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Found 541 results

  1. My first flight at Tamworth
  2. Tomorrow I will explore Hervey Bay. Three shots here just as an appetizer.
  3. Today I added 3 Orbx Australian airports to my collection. Trying the first one, Port Macquarie:
  4. Early spring flight from Asturias, Spain (LEAS) to Valleta, Malta (LMML) in the Douglas DC-6 Cloudmaster by PMDG. Orbx's openLC-EU is one of the best products offered. Waiting for the loaded in beautiful Asturias. Loaded up and the right side is spinning. Climb out over northern Spain. Had a shot of Bilbao, but didn't like how it turned out. Warmer down here near Barcelona. Wish I was there again...maybe for the 10 year anniversary. Night falls quickly in the spring, even this close to the equator. Starting descent after passing Pantelleria island. Final into Valletta. The landing was not pretty. It'd been awhile since I'd flow the 6 and forgot how it dies when you throw out full flaps! Nice flight overall. Did another from Rome to London (with an even worse landing!!). Thanks, for looking.
  5. This post is dedicated to three wonderful Orbx L's. L05: L35: L70:
  6. Wondering if anyone can help Diagnose why my Orbx Scenery isn't displaying correctly? please see example screenshots and this is with Everything on max settings and it looks terrible. System Specs CPU: i9 9900k at 5,0ghz RAM: 16GB GPU: RTX-2080 Hard drives: 2tb standard WD Black SSD: Samsung Evo Pro 500GB SSD: Sata 3 SSD 240 OS drive Windows 10 Pro 64bit P3D V4.4 Addons: Global: Base pack, Trees HD, Vectors, Open LC EU and NA Regions: England, Great Britain South with Lib packs, Netherlands HD, North Cali, South Cali Misc: Object Flow and SODE Utilities GSX Airport - Aerosoft London heathrow Pro, FSDream Team KLAX Aircraft: Stock F22 used in test but also have NGXu and 747V3 more to add later if issues are resolved Game settings Traffic: zero'd Realism: Max'd Display settings: FXAA: on AA: 8xMSAA Texture Filtering: Anisotropic 8x Texture Res: 4k Display Res - 1440p Vsync: on (G-sync display) Triple Buff: on Target Frames Unlim World Settings: LOD High Tess: Ultra Mesh Res: 1m Texture Res: 7cm Use High Res Terrain is on Scenery Objects Scen Complex - Extremely Dense Auto gen Scenery Draw - High Autogen Veg: Dense Autogen Buildings: Dense Dyanmic Veg off Water High Special Effects High for both Lighting - HDR off Dynamic Ref off Dynamic Lighting On Landing Lights Illum on Display Lens flare: On Shadows Ultra quality Draw dis medium Weather is on default until I install active Sky Any suggestions greatly appreciated
  7. It's been quite a while since my last virtual flight here. I was super pleased to get back to this scenery. I really loved what I saw. Hope you like it too And yes, P3D still rocks
  8. I own this airfield both for XP11 and P3D. Which one I prefer? Both.
  9. Some pics from my first flight at Alderney.
  10. I just downloaded the new LC Africa and tried a 1937 trip and photo over Gaza Is this my error - or Orbx /P3D default (which I can't get now) Is it something to do with this patch being one of the 7 POIs/Photo shots I haven't tried the others yet
  11. Today I noticed in the user manual that Orbx Open LC Africa includes coverage for some regions of Middle East, including Yemen and Saudi Arabia. So I decided to fly from Sana'a to Ryiadh. It was indeed a very beautiful flight. In the middle of the cruise I noticed what seem to be agricultural spots. I then double checked it with Google Maps (screenshot included below) and yes, they are indeed like depicted here. Really impressive.
  12. I am really impressed with the diversity and quality of Orbx work for this huuuuge continent.
  13. I very enjoyable flight from the green and hilly Addis Abeba (at 7,700 ft) to Khartoum. a city in the midst of the desert, where the Blue Nile meets the White Nile. It's amazing to see how Orbx was able to create such an immense region with this level of detail. I once did this flight in real life, and I felt that the views here were very close to reality. Yesterday I saw @Jack Sawyer flying with his beautiful jet from Ethiopian, and I couldn't resist to buy one for me too Hope you like it, folks
  14. Departed from Cairo / en route to Sudan. It's nice to explore this continent for the first time on P3D.
  15. A super pleasant landing at ESGG on mid winter. I purchased this scenery yesterday, and I am really impressed with the visuals. I hope that you will enjoy the screenshots, folks!
  16. Yes, @carlosqr, this is indeed a great scenery!!!
  17. This airport is truly another gem from Orbx. The reflections and the snow depiction are unbelievable. It's indeed ultra realistic and immersive. Another 10/10.
  18. I purchased S45 today and was reallly impressed with the quality of this scenery. Flight simming helps me to keep my mind in balance while all the world goes to a forced lockdown.... Hope you enjoy the pics, folks!
  19. Hello, I purchased S45 today, but I am facing elevation problems. I ran Auto-Configuration in Airport Elevation Corrections, it didn't solve the problem. Then I tried to do a manual configuration for AEC, but S45 is not available in either column (nor in the Enabled neither in the Disabled). I then updated P3D client to the latest version. I ran P3D again, but the problem persists. Any hints? Thanks! Dario
  20. My simconnect not availalable when Chase Plane tries to connect to sim (P3D). Attached is the report from chase plane, Please someone help me? ChasePlane_Report_1583866771.txt
  21. I am always amazed at the high quality of this airport and surrounding area.
  22. My favourite turboprop over my favourite area of the UK ... (TEGBS): Adam.
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