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  1. A two hour flight from Queensland to Ryan's Creek NZ with 3 touch and go's thrown in! This is a flight that was an MP flight on Sunday over at DC3 Airways, but since I didn't get to make the flight live I flew it Sunday night for fun! P3D 4.5, Active Sky, All Orbx and Chase Plane! Setting at Gate 3 NZQN getting a coffee before leaving for NZRC (Ryan's Creek)! Holding short Rwy 23! 1st Touch and Go at NZWF (Wanaka)! Touch and Go complete NZWF! Follow the river for a T & G at Roxburgh! 2nd
  2. Like Dario's post I too have been enjoying this area, it's very scenic, especially L05 itself.
  3. Just some fun at Warnervale.
  4. Howdy boys and gals on that Freighter. Happy Thanksgiving USA.
  5. I once commented on the great aircraft scenes at my Home Orbx airport on the Gold Coast Lots of aircraft - which positions seem to change daily - both at main Gates and GA area. I believe Mr Ericsson had something to do with that (??) Recently - I have moved to the big "Tubes" - so have started using both Orbx Brisbane and Melbourne A/p and surprisingly no static aircraft whatsoever - all Gates Bare. obviously - the same nakedness - occurs at Orbx Regional scenery as well. I don't have any other developers airports other than Orbx - but I cant help
  6. Five more from my flight, TrueEarth over Northern California is very nice indeed.
  7. Part 2 of my little tour around Edinburgh. Wish I knew what the name of this amazing building is. P3D is looking fine, AS4/ASCA creates some nice ground cloud shadows. Wish I knew what this building was too. The ILS works flawlessly.
  8. P3D 4.5 All Orbx stuff. KPSP AS4 The new PMDG NGXu in DAL's colors. Well, I finally bought it and it's terrific. So the first test flight was a manual take off and landing at KPSP, Palm Springs with real weather. I really love the scimitars, ween waiting for a long time for these. Manually flying the SID Does the sky look too greenish/blue? If so how can I fix this? I don't use PTA or ENVTEX anymore.
  9. P3D Orbx everything including this new KTIW Bought this for P3D first, XP later, yes, I know there's a bundle, I just didn't feel like it Very nicely done. Frames are great. You guys do know what's coming right? I mean I can't help myself. It's just that... I like bridges... And flying under them. Kinda like this. Then a max climb... Then a landing... All hand flown.
  10. Hi on my p3d 4.5 (last hotfix and fresh install of this, no update from previous version) with OPEN LC Europe, ORBX Base and ORBX Norway (and trees), have this texture issue in some parts of norway. In example this issue found around ENHD airports (default apt). Any idea to fix? In this test use real time and season.
  11. Made a flight from LSZS, Samedan, to LOWI. Used AS4 but most of the flight it was in clouds, couldn't see the ground, IFR and loved it. This is why the GTN 750 is invaluable. Oh, and I love seasons! Love the valleys was down below! Love the cloud layers.
  12. P3D 4.5 Orbx Global, Scotland, Vector, Trees, HD Buildings, EGPH PMDG 747-400
  13. P3D 4.5 Orbx's Global, Vector, Trees, HD Buildings, TE England, Scotland LC, ELGC, & EGPH. Made a nice flight, a little over an hour. Most delightful. Only one complaint, the ILS Localizer works but the Glideslope didn't. And now a couple of night shots. The concrete looks odd in the taxi lights.
  14. This is part 2, where I make it al the way to Valdez.
  15. Orbx Global, Vector, Trees, Buildings, LIEO A2A's Bonanza AS4 weather Nice flight around this beautiful island. LIEO, Olbia to LIEA Fertilia
  16. P3D 4.5 Orbx Global, Vector, Europe LC, Trees, Buildings, LIEO Weather - AS4 Aerosoft Airbus Flew a nice flight from Menorca, LEMH to Olbia, LIEO Had severe thunderstorms the entire flight.
  17. Just trying to keep up the wordplay while Martyn is still travelling <grin>
  18. P3D 4.5 All Orbx A2A 182 AS4 weather Made a nice flight to Valdez from Homer.
  19. After landing at Chester I headed for Nantucket. All Orbx stuff including KSNC & KACK Fall foliage is so pretty.
  20. P3D 4.5 All Orbx AS4 A2A Decided to make four separate flights today in New England. First one was from KBID, Block Island to New London, Groton, KGON. Rainy. Beeeeutiful fall foliage!
  21. P3D 4.5 Orbx Global, Vector, N/A LC, KAVX, Trees, Buildings, KSAN AS4 weather Short foggy flight from Catalina to San Diego in the L-39.
  22. We picked up Martyn and his brother Jeff today at KATL, they're settled in and here's a couple of photos even with Orbx in it. Martyn is flying and I'm in the yellow shirt.
  23. Thanks to Nick for fixing the fences. Made a nice flight from EGNX, East Mids to EGBB, Birmingham. AS4 weather was on and I had to fly below the clouds but it was well worth it.
  24. P3D 4.5 Orbx everything A2A 182. Just seeing if the bridge needed painting underneath.
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