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Found 23 results

  1. Made a nice flight this morning in real time with real weather from Chester, KSNC to Block Island, KBID I loved the PeopleFlow here, I just sat there watching them work. Very nice details here too. I love the sloped runway. Liftoff, nice day for flying. The trees are beautiful here. Heading into some low clouds. This is Orbx goodness. The cloud shadows really darken the land. Had a crosswind. More nice ground details. Ready to park up and have a beer on this lovely little island.
  2. Just some around LIEO I took yesterday with real weather on. Wanted to explore and discovered it's a beautiful place.
  3. Last leg of the flight and the beauty that's Hobby Field.
  4. Last part of the flight, can't wait to do this again. ILS active. Perfect autoland Now to taxi and park up I so hope to see more airliner friendly Orbx airports this year.
  5. Ten more in part 2 from Rome to Sardinia. Following the STAR to ILS 05. Picking up the ILS now.
  6. Of course it has to be in my unique test pilot style But it's excellent, now I have a tube liner destination and can't wait to explore more. Thanks Orbx guys, another recommended airport!
  7. So I was checking out the SODE jetways and they work flawlessly.
  8. This is for Karl @flyingleaf Just a routine flight to Bristol, not sure if it's TEGB South or not. But it's all of Orbx's cool stuff.
  9. So I flew from Longview, OG39 to Hobby, 77S in the spring but still had snow on the ground.
  10. Made these a few weeks ago. Been too busy to fly lately and other reasons. So here's some nice A3XX action, all Orbx, Aerosoft Bus.
  11. P3D 4.4 - All Orbx - ENVTEX - Heading to Princess Julianna Island.
  12. More PBR from PMDG, here at YMML. It looks so nice in motion.
  13. PMDG's new PBR reflections are far better than I thought they would be not knowing what to expect. Here's the Queen at Brisbane.
  14. Back to P3D, yesterday I made a very pleasant flight from L70 to KSAN in the A319 just to se if it could be done. Planned it in PFPX and followed all SID's and STAR's and had a hands on RNAV approach, I loved doing this. Maybe soon in X-Plane with the FF A320, need to make a decision. The green roofs again, so I reloaded P3D and took out a Bonanza and all was right with KSAN, I wonder if it's a loading problem or something?
  15. Made this flight the other day before I uninstalled PTA & REX TD HD.
  16. Made a most delightful flight in this very beautiful plane tonight. Valdez will always be my favorite NA airport, to me it's the LOWI of North America. So I made a flight to PAYA, Yakutat and it was mostly in clouds but that's okay too. John @BradB was right, try it at Valdez he said, well, he's right. Amazing.
  17. Might as well show off the new Vertx DA62 at Jackson Hole! Thanks for viewing! Kai
  18. First time posting screenshots so... might as well share these I'm always on the forums but never post, don't know why. Hope you like them! Kai
  19. I didn't try summer yet but I don't see much or any difference in the sharpness of the mountains.
  20. P3D 4.4 Orbx High Definition Textures on 4096 PMDG 737 PTA with my modified preset. REX TD HD for sky and airport textures only Most sliders right
  21. Setup: All Orbx, all of them REX TH DH with just sky colors and ground textures. AS4 NO PTA yet. KLAS PMDG 737-600 Janet airline to Area 51, seen these many times at Vegas.
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