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Found 24 results

  1. An early morning jaunt from Sekiu to Friday Harbor. The PNW is still my favorite...even after all these years.
  2. Hi, Just want some advice. Yesterday my P3Dv3.4 ceased to load beyond an opening scenario appearing. As soon as any key was touched or the mouse moved across the sceen the game would crash. Bit of investigation and I could start and run the game with a clean scenery.cfg So I then start adding scenery one at a time and seeing if the game loads and runs. As soon as the Vector entries were ticked the game would cease to run. Untick the vector entries and all is well again. Something obviously doesn't get along with something else here.. Can vector be 'repaired' or would removal and a clean install be best? Regards,
  3. P3Dv3.4 - Tapini - Thanks @Ken Hall, you were right Ken, unticked thr Freemesh X for this area and voila, houses above ground again. Good catch, I never would have noticed that and thanks! I think the first one is before and the rest after.
  4. P3D v 3.4 - All Orbx, AS16 Was a very nice flight in the Bell 407. What a delightful area.
  5. I love the place, but I always seem to be leaving it and never arriving... P3Dv3.4...
  6. Well last night I decided to go for a rare flight using P3Dv3.4. Loaded up the Helldiver and went to Gisbourne in NZNI but it didn't look right. Central told me that I had nothing from Oceania installed. Duh! 1. So here we are at Cork and one of the FAAs Helldivers before they were sent back. 26 out of the 450 ordered were delivered before they were returned and the rest cancelled. 2. Their dreadful handling was the reason for their rejection. The same can be said of those bloody awful waves in the river and lake, but I will not be sending V3.4 back! 3. Time to take a close up of the Helldiver. Did this flight last night but Jankees did a similar post this morning! 4. Just fancy having to get out of there in a hurry. So well detailed all the same. 5. Some of the cockpit. 6. Guns at the ready. 7. I can see more with the greenhouse rolled back. 8. Airbrakes deployed, I should have put in a dive. Ah well it was late at night. 9. Herbie Hancock said "Rockit." 10. Tanks 11. Wot, no bombs. 12. There they are. Wonderful plane and great value with the F3F thrown in.
  7. A very welcome addition to my hangar is the Trinidad and Tobago. A beautiful plane which was a fairly common sight when I lived in Mildura with the TB-10 trainers making their way up from Adelaide. So using my accumulation of reward points and it being on sale made this plane an extremely reasonable buy from JF. A circuit around tropical Sumburgh, all self explanatory. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.
  8. Maybe it's just me but I see strange blinking light boxes when selecting Bad-Weather All-Day Lighting (Primary Runway and Rabbit Extended Approach) in FTXC3 Control Panel. Only LOWI is activated in SCENERY.CFG. Cheers,
  9. Again, I don't know if it's me but I found some suspended buildings near LOWI. Only LOWI is activated in SCENERY.CFG. VECTOR is active too. Cheers,
  10. Now I have installed P3DV3.4 along with a few bits and bobs, so it is time to give it a try from Darrington to Orcas Island. 1. One of the few planes I could find that would install into v3.4 is the Dove. 2. Good enough for the short flight to KORS. 3. Not exactly the most spritely of planes bit still enough runway left to save a trip to the dry cleaners. 4. Over the Arlington-Darrington Road. 5. Looking at the scenery it is oh so nice and passing Oso. 6. Overhead Lake McMurray and heading for the coastal plains. 7. The town of Mount Vernon and Hwy5. 8. KBVS Skagit, the PNW version and a pleasant change of weather. 9. Again yet to install the ORBX airport, this time at Anacortes. 10. Flying down East Sound with a couple of Orcas showing themselves. 11. A few onlookers at Mt Baker Road. 12. Some of the fixtures and fittings at KORS. 13. Some of the passengers waiting to be picked up for the charter flight. 14. A highly enjoyable flight to a place I have not been to for ages. Hope you enjoyed looking.
  11. This Flight was from Polsen 8S1 to Cranbrook CYXC
  12. Field Marshal (5 stars).
  13. In the latest release(v3.4.9) of P3D is a new feature added, so called 'cinematic'. With this option some more dramatic viewpoints can be captured next to the default ones. I have made some new sights of the Waco from Alabeo started from the already fine standard available views but enhanced via this new option :
  14. Hello there everyone, Just brought FTX England and have installed along with my Global and Vector. I also have REX 4 textures and Free Mesh. However I installed FTX England with no issues and updated to the newest release. I have checked that I have the latest object flow and common libraries. Vector and Global also running on the newest version. I installed p3d v3.4 a few days ago by uninstalling and reinstalling the client. Everything is working great and looking good, until now. So I installed FTX loaded up and I was presented with these wonderful textures that I don't think you would typical find in the UK especially just outside Gatwick where this screenshot was taken. However it is not only Gatwick as Manchester also has the same problem. I have tried running the Vector configurator but that doesn't change anything. The only way I can get the problem to go is by unticking FTX Eng from the scenery library. Look forward to a response, hopefully with good news. Not really up for a full reinstall of P3D. Many thanks
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