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Found 40 results

  1. This time of day is rather magical.
  2. This is a beautiful place, I can only imagine living here. Now the Norwegian Pearl
  3. Just a bunch of Anacortes, it's very beautiful here.
  4. Hi @carlosqr Here's the Old Warden shots you requested. It's a nice quiet little place, I love the animals.
  5. A nice long flight from LEAS, Asturias to Gibraltar. ' I really like this one! ''
  6. Sorry for so many, I got carried away. Flew from O60, Cloverdale to 09Q, Sonoma Skypark.
  7. Just testing Canberra, it looks great.
  8. Just several from a recent test flight in Alice Springs in Aus v2. Missing buildings but this will soon be resolved.
  9. This is Orbx's Global, Europe LC, Ireland, Vector, Trees, etc. Made a flight from EINC, Newcastle to EIWF, Waterford. It was quite the scenic little flight. Nice hangars in the distance. Climbing out. Love that shoreline. Those fields are gorgeous. About 15 miles away. Boots on and laced. Turned on real weather and it was zero vis so I made a cool ILS landing. Loved it!
  10. I read somewhere that Orbx's new Aus v2 improved Christmas Island, YPXM so I went there. It's very nice and I never knew it was Australia's. Would be cool to live on such a remote island.
  11. This pretty lady needed a flight from Catalina to San Diego, it was zero visibility almost the entire way, so it's a good thing I had my trusty GTN 750. She's so purdy! Fog, lots of it. Finally broke out of the soup close to the mainland. With the help of graphically modifying my route I had a straight in approach.
  12. Sorry @Captain Lars for using a 777. On approach. On final, manual landing, even disconnected auto throttles.
  13. I wish I could do this in real life. Flew from Puerto Rico, San Juan TJBQ to St. Maarten, TNCM.
  14. Made this is real time last night. Frames were excellent but saw a mesh problem on approach. Go around.
  15. This was a scenic flight from LSZO, Luzern to LSZC, Buochs
  16. Departed on a SID from KGPI to KWYS, a nice Orbx pair. It was very neat.
  17. My brother lives in Moo Hampshire here in the States. He lives right next to this airport. He wants to drive to the Cape to see our uncle but it's like a three hour drive so while we were on the phone he asked me to make this in real time. So I did and it was very short and pleasant. I told him to go there and ask if he can pay a private pilot with a commercial to take him there because a lot of pilots like to do different things. So this is from KLEB, Lebanon, New Hampshire to KHYA, Barnstable on Cape Cod. All Orbx all the time.
  18. A short but highly enjoyable flight from KFHR, Friday Harbor to 74S, Anacortes.
  19. I know it's New Zealand but hey, it's my favorite livery. And I can't show the airports so everything else is Orbx's stuff. Near my house. I know these roads well, I was on them today. Swinging around for a perfect runway 10 ILS autoland. 2 1/2 hours of pure joy.
  20. I made a test flight yesterday over Bilbao in the A319. I put only 1000 pounds of fuel on board and flew around till I ran out of gas just to see what would happen. Well, I circedla round for a bit and everything went quiet, no engines, nothing, so I dead sticked it in for a perfect landing. I loved it.
  21. This was a nice little helicopter flight from Walker to Hobby, 77S.
  22. This was a delightful flight from Block Island, KBID, to KMTP, Montauk. I would love this.
  23. Made this flight today, it was from LDDU, Dubrovnik, to Pula, LDPL. Followed all SID's and STAR's and airways. It was perfect, it's been a long time since I had a perfect flight. Looks like a texture problem. Here too. Now this is a lovely place!
  24. Just some fun at Warnervale.
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