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Found 19 results

  1. Hi Folks, A jaunt around the great little airport of 11S Sekiu in the Orbx Pacific North West USA in the Goldern Age Boeing Steaman - a favorite of airshows. This Stearman is named "Air Devils" and I'm using a Nvidia GFX card setting named "Silk Smoothness". Cheers Prepar3D v4.4 Boeing Stearman takeoff and landing @ 11S Sekiu Airport
  2. Mount Fuji at dusk.
  3. These QUICK LOOK videos are very short videos made using P3D4 flight simulator. This one looks at TrueEarth Great Britain South at Dusk by ORBX Simulation Systems.
  4. These QUICK LOOK videos are very short videos made using P3D4 flight simulator. This one looks at .TrueEarth Great Britain South by ORBX Simulation Systems.
  5. These QUICK LOOK videos are very short videos made using P3D4 flight simulator. This one looks at the Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport, (LIEO), in Olbia, Sardinia, Italy via Helicopter. This was just relesed by ORBX Simulation Systems for P3D4. https://youtu.be/aLf4k3ZYcOA
  6. Have your seat, hope you enjoy.
  7. This video is a VFR P3D4 flight of a simulated Embraer Phenom 300 aircraft. The flight departs from Sikorsky Memorial Airport, (KBDR), in Stratford, Connecticut (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sikorsky_Memorial_Airport) and arrives at Danbury Airport, (KDXR), located in the city of the same name.
  8. Deprart Chopin EPWA poland to LJLJ Ljubljana, Carenado S340B
  9. So much detail at this scenery
  10. In a previous video I used VOX-ATC for VFR flight from Providence, Rhode Island to Martha's Vinyard (U.S.A). This flight is similar but using IFR with VOX-ATC. Hope you can take the time to view, comment, and like my videos.
  11. Little schlep from EGTH - Old Warden in deepest rural Bedfordshire to EGKA - Shoreham on the South Coast in West Sussex. (Some UK-based people may recognise this as an aerial alternative of the Thameslink rail line) Nope, no food. Just go! A little pre-flight prep required Getting old(-er) while waiting for take-off clearance Yup, definitely low flying aircraft here! The big smoke... a little smoggy today it appears Over Elstree aerodrome (EGTR). Unlike the train, no stopping on the way A cheeky little sightseeing detour The i360 is the giant mast sticking out on the promenade, Brighton West Pier is the burnt out wreck just visible above the A.S.I. and nose cowling, Brighton Palace Pier is the entertainment pier further along and a bit further again is the marina (Very) Short final at Shoreham Made it in good time It's always great when someone picks you up from the airport
  12. Checking out if a VFR helicopter flight works in VOX-ATC. Comments, views, likes are appreciated from the community!
  13. TE Netherlands says "Hallo, remember me?" A typical winter's day in London
  14. Just grabbed this fantastic scenery, along with a bunch of others of course, and I just wanted to say WOW, nice job guys! It's absolutely glorious. I have one question, how in the heck did you get such complex scenery to run so smoothly? I have everything in P3D v4 maxed out and I can still maintain a locked 33fps during taxi and takeoff, it's absolutely amazing. However, other older airports like CYSE Squamish run kind of choppy... This isn't a support request as I am just wondering if there's some new kind of API that's either been created by you guys at OrbX or the people at Lockheed Martin? Awesome job, simply jaw dropping!!!
  15. Well I bit the bullet as we used to say! (For you downunders it means taking a hit and ignoring the pain.) I've begun the process of migrating from Orbx FSX to Orbx P3D4. I decided to migrate not only because of the VAS issues of that 32 bit software but also because FSX is being ignored in software development.. I'm very dissapointed that LM decided to limit addons to around 30 . How can we use or ORBX scenery with such a limitation? I know LM said it is not for entertainment but should it be for frustrtation? Thouightful comments appreciated..
  16. If you don't like the yellow & vintage plane neither the lady in red... well don't read this post I was very lucky this evening : I got a famous passenger...yes,...here are her suitcases, hat, beautiful red dresses probably, ... She will be soon at board... the engine is ready to run...I have put a nice music, decoration... Here she is...the Lady in red herself !!! Yes - see - there are also special lights for our take of ! Thanks to my buddy from the control tower ! well during the flight I have been very disenchanted ! Everything was ok - a very charming plane...the engine is not so noisy...some delicate biscuits and a very tasty red wine (of course red !)... BANG !!!!!!! Suddenly I heart a strong sound...the door ?????? Empty !!!!! ??????? yes ....she has decided to jump ! Why ??????? And what to do ? I heard at the radio my buddy : "Don't worry Jean Marc ... it is not the first time...She is so nice but also very strange... OK !! I see her parachute - a red one of course - she is ok - she is just an improbable character....." well well ... So take care with the red lady...sometimes she is quite strange... Best is to see her at the airport, around, but maybe not in your plane ! Or maybe I have just been unlucky ? Just a bad day ? I will never known ...
  17. Hi Everyone, Here is a side by side comparison of ORBX True Earth HD (shown in the left screen) and ORBX Global package (shown in the right screen). I like it, but need to do something about the blurry textures up close and the stutters. Here is the link to the video, it contains day, dusk, night coverage.
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