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Found 21 results

  1. One of the most remote natural highlights worldwide, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, is best to oversee while flying. A sightseeing tour in Embraer EMB190, airborned from Alice Springs and about 180NM NthEast away, overlooking the remarkable formed Ayers Rock and Mount Olga rock bubbles :
  2. Been playing with the Hawk a bit recently. Mostly in XP but finally also got the v5 upgrade through for the P3D version. Out of Heathrow and across town towards the east. All 4k and worth maxing. (edited to add - just noticed the scenery is a bit lumpy in the last shot. Might have been going too fast for it to render in time, or maybe it's down to the lack of EGLC in v5)
  3. Running here P3Dv5 latest version. All Orbx FTX Global files installed into Orbx Library, on my F:\ drive Vector ON = runway 13 starting above water (some terrain missing on this side when checked against Google Maps) Vector OFF = runway 13 starting over terrain Blue skies Vector ON: Vector OFF: Google Maps:
  4. ...a beautiful part of B.C.... True Sky enabled...
  5. A relaxing flight in the Marchetti SF260 from Popham airfield-EGPH and soaring above the typical English counytrside:
  6. Hi In my sim the northern pasrt of lake Zurich is missing. I have a friend who has the same problem. I use FTX Global, Vector and EULC. Can anyone help? Is this a bug? Thank you
  7. I am running both the P3D v4.5 and V5. Orbx library creates different subfolders for both. Is there a way to reduce the footprint of the duplicate installs? The V5 folder holds almost 500 GB. And the V4 folder is even larger. Can the links to the simulator be designed to use the highest version folder for the products? I understand that some products are not yet ready for P3D V5 although its a tiny minority that could be installed in the P3D V4 simulator folder in order to avoid confusion. Best regards, Juha Plunt Operating system: Win10 Simulator: P3D V4.5, V5 Screenshot: Issue: Waste of SSD space
  8. First announced at Cosford in late 2019 and after some sneak previews, EGNT Newcastle International Airport for P3Dv4+ is almost here. Newcastle International Airport is located north of the university city of Newcastle Upon Tyne in the North East of England. Once an industrial superpower of the shipbuilding era Newcastle has now transformed into a buzzing cultural hub. Over 5 million visitors a year pass through the doors from leisure routes operated by narrow-body jets to Las Palmas & Santorini and long-haul visits to Dubai in a 777-300ER. This is the perfect airport for those wanting something a bit more regional, but with an international appeal. The 7,600ft runway provides quite the challenge when operating those heavier aircraft, especially during the typical rainy weather of the north of England. Our UK team based in Havant have taken care and attention when developing Newcastle International Airport and it shows. With high-quality texture work throughout and plenty of features to enjoy, Newcastle is a great addition to the UK set of airports. Features Detailed and stunning PBR rendition of Newcastle International Airport Ultra-high quality texture work throughout Stunning 3D modelling 30cm per pixel photoreal with seasons Great challenging runway for heavy jets Highly detailed PBR Ground Service Equipment SODE animated jetways & VGDS support Fully compatible with TrueEarth Great Britain Central and EU England
  9. Issue with LOWI. Seem to have a strange ground surface appearing slightly above the scenery ground level but only at certain camera angles. It's causing my Q400 to bounce between the two (I think). Please see video for details. Fresh V5 installed and I have run "verify files" on all of my add-ons to be sure they're installed correctly. Plugins in use: Global / Vector / openLC Europe / LOWI https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Bl2h1h5vILpuEwQu4BC-UGrQk2_blBpD/view?usp=sharing Thanks for any assistance!
  10. zinj


    Cheers ! zinj
  11. The roads and railway network in Global Vector is out of date compared to P3Dv5. Is there an update planned? Default P3Dv5 Global Vector for P3Dv5: Southern bypass in Nairobi is missing.
  12. Hello, all! Ever since installing P3Dv5, I've been having an issue where most of my textures "flash". This is most noticeable during night time. I find the sim not enjoyable with the bug. Here's a video (not mine): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cFRtbJMf1Xw. What I have installed: Global Base Pack, Global Buildings HD, Global Trees HD. It happens all over the place. It happens with addon airports, as well. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, Ben!
  13. Hi all Today I downloaded YBBN from OC v4.1.10 for P3Dv5 and inside configure I clicked AUS v2 installed. When I go to YBBN at gate 77 there is a building bleeding through (see photos). I have tried AUS v2 and YBBN disabled so am fairly sure its P3Dv5 as I have no addon scenery for Australia except Orbx YMML, YBRM, YBCG & CityScene Gold Coast. I also tried P3D Scenery/AUST disabled but still shows. I cannot find where the building is coming from. Even looked at GSX etc but no luck. Any help is appreciated, Allan Thomson.
  14. Hey all, hope you are well, posting here some shots from different flights, take care, Lucas.
  15. I`ve been naughty.. decided to drag KIDA from v4-v5 for a look.....! Looks great Cheers Rick
  16. Hello Orbx A lot of people had performance issues using The True-Earth GB-South product on P3Dv4, I was wondering how does the performance of this product compare when used on P3D v5 instead of P3D v4.5
  17. Trying out different things in V5. Still frustrating, but I like it for now. I also read the best quote form latest 2020 update. If it's not out soon will need a new name.
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