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  1. Dear Orbx Team, I own many of Orbx airports and scenerys and with most of them I am satisfied. Now I bought Orbx ENHF Hammerfest also and I'm verry disappointed with this airport. The scenery around the airport seems ok and looks good but the airport itself with only one parking position (parking 3) is not acceptable since the standard scenery has 4 parking positions. Does Orbx work for an update on ENHF so tha the airport gets more then one parking position. Thanks for reply Lothar
  2. If the Scenery library in P3D does not show any of the Orbx Scenery, am I to assume the products are not installed? I recognize some of my questions here are not well thought out and I do apologize for that. This question although it would appear to be self evident to most folks, is confusing to me because I find Orbx files but not in the Library and I am having some issues with Alaska Airports. I am well into my 80's, it takes a little longer for everything Thanks
  3. Project Airbus A380 on a dusk arrival at LYBE. This Sim model traces back to 2008, probably earlier. I find it a delight to fly. TTM (P3D v4.5) Orbx LYBE in the distance. Lining up. Starting the flare. Slight cross wind, but I found the A380 wanted to move around sideways a lot. This isn't going to work. Full power go around.
  4. Another crack at getting these to show up. Dusk approach. Dario gifyu.com technique. TTM (P3D v4.5)
  5. I have to thank Mitch for reminding me of the tweak: [TERRAIN] TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP=10 My Titan Pascal allows me to safely apply the tweaks and get good results. Here are some dusk pics of my City: More to come.... Jose
  6. I have an issue with elevation with the airport 4Z5. How do I fix this?
  7. I have elevation issue with the default airstrip 4Z5 and Orbx NA Southern Alaska. How to fix this?
  8. HR SIMYARD H135 Modification of the Nemeth Designs EC-135 https://flightsim.helirescue.at/en/h135-addon-v2-en/
  9. Madseit, Tyrol, Austria. HR SIMYARD H135 Modification of the Nemeth Designs EC-135
  10. Welcome on board of China Eastern Airlines! Today's flight will take us to Lhasa, the capital of Tibet! The airport is situated in Gonggar, 45 km / 30 mi to the south of Lhasa on the banks of the Yarlung Tsangpo River, also called Brahmaputra (the muddy line south of the mountains). As you can see, this flight will take us over the "hump". Here you can see our routing on the official China enroute charts. Our route is in red, while the prescribed escape routes are in turquoise. All altitudes are in meters! Beginning with UPGED, we'll use the famous L888 before we
  11. Dear passengers, today's flight with China Eastern will take us to Kunming in Yunnan, China's southwestern province. As always, we hold environmental standards in a high regard and carefully elaborated the most direct route. "Mommy, the people on the other side, they do hilltop agriculture?" -- "Umm, it seems, it seems..." Now that's well done architecture - and an awesome angle! The flight takes us a looooong way above the South China Sea. Dear passengers, you can see the Hainan Strait on your left hand side.
  12. Welcome back on board China Eastern! This flight will take us from Xi'an to Hong Kong. This is our route for today. Please be advised that the uglyness on this leg is not as strong as before. CoViD-19 measures only allow for one baggage truck per square mile. We'll most certainly have to report these two. Taxiing to the runway. Madam, where is this? - Somewhere around Tennessee. Nice clouds. Even more clouds. The clouds are
  13. Welcome aboard and thank you for continuing your journey with China Eastern Airlines! Our dispatchers did their best to find the optimal routing for our flight to Xi'an. Xi'an is a historically important city in China's Shaanxi province (please never confuse with Shanxi province, which lies east of Shaanxi) and is most famous for these guys: The army of his Majesty, Qin Shihuandi, the first emperor of China. He wasn't the nicest of all guys, but this may come with his profession. Cool hat anyway! Let's line up on runway 17L: P
  14. Dear passengers, welcome aboard our seven-flight-rotation across China, Hong Kong and Tibet. For Chinese customers: across China. China Eastern Airlines shuns no cost to offer their passengers the most interesting flights across this vast country. So let's get started. Our first flight of this series is going to take us from Beijing Capital Airport (ZBAA) to Shanghai Pudong (ZSPD). The last time we checked, the landscape approximately looked like this: At the gate at the China Eastern Terminal (Terminal 2). As you can see, the livery of our plane is quite dull, if
  15. I read so many nice comments about upgrading to Win 10 Pro v2004 and it's effect on P3D v4.5 that I did the upgrade. I am so disappointed and absolutely frustrated. When I loaded up P3Dv4.5 to test So far not so good. My FPS dropped down to 4.2 . I haven't been able to get them back up. It is impossible to fly at 4 FPS. My computer is not a slouch, check my signature. So I reverted back to v1909. The frame rates are still at 4.X. So then I tried reinstalling P3D v4.5. That didn't do any good either. Anyone else having this problem? I have reduced my graphics settings to default and even lo
  16. I just noticed all of a sudden that the water class around Tampa, throughout the Gulf of Mexico, up the eastern seaboard and off the Texas coast are incorrect. Up around KJFK, KBOS they appear correct. I don't know if there are other areas that are incorrect or what has (I) changed to make this happen. I first noticed approaching the KTPA that the bay area, the coast, deep into inland rivers and ponds/lakes near the coast are showing the tropical waters textures instead of the inland waters or ocean textures. It looks like the tropical water class is going too far north and too far inland.
  17. Hi I installed Orbx England into P3D V4 the latest update for it too but when ever i load into the sim it crashes at 80%. I uninstalled it and its working fine again. Any help? Thanks James
  18. Hello, ORBX Global BasePack, Vector, Open North LC America, ORBX Central 4.0.38. All products are up to date. I don't think I've seen these anomalies with FTX Central. The insertion point seems to me correct and I respected the order of the scenery : 3rd Party Scenery (Any scenery above Orbx FTX scenery) FTX Full Regional Scenery & Airports Tongass Fjords FTX OpenLC Scenery Named Default Scenery FSGlobal 2010 Entries FTX Global Vector Entries (OBJ, APT, CVX, EXX) Numbered Default Scenery Entries FTX Global Ve
  19. Invercargill - NZNV to Milford Sound - NZMF
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