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Found 15 results

  1. Thanks for the NA airports freeware. I just flew into Marathon and noticed some of the default building showing up at the airport. Buildings are on top of each other. I searched in my p3d folder for another KMTH afcad but could not find one. Thanks. Update. Here are 2 pics that show the over lap:
  2. I noticed someones post, fsx user, for a similar problem.. He was using ftx lights configurator.. I have a similar problem with no lights configurator. See image below....
  3. Latest flight in my beloved B55 in Samoa: Jose
  4. The beauty of P3D. In route to KMSP from KMSN. Prepar3D 2018-03-06 18-33-17.bmp
  5. I have the night textures showing up issue. I have seen it discussed in the forums. I know there is a fix, but I suck at using Orbx Search. Could someone please point me in the right direction. Area is just off Lukla Airfield. Aerosoft Lukla X installed. P3d 4.2 Thanks, -Braun
  6. Looks good and performs even better with the update: Jose
  7. Matteo, Thanks for the update of KSAN. With my chosen settings, I have not experienced any CTDs with the update. It could still occur, but so far so good. I do not have S. Cal installed because in certain areas performance and micro pauses are simply unacceptable, but when I did KSAN looked amazing and your photo textures blended perfectly with the region. Using just FTXG & LC I lose some of the default AG, probably due to your photo textures, and the photo does NOT blend well with FTXG. Can you add a way to disable the photo textures so that the FTXG textures can be used? Other than that the main airports looks great and it performs much better than the previous version. Thanks.
  8. I am an "old" FSX - ORBX customer. Now I' have bought this week new P3D V4. I got Version 4.2 from P3D. Then I downloaded FTX Central, but this was Version 3.2.3 wich told me Support only until P3D V4.1. But I installed FTX norway with that with a new download using FTX Central. Then FTX Central says: NORWAY is installed correct. But in P3D scenery management there was no entry found. Then I included manually the 4 Layers from Norway: from Dir: C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\ORBX\FTX_EU the Directorys 05-08 each as single layer in P3D Scenery Library. But the effekt in P3D was horrible. I disabled the 06_CVX, and it was better (see the sea/water again) but on land there are Overlays. Its not good. Then I found there is a new version von FTX Central: V with support of P3D V4.2. I registered as FASTLANE User, and then I got the upgrade of FTX Central. But FTX Central did not install norway again. Says it is installed correct and did not changed anything in the scenery library of P3D. Same effects as described above. What my mistake? What can I do?
  9. After installing the client and content updates for P3d V4.2, I noticed one small glitch in that the textures are missing (they show as black) for a small island SW of KMTH in the Florida Keys. The island is Boot Key and looks like from Google Maps that it is supposed to be some kind of wetland/saltwater marsh. FTX Global Base, FTX Open LC NA and FTX Global Vector are installed and I haven't noticed any other texture problems other than this one. I forced FTX Central to reinstall ORBXLIBS but that had no effect. I thought about forcing FTX Central to reinstall FTX Global Base, but I figured that I'd post first to see if anyone else has seen this. The location of Boot Key from Google Maps: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nhqr7y3zgh8eixv/KMTH Boot Key FL.jpg?dl=1
  10. I'm seeing some issues at KLAL like over lapping building and the main terminal building has the default. This is in P3D v 4.2.
  11. Sunset arrival inbound JFK. FTX OL NA + Vector + Base. Envshade providing night brightness enhancement...
  12. Which one looks better? Jose
  13. Every now and then I get the urge to share: Jose
  14. Dear all. I've read through all the topics and yet I'm uncertain about how to update to v2, if I want to update scenery and contents, too. It's obvious how to just update the client. That's why I decided to start this topic in order to get a step by step guide and have the following questions answered, not only for me but others who are not native speakers. Questions I have is, if I update scenery and contents do I need to uninstall all my scenery eg FTX and FS Global or the CLS DC-10 or PMDG aircraft or can I leave them as is and they'll work out? Second, in which order do I update client, content and scenery and is there anything to watch out like waiting one or two minutes or restarting P3D each time? Any answer is much appreciated. Kind regards.
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