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  1. Hi all. Could someone inform me if there is a sequence of installation of products ex: Should I install Base Pack first, the OpenLC then Vector. Also is there a quick way to enable or disable these products. Example when I am flying commercial Jets at 35,000 feet I do no require all the details. Please let me know. Thanks Bat.
  2. Tried to get the Avro Tutor in to 4.4 but it wasn't playing, so added it to my v3 hangar. Shame, I'd been looking forward to using it with the approaching TE GBS but hey - this was better than I remember it! Forgot to add - early morning out of Exeter, that's Teignmouth/Shaldon down there.
  3. I thought I'd share some footage of my VTBS-YSSY flight: Queensland Towards Sydney Approaching To the gate
  4. Hello, after i have installed FTX Base, Vector and LandClass Europe (the first addons after a clean install of P3d v3 that i use), i enter P3d scenario window, i try to load the default F 22 plane in any airport, then the loading screen appears, it loads terrain, autogenerated scenery etc, everything normal so far, but when it reaches 100% it says "the program encountered a problem..etc etc" and it crashes to desktop! No other addons installed, the same problem at the default airport (USA i think), same in Europe.. Thanks in advance.
  5. I have been using Open LC NA in P3D and have never had a terrain.dll error before. P3D, AS A321, CYYZ-CYVR, AS 16+ ASCA, FTX Global, OpenLC NA, P3D crashed near Winnipeg with a terrain.dll error. Any thoughts? Thank you! Version=1 EventType=APPCRASH EventTime=131295811077932504 ReportType=2 Consent=1 ReportIdentifier=717285cb-e0cb-11e6-be12-74d435ee4a63 IntegratorReportIdentifier=717285ca-e0cb-11e6-be12-74d435ee4a63 WOW64=1 Response.type=4 Sig[0].Name=Application Name Sig[0].Value=Prepar3D.exe Sig[1].Name=Application Version Sig[1].Value=
  6. I am new to P3D and just installed v3 and loaded in KPSP and I'm noticing hills around the airport and objects floating far in the air. About 50% of the airport seems fine. I have updated libraries as indicated and enabled and disabled AEC in Global Vector Config tool ver 1.2. Any help is greatly appreciated on how to correct this situation. Also loaded is SoCal and the new North America LC.
  7. What is going wrong with these last two airports for P3D V3 , last previews from Ian are over one month old. hope we will see them really soon now.
  8. Good evening just had a new machine, i have install FTX global, but when i try to install ftx openlc europe , the installer doesnt offer me the option of p3d v3 . onlu v1 or v2 or FSX. Can you please help me thks Laurent
  9. Last week I installed FTX NA AI Traffic into my P3D v3.2 and it was working just fine. Thank you ORBX for that wonderful freeware. I was a happy camper to see all that GA traffic! I was especially thrilled to see that, amongst all that GA traffic at CZBB, there was the Beech Duchess C-GIFR, which is a real life airplane operated by Pro IFR flight school at that airport and which I used to fly back in the days when I was a flight instructor. But then it all stopped working. This happened right after I installed WoAI. Now I get no GA traffic at all. WoAI airliners work fine but no GA. At airport
  10. Would love to know if and when the FTX Global airports pack will be updated to P3D V3.... Thank you....
  11. If I change area using FTX Central (say from SAK to Global), I must restart the computer for it to work. If I just load up FS, it just quits and goes to desktop. Anybody got an idea for this one? Thank you, Doug
  12. Before I get into it, let me get one thing straight. I love the euLC product and I am certainly not tarnishing the great amount of work put in by the ORBX team. As I have done in the passed, I would like to raise a flag with the LC of Greece (specifically the Attiki region). I force myself to believe that there are no errors and just continue flying because of the awesome track record ORBX has; and that there is 0 chance of anything being wrong. I fly into this region in real life many times a year and I'm very used to the look of what is below me. Currently w
  13. A rather quick trip, with a stop to pick up supplies at Israel's Farm...and some birds almost ruining my day!
  14. Just a quick sightseeing tour with some newly-minted P3D v3 gems. Straight V key captures. Enjoy!
  15. A very short, but very fun trip...
  16. This was my first circuit around Agua Dulce, and I must say to the devs...YOU GUYS F'N NAILED IT! My wife grew up on a ranch in Agua Dulce, and she vouches for the accuracy. That was good enough for me, but it just looks gorgeous during a flight. I wasn't even going to purchase this airfield, but boy am I glad I did. Enjoy...
  17. Hi everybody, when exiting Prepar3d, I get this error message each time. Can I solve this? [error.0] error=Taxiway path with 0 width [error.1] error=Taxiway path with 0 width [error.2] error=Taxiway path with 0 width [error.3] error=Taxiway path with 0 width [error.4] error=Taxiway path with 0 width [error.5] error=Taxiway path with 0 width [error.6] error=Taxiway path with 0 width [error.7] error=Taxiway path with 0 width [error.8] error=Taxiway path with 0 width [error.9] error=Taxiway path with 0 width [error.10] error=Taxiwa
  18. Spitfire flight from Compton Abbas (EGHA) to Chichester/Goodwood (EGHR). I love the older Spit's, and I know that's a relative term.
  19. I should have gotten this plane a long, LONG time ago!
  20. Great job on the freeware pack! Thank you for providing these for free. In P3D, KZZV has several missing taxi surfaces. ADE shows the draw flag not being set to true. For P3D users, can you please update this? Thanks Ken
  21. I got an error earlier while trying to change from Global to Oceania in FTX Central v2. I clicked OK, then cycled back and forth between Global and Oceania again, and this what I get just south of Woombera. i really don't want to nuke my entire P3D/ORBX install, so hopefully there is an easy fix.
  22. Just a few unedited shots out of West Yellowstone...
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