML Version 3, a major update of this iconic airport which will feature the following improvements: Full ground poly for super crisp imagery at all gates, aprons and taxiways The new Terminal 4 and Transport Hub The new Control Tower Improved performance by optimisation Improved PeopleFlow and static objects Simultaneous release for FSX, P3Dv1/2/3 and also a version for FSX:Steam Edition via DTG This is a large project to undertake and we hope to have it completed by the middle of the year if not sooner. There will be an upgrade fee of AU$9.95 (£5.00 US$7.00 €6.50) for all existing owners of YMML V1 or V2. This upgrade offer will only be available for a month after release. Here's some of the improvements planned (from the official airport site): We will show beta screenshots when it's in testers hands.
  2. OK, so I found an old Convair 880 on the web some time back, but it wouldn't fly in v4. A few days ago I found an alternate CV880 complete with a "Lisa Marie" repaint, but it's probably even older and flakier than my first version - I couldn't even load it on the ground at KLAS, even though it loads and is ok at other locations (maybe memory issues). So I cheated a bit. I have a somewhat nicer (but still not v4 capable) model of the CV-990, which I used to get off the ground at KLAS, and then switched in to my Elvis costume once we were airborne. I've kept my P3Dv3 setup for these sort of moments, but removed pretty much all my non-Orbx scenery from it. Still looks pretty good, and I've got my Sky Force working there too. So, orf we jolly well go! Even this one is a bit of a struggle to get airborne. Don't know if that's the flight model not reacting well to P3D or my usual lack of piloting skills. Almost ran out of runway but got there in the end And at this point, I managed to switch to the CV880. It's a weird thing, but if I load it at start up at KLAS I get just a skeletal body and engines. Loads ok at Eglin (my default) so I'm guessing it might be a memory issue. Anyway, we're here now! Elvis has most definitely left the building! Not the prettiest of models, but it was made for FS2002, so it ain't doing too badly! Got a bit of height now, just circling round Hathangyouveymuch for looking y'all!
  3. just a random assortment of shots to kinda catch up a bit:
  4. Kingstown, Nassau and Bermuda: The next leg is to Santa Maria. Couple of thousand miles... might need a wife and kids free day to do that.
  5. Wishing everybody here a very happy safe and prosperous New Year. Thanks to all of you on the forums for the great companionship over the last year. 16. Lake Manapouri. A big thanks to JV and the team who bring this wonderful ORBX world to us.
  6. I spent some time putting together an AI package for Air New Zealand today, so I thought I'd take a SCA region flight in hopes of spotting the fruits of my labours - especially the lovely "All Blacks" 777-300ER. No dice on the All Blacks, but I DID see an ANZ 777 on departure. If considering the SCA Region during the current sale, I highly recommend it. FPS aren't fantastic and my i7-6700 4.0Ghz and GTX 980 were working hard to draw all that autogen at 20-24 FPS in the L.A. Basin, but very flyable and a lot of fun. Keep in mind that I go nuts in terms of AI traffic including airliners, GA, ships and cars/trucks too. A pleasant trip... Steve Aha! An Air New Zealand 777! But not All Blacks Approaching Bob Hope Airport (Burbank) and the Hollywood sign... Gear down, back of the sign... On approach...FedEx jets visible at airport. Yes, the VASI lights show I'm too high at this point, I corrected.. A safe landing....
  7. Flying my favorite aircraft... the Dakota!!!
  8. Hi would you guys consider updating the PNW Demo so that I could try it out in Prepar3d v3?
  9. Thank you ORBX,for that stunning region!
  10. Framerate killer in FSX/P3Dv2 it always was - but I always loved it!!! So *packed* with detail. It's been a long wait - due, I think, to the sheer complexity of FTX YBBN. This really isn't a simple "re-packaging" for P3Dv3 - it looks like a complete makeover. With the FTX Central CP, you get all sorts of combinations of photoreal/ground polys etc. to help with performance - but regardless of the setting, it all looks absolutely stunning. You only need to look at some of the old threads (about blurred taxiways, markings etc.) to see that YBBN was one of the "older" airports. IMHO, ORBX desrve a *lot* of credit for the sheer amount amount of work that must have gone into this update. Show your appreciation by buying it (quick - while the sale is still on!!!). I'm sure there'll be dozens of shots flooding the forum, but here a just a quick few - not even particularly well set up - just to show it's there, it works and it's superb!! I love the P3D lighting. See how the (little!!!) DC3 receives shadows - and how the poles cast shadows on other airport objects. YBBN is a fairly large airport - surrounded by lots of additional detail - so LOTS to explore and enjoy. Adam.
  11. Hello everyone, As you know we're almost finished with porting around 130 products to the new quad installers. This has been a monumental task taking over six months and costing in excess of AU$100,000 in development costs. Whilst we don't begrudge that investment into our customer base (who remain and continue to grow in loyalty - thank you!) - a line must be drawn in the sand. We will continue to patch and update products to cater for any issues arising from Prepar3D V3.x changes, likely to be restricted to ObjectFlow and perhaps a few other minor under-the-hood tweaks that LM do. With Prepar3D V4 however, we're going to pass on the porting costs to our customers. How that transpires into actual $ amounts is too early to tell because we don't know what a possible major revision to P3D looks like; perhaps not even LM do yet at this stage. However what is clear is that our customers are moving en-masse to P3Dv3. Here is how our customer base is split up: FSX 42.48% FSX-SE 12.22% P3Dv1 0.49% P3Dv2 6.83% P3Dv3 37.97% P3Dv3 is rapidly grabbing customer share at a rate of about 5% per month, meaning in a year's time it will be the absolute dominant simulator platform for Orbx customers. We believe the continued investment by LM into P3D's feature set, memory management, performance, HDR and visual lighting systems and other new tech like SpeedTree etc, is what is attracting more and more customers to it. So clearly that is where the majority of you will be installed on by year's end and of course we'll ensure you're well looked after. Of course we have Dovetail Games Flight Simulator coming along at the end of 2016 but it's just way too early to speculate on what its final feature set will look like and how its DLC will be sold. We're good partners with DTG so of course we'll want to ensure we have a way to support that new sim and once DTG shares the mechanics of DLC to the community we can begin to comment and make commitments around that. Until then, we can't be drawn into speculative discussion on something still being developed. Even notwithstanding our desire to be involved at the highest level with DGFS, the reality is that it's going to take some time for Orbx and other content developers to retool for that platform, so expect some transition time to the new sim in terms of which of our products are available for it. Oh, go and get Dovetail Flight School, for a measly $15 you get slickly presented flight lessons in a new 64-bit DX11 sim and Orbx FTX Global to boot. What's not to like about that deal? 2016 is going to be HUGE for Orbx. There are a number of changes coming that will change how you interact, buy and interface to our company and the changes are most definitely for the better. We're not going public on any of those initiatives yet because there's a LOT of plumbing work that needs to be done under the covers. Some product highlights to look forward to though over the next few months: - Jarrad's KTEX Telluride is nothing short of a miracle airport product, almost approaching the size of a mini-region. - openLC USA/Mexico enters beta testing on Friday; it's a long road of testing, expect it out in June. But boy is it going to be worth it, seeing the whole of NA the way it's meant to be. - FTX Germany North is at the pointy end of development and it's just an amazing region so full of POI's they are counted in the tens of thousands. Finally our second largest market gets the region they deserve! - We have nearly another 30 products being released through the rest of the year, all of them quad-installers out of the box So to recap: - P3Dv4 product ports will attract a nominal fee based on what we find out about that new sim - Over 85% of our customers will be using P3Dv3 by the end of this year. That's huge. If you're on the fence, think seriously about moving, since it offers the best sim experience available today (as in today, not next year) - We're 100% behind DGFS and a DTG partner but it's just too early to speculate on DLC mechanics - DG Flight School is a bargain, well worth it just to see the new engine at play I'll provide another update and exciting news in June.
  12. A trio of dusk shots in the Cherokee on an evening flight between Milford Sound and Queenstown: Lake Marion Caples River Lake Wakatipu Cheers, Stuart
  13. G'day All , Following a short holiday break, I've been working through my back catalogue of airports and making the appropriate updates to get these up to Prepar3D v3 standard. After seeing a few "when is Airport X available?" type questions around the forums this week, I thought it might be a good idea to give a quick rundown on the status of all my projects, in order to give you all an idea of where things are at. Fortunately, the work required to port these over to v3 is, in general, far less than that which was required to prepare the airports for v2. As has been stated elsewhere though, we have many airports and regions across the full ORBX catalogue to port, and as such Ed and the Beta Team are working their backsides off working through the list. As such, I can't give any release dates at this point for any of these airports, but with the exception of two packages (see below), all of my airports have had the appropriate edits completed and will be joining the queue for Installer Compilation and beta testing as Ed's busy schedule allows. As always, I've used this as an opportunity to update some airports with new-content updates and fixes; please see the breakdown below for more information. All screenshots are from Prepar3D v3. nb. click each screenshot for full-size image. KPSP Palm Springs International The Quad Installer for PSP will include several hotfixes and updates for the FSX/v2 versions, including updated lighting, LA Coastline fix (for Vector users) and several other minor additions. Most importantly, however, this update will include full compatibility for the upcoming SCA region - users will be able to switch between FTX Global or SCA compatibility via the KPSP control panel. I'll post more information on this as SCA draws closer to release. KEGE Eagle-Vail Regional This update will include a couple of adjustments to the APX and lighting to all versions, alongside full v3 compatibility. UPDATE: Released Dec 26th, see here for more info. KJAC Jackson Hole KJAC will be a straight Quad Installer as all new tech and fixes were included in the recent Triple Installer update. UPDATE: Released Dec 26th, see here for more info. KMRY Monterey Regional As well as v3 content, KMRY will also include several APX and runway detail hotfixes for FSX/v2, as well as a totally revamped runway/taxiway lighting system to bring it up to latest standards seen at other airports such as KEGE, NSTU, KSTS etc. UPDATE: Released Jan 14th, see here for more info. KSEZ Sedona Airport Quad Installer Update UPDATE: Released Jan 9th, see here for more info. KRDD Redding Municipal & O85 Benton Field Quad Installer Update UPDATE: Released Jan 21st, see here for more info. YBCS Cairns International Quad Installer Update UPDATE: Released Jan 24th, see here for more info. YBRM Broome International Quad Installer Update UPDATE: Released Jan 24th, see here for more info. YPJT Jandakot Airport Quad Installer Update UPDATE: Released Jan 24th, see here for more info. 74S Anacortes Airport Greg from Turbulent Designs has been working very hard on not only the Prepar3D v2 updates, but also v3 compatibility too. As you may have seen from other preview screenshots over the past couple of weeks, testing for the 74S Quad Installer is well under way. KSFF Felts Field Spokane & KBZN Bozeman Yellowstone International As has been discussed recently, the Turbulent Designs team are looking after the final remaining v2 Triple Installers, which include KSFF and KBZN. As is evident by the vast volume of updates and new airports being released, these guys are working extremely hard to get these updates done as fast as possible; of course the v3 updates will also be included as part of these service packs. As each of these updates gets closer to release, be sure to keep an eye out for more previews from our Screenshot Artists. Cheers, Jarrad
  14. Inspired by Doc Scott's Junkers, here's another one of the beasts. Heading down from Belgium across northern France towards the coast And while I'm here, here's another aircraft I really like. It's a freeware port from FS2004 so not the best of textures. I have a payware one with much better externals but haven't managed to get it working properly under P3D yet (it's another really old one, so the guages and prop effects don't really ackle) Apparently, this registration numbered aircraft existed as the only privately owned and licensed Whirlwind sometime in the 1950s. Bet that was fun! Andy
  15. A summer evening south over northern France in the R66 Still enjoying this machine (and I really don't crash that much nowadays)
  16. . . . I finally get high in San Francisco (man) (don't try this at home!)
  17. couple of shots from Puget Sound Scary thing about Ant's Drifter is the image of the pilot - first time I saw it I thought "I don't remember posing for that?" (mind you, I've lost a bit of weight if it really is me)
  18. a trio from NZ Always wanted to go to NZ, and thanks to ORBX I feel like I have now. There is just SO much to explore out there
  19. Coming down across northern France again, heading for the channel one fine evening. I know I'm probably in the minority among aviation folk but I always much preferred this to the Vulcan. I always felt this was a bit more elegant, whereas the Vulcan was more brutish (not intending to start an argument or anything, just wanted to give this beast its moment in the limelight) Thanks for looking
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